プロバイダー(Maybank、BBVA、Banorte、Ziraat Bankasi)によるクレジットカード戦略の促進、競合企業の概要と将来に及ぼす影響

Driving Credit Card Strategies by Providers (Maybank, BBVA, Banorte, and Ziraat Bankasi), Competitor Overview and Future Implications

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プロバイダー(Maybank、BBVA、Banorte、Ziraat Bankasi)によるクレジットカード戦略の促進、競合企業の概要と将来に及ぼす影響
出版日: 2023年06月12日
発行: GlobalData
ページ情報: 英文 32 Pages
納期: 即納可能 即納可能とは
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当レポートでは、過去10年間にそれぞれ市場シェアを大きく伸ばしたクレジットカード企業4社(Maybank、BBVA、Banorte、Ziraat BankasI)について調査し、各銀行がとった戦略の分析や共通する動向の特定により、クレジットカード戦略の成功要因を考察しています。


第1章 エグゼクティブサマリー

  • 市場の概要
  • 重要な成功要因
  • 競合の概要

第2章 Maybank(マレーシア)

  • Maybankは調査期間中にマレーシアでもっとも強力なクレジットカードのオーガニック成長を記録しました。
  • Maybankの成功は、革新的な機能と特典を含む新製品のリリースに起因する可能性があります。
  • Maybankは成長を促進するために世界のブランドやテック企業とのパートナーシップを重視しています。

第3章 BBVA(スペイン)

  • BBVAは、調査期間中にスペインでもっとも強力なクレジットカードのオーガニック成長を記録しました。
  • BBVAは2010年に顧客中心の戦略を開始し、すべての製品をアップグレードしました。
  • BBVAはブランド認知度を高めるためにスペインサッカーリーグおよび米国NBAとスポンサー契約を締結しました。
  • BBVAはデジタル機能をアップグレードし、利便性と顧客の理解を向上させました。

第4章 Banorte(メキシコ)

  • Banorteは調査期間の大半において前年比成長を記録しました。
  • Banorteは2008年以降、さまざまなキャンペーンを通じてクレジットカード部門で成功するための活動を強化しました。
  • Banorteは国内銀行としての地位を強調するためにマーケティング戦略を修正しました。
  • Banorteは2019年にクレジットカード提供のさまざまな側面を改善しました。
  • BanorteはRappiと提携してクレジットカードを開始しました。

第5章 Ziraat BankasI(トルコ)

  • Ziraat BankasIのクレジットカードの市場シェアは2017年以降加速しました。
  • Ziraatのスポーツスポンサーシップは銀行の成長源ではありませんでした。
  • 2017年、Ziraatは兼用のBankkartカードの開発を開始し、市場シェアの成長が加速しました。
  • 2019年から、Ziraatは困難な経済状況の中で顧客を支援するためのさまざまなサービスを開始しました。

第6章 付録

Product Code: GDFS0408IA


This report discusses four credit card providers (Maybank, BBVA, Banorte, and Ziraat BankasI) who have each made significant gains in their respective market shares over the past 10 years. The strategies followed by each of these banks are analyzed and common trends identified, with the aim of providing an understanding of the types of products and marketing that contribute to a successful credit card strategy.

Following 2008, the global economy has experienced more than a decade of low interest rates as governments looked to stimulate their faltering economies and boost investment. Mortgage interest rates have been at historic lows, and broadly speaking, credit of all kinds became cheap compared to previous decades. The four banks covered in this report made great use of the low interest rate environment over 2010-20 and were able to grow their credit card market shares organically without the need for acquisitions. Their performances provide a roadmap for how banks and financial institutions can position their offerings, ecosystems, and platforms to grow their entire business (or specific elements of it).


  • All the banks covered in this report have developed strong digital banking platforms that have made banking services more accessible to customers previously underbanked in rural or nonurban areas.
  • The most successful marketing campaigns have been prolonged, lasting many years and reaching wide audiences on a regular basis by being associated with sporting events and entertainment.
  • Links with payments and ecommerce providers have allowed banks to increase their shares of credit card markets by both increasing customer exposure to their products and offering rewards tied to partners' services (such as digital money to spend with a partnered ecommerce provider).

Reasons to Buy

  • Determine the factors that are critical to a successful overall credit card strategy.
  • Improve your marketing approach by analyzing some of the most successful strategies implemented over the last decade.
  • Develop an understanding of the credit card products that are likely to offer the best value proposition to customers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • 1.1 Market overview
  • 1.2 Critical success factors
  • 1.3 Competitor overview

2. Maybank (Malaysia)

  • 2.1 Maybank recorded the strongest organic credit card growth in Malaysia over the review period
  • 2.2 Maybank's success can be attributed to new product releases that included innovative features and rewards
  • 2.3 Maybank has focused on partnerships with global brands and tech companies to drive growth

3. BBVA (Spain)

  • 3.1 BBVA recorded the strongest organic credit card growth in Spain over the review period
  • 3.2 BBVA initiated a customer-centric strategy in 2010 to upgrade all its offerings
  • 3.3 BBVA signed sponsorship deals with the Spanish football league and the US NBA to boost brand awareness
  • 3.4 BBVA upgraded its digital capabilities to improve convenience as well as its understanding of customers

4. Banorte (Mexico)

  • 4.1 Banorte recorded year-on-year growth across most of the review period
  • 4.2 Banorte escalated efforts to succeed in the credit card sector post-2008 via various campaigns
  • 4.3 Banorte revised its marketing strategy to highlight its status as a domestic bank
  • 4.4 Banorte improved various aspects of its credit card offering in 2019
  • 4.5 Banorte partnered with Rappi to launch a credit card

5. Ziraat BankasI (Turkiye)

  • 5.1 Ziraat BankasI's credit card market share accelerated post-2017
  • 5.2 Ziraat's sports sponsorships were not a source of growth for the bank
  • 5.3 In 2017, Ziraat began to develop the dual-purpose Bankkart Card, which accelerated its market share growth
  • 5.4 From 2019, Ziraat launched a range of services to help customers amid difficult economic conditions

6. Appendix

  • 6.1 Abbreviations and acronyms
  • 6.2 Methodology
  • 6.3 Secondary sources
  • 6.4 Further reading
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