ビデオ会議デバイスの世界市場の現状 - 2028年までの予測

State of the Global Video Conferencing Devices Market-Forecast to 2028

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ビデオ会議デバイスの世界市場の現状 - 2028年までの予測
出版日: 2023年12月22日
発行: Frost & Sullivan
ページ情報: 英文 80 Pages
納期: 即日から翌営業日
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  • 概要
  • 目次








  • なぜ成長が難しくなっているのか?
  • The Strategic Imperative 8(TM)
  • ビデオ会議機器における主な戦略的インペラティブの影響
  • Growth Pipeline Engine(TM)の成長機会


  • 分析範囲
  • 市場セグメンテーション
  • ルームサイズによるセグメンテーション
  • ターゲット市場
  • デプロイメントオプションの選択


  • 2024年以降の導入動向
  • 市場概要
  • 主要成長指標


  • 変革のシフト
  • 新たなワークモデル
  • 現在のワークモデル
  • ワークプレイスプランの変化
  • ルームビデオ会議デバイスの主な機能
  • クラウドビデオ会議への移行
  • AIとESGへの強い関心


  • ハイブリッドワークのためのワークプレイス最適化
  • AI主導のイノベーション
  • マルチモーダルAIが成長機会を創出 - 動画、画像、テキスト形式のデータを分析
  • サステナビリティが差別化の鍵


  • ビデオ会議デバイス - 総アドレス可能市場(TAM)
  • 成長促進要因
  • 成長抑制要因
  • 予測の前提条件
  • 総市場-収益と出荷数の予測
  • 総市場 - デバイスタイプ別収益と出荷数予測
  • 総市場 - デバイスタイプ別出荷数予測
  • 総市場 - デバイスタイプ別平均価格予測
  • 総市場 - デバイスタイプ別収益比率
  • 総市場 - デバイスタイプ別出荷数比率


  • ルームデバイス - 主要成長指標
  • ルーム数およびビデオ会議普及率
  • ルームデバイス - 収益と出荷数予測
  • ルームデバイス - 会議室サイズ別収益予測
  • ルームデバイス - 会議室サイズ別数量予測
  • ルームデバイス - サイズ別収益予測
  • ルームデバイス - サイズ別数量比率予測
  • ルームデバイス - 地域別収益比率


  • 競合環境
  • ルームエンドポイント - 収益シェア
  • ルームエンドポイント - 台数シェア
  • USB会議室カメラ - 収益シェア
  • USB会議室カメラ - 台数シェア
  • 主な競合


  • 成長機会1:成長エンジンとしてのAI
  • 成長機会2:会議の平等性
  • 成長機会3:BYODの実現


Product Code: K95D-64

Challenging Market Conditions and Cautionary Enterprise Spending Put Brakes on Growth: Long-term Momentum for Video Adoption will Continue

The $3.28 billion global video conferencing devices market is undergoing fundamental shifts due to massive work and workplace transformation. In 2023, most customers took a measured approach to video-enabling meeting rooms, focusing first on bringing employees back to the office. Adverse macroeconomic conditions, geopolitical instability, and budgetary constraints put additional pressure on market growth. Despite challenging market conditions, the value of video communications has become deeply entrenched across all industries, creating an upward market trajectory.

Ongoing progress in return-to-office plans combined with secular trends in hybrid work and team collaboration will boost the demand for intelligent video devices. The market is expected to see gradual improvements and is forecasted to return to growth mode in 2024. AI is the key market driver, removing many friction points that have hindered video adoption in the past. It is the overarching technology driving much of the innovation in meeting software and devices. Vendors are leading with AI-based feature sets to enhance the user experience, offer meeting equality, and provide automation and room insights.

The 5-year revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is a robust 16.8 percent driven by greater video-enablement of meeting spaces for better hybrid work. Video conferencing penetration rate will more than double from 2020 to 2028.

Customer organizations and market participants including technology vendors, service providers, channel partners, resellers, IT/telecom decision-makers, among others will find value in leveraging the findings of this study to develop sustainable workplace growth strategies.

Table of Contents

Strategic Imperatives

  • Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
  • The Strategic Imperative 8™
  • The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on Video Conferencing Devices
  • Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™

Market Overview

  • Scope of Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Segmentation by Room Size
  • Target Markets
  • Choice of Deployment Options

Key Findings

  • Adoption Trends in 2024 and Beyond
  • Market Overview
  • Key Growth Metrics

Hybrid Work Trends

  • Transformational Shifts
  • Emerging Work Models
  • Current Work Model
  • Shifting Workplace Plans
  • Key Capabilities for Room Video Conferencing Devices
  • Migration to Cloud Video Conferencing
  • Strong Focus on AI and ESG

Emerging Trends

  • Workplace Optimization for Hybrid Work
  • AI-led Innovation is Table stake
  • Multimodal AI Creates Growth Opportunities-Analyzing Data in Video, Image, and Text Formats
  • Sustainability is a Key Differentiator

Total Video Conferencing Devices Forecast

  • Video Conferencing Devices-Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Growth Drivers
  • Growth Restraints
  • Forecast Assumptions
  • Total Market-Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast
  • Total Market-Revenue Forecast by Device Type
  • Total Market-Unit Shipment Forecast by Device Type
  • Total Market-Average Pricing Forecast by Device Type
  • Total Market-Percent of Revenue by Device Type
  • Total Market-Percent of Unit Shipment by Device Type

Room Devices Forecast

  • Room Devices-Key Growth Metrics
  • Meeting Room Count and Video Conferencing Penetration Rate
  • Room Devices-Revenue and Unit Shipment Forecast
  • Room Devices-Revenue Forecast by Meeting Room Size
  • Room Devices-Units Forecast by Meeting Room Size
  • Room Devices-Percent of Revenue Forecast by Room Size
  • Room Devices-Percent of Unit Forecast by Room Size
  • Room Devices-Percent of Revenue by Region

Room Devices-Competitive Landscape

  • Competitive Environment
  • Room Endpoints-Revenue Share
  • Room Endpoints-Unit Share
  • USB Conference Room Cameras-Revenue Share
  • USB Conference Room Cameras-Unit Share
  • Key Competitors

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: AI as a Growth Engine
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Meeting Equality
  • Growth Opportunity 3: BYOD Enablement

Next Steps

  • Your Next Steps
  • Why Frost, Why Now?
  • List of Exhibits
  • Legal Disclaimer