BCC Research Report Subscription: Environment and Sustainability

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出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス
発行: BCC Research
ページ情報: 英文
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確立されたバッテリー技術や用途に加えて、新しい電池技術 (電気自動車、ナトリウムイオン電池など) の市場における最新動向や機会について述べられています。最近の出版物では、固体電池、E-wasteリサイクル、大型で高度な電池技術、グラファイト、シリコン、金属、その他の負極材料の原動力となるリチウムイオン電池、電気自動車と燃料電池自動車の世界市場を取り上げています。




膜 (逆浸透膜、限外ろ過、精密ろ過など) は分離技術の大部分を占めていますが、この分野には物理的な分離技術 (活性炭、カーボンブロック、ダストフィルターなど) やイオン交換材料も含まれます。最近の出版物では、浄水器、持続可能な砂防、底質管理、安定化、限外ろ過膜、インテリジェント廃棄物管理システムの世界市場を取り上げています。

Product Code: EGY, ENV, FOD, FCB, MFG, MST

Celluloid was created as a potential replacement for ivory billiard balls. Bakelite an alternate to shellac. It is an irony that new materials which displaced natural sources are now threating those animals in their natural habitats. Plastic production over the intervening 100 years now equates to the weight of 1 Billion elephants and is finding its way in the form of microparticles not only into our oceans, but into our drinking water. The time is now for a business calculus aligning sustainability and surviving the era of climate change and resource depletion.

Topics covered in BCC's Environment and Sustainability Collection are: Oil, Gas, Coal, Nuclear industries, Renewables, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Water Quality, Monitoring, Infrastructure, Waste treatment and management, Renewable Energy and Chemical, Alternative Fuels, Food Testing, Supplements, Food Additives, Sweeteners, Food Processing and Packaging, Micronutrients, Crops, GMO, Lithium, Alkaline, Molten Carbonate, Proton Exchange Membranes, Fuel Cells, , Machinery, Equipment, Processing, Assembly, Ultrasonics, PVD, Industrial Boilers, Hydraulic Pumps, Cranes.

Topics covered in this Collection structured in:


Covering natural resources related to motion, reports center on oil and gas markets as well as renewable energy technologies, including wind, solar and geothermal. Recent publications cover the global market of Grid-Scale Electricity Storage Technologies, Biorefinery Products, Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage Technologies, Biogas Upgrading, Nuclear Plant Operations, Nuclear Fuel, and Nuclear Instrumentation, Biofuels and Onshore Wind Turbine.


This area focuses on the environmental give and take happening every second of every day. Explore markets were reducing waste - and costs - is the top priority. Recent publications cover the global market of U.S. Indoor Air Quality, Climate Resilient Cities, Future Cities, Water Meters and Water Quality Sensors and Water Leak Detection.


A consumers' market! This area covers the edible liquids and compounds needed to sustain a growing population on a planet with finite resources. Recent publications cover the global market of Gluten Free Products, Global Nutritional/Functional Bars, Functional Foods and Beverages, Meat Alternative, Soy Derivatives, and 3D Food Printing.

Fuel Cell and Battery

Covers the established battery technologies and applications as well as the latest developments and opportunities in markets for new battery technologies (electric vehicles, sodium-ion batteries, etc.). Recent publications cover the global market of Solid-State Battery, E-waste Recycling, Large and Advanced Battery Technology, Graphite, Silicon, Metal, and Other Anode Materials for Motive Lithium-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicles and Fuel Cell Vehicles.


Industrial processes are changing, becoming more automated and connected every day. These reports track where manufacturing is headed around the world. Recent publications cover the global market of Metal working Toolholder, Electronics Contract Manufacturing and Design Services, Carbide Tools, Industrial Control Systems Market and Non-destructive Testing Equipment and Services.

Water-Membrane and Separations

While membranes (reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, microfiltration, etc.) are a large part of separation technologies, this area also includes physical separation technologies (activated carbon, carbon block, dust filters, etc.) and ion exchange materials. Recent publications cover the global market of Water Purifiers, Sustainable Erosion Control, Sediment Management, and Stabilization, Ultrafiltration Membranes and Intelligent Waste Management Systems.