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Industrial Labels Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast (2020 - 2025)

出版日: | 発行: Mordor Intelligence Pvt Ltd | ページ情報: 英文 135 Pages | 納期: 2-3営業日

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出版日: 2020年01月01日
発行: Mordor Intelligence Pvt Ltd
ページ情報: 英文 135 Pages
納期: 2-3営業日
  • 全表示
  • 概要
  • 目次




第1章 イントロダクション

  • 調査成果
  • 調査の前提条件
  • 調査範囲

第2章 調査手法

第3章 エグゼクティブサマリー

第4章 市場力学

  • 市場概要
  • 市場の成長および阻害要因の概要
  • 市場成長要因
    • 耐久消費財の生産拡大
    • オンライン設計ツールの人気の高まり
  • 市場阻害要因
    • 原材料の高いコスト
  • 産業のバリューチェーン分析
  • 産業の魅力:ポーターのファイブフォース分析

第5章 技術の概要

  • 識別技術別
    • 無線周波数識別(RFID)
    • バーコード
    • その他(光学式文字認識(OCR)、磁気ストライプ)

第6章 市場セグメンテーション

  • 原材料別
    • 金属ラベル
    • プラスチック/ポリマーラベル
  • メカニズム別
    • 感圧ラベル
    • シュリンクスリーブラベリング
    • その他(伝熱、接着剤貼付)
  • 製品タイプ別
    • 警告/セキュリティラベル
    • ブランドラベル
    • 耐候性ラベル
    • 設備資産タグ
    • その他(タイヤラベル、マルチダイカットラベル)
  • 印刷技術別
    • アナログ印刷
    • デジタル印刷
  • エンドユーザー産業別
    • 電子産業
    • 食品・飲料
    • パーソナルケア
    • 医薬品
  • 地域別
    • 北米
    • 欧州
    • アジア太平洋地域
    • ラテンアメリカ
    • 中東・アフリカ

第7章 競合情勢

  • 企業プロファイル
    • Avery Dennison Corporation
    • 3M Company
    • Ccl Industries Inc.
    • Brady Corporation
    • Henkel AG & Company, KGaA
    • DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
    • Cenveo Corporation ( Atlas Industries Holdings LLC)
    • HB Fuller Company
    • 株式会社 フジシールインターナショナル
    • CILS International
    • LabelTac
    • Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc.

第8章 投資分析

第9章 市場機会および今後の動向

Product Code: 67189

Market Overview

The industrial labels market was valued at USD 49.25 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 69.8 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 6% over the forecast period 2020 - 2025.

  • According to a report by PayPal by May 2018, 27% of the citizen in the United States had accessed domestic and cross-border e-commerce in the past 12 months. As e-commerce and m-commerce continue to grow globally, both locally and across borders, there would be a need for high-quality labels to put on the items that have to be shipped around can make it easier to read and track. This would help to prevent items from getting lost or delayed during the transport, thereby contributing the market growth.
  • With the growth in industries such as the construction, food and beverages and automotive industry, warning/security labels are also expected to increase owing to the supportive regulations by the government.
  • However, increasing cost of raw material is one of the major factor which is hindering the market growth.

Scope of the Report

The industrial labels market report gives a detailed analysis of the basic raw material, mechanism, printing technology and end-use industry, and geography. Different identification technology such as Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Barcode are also considered in the scope of this market.

Key Market Trends

Food & Beverages is Expected to Register a Significant Growth

  • According to a survey by the International Food Information Council, in 2018, 59% of respondents said that they always read labels on packaged food before buying it for the first time and among those, the nutrition facts panel (69%) and the ingredient list (67%) are the two places where the most consumers look for information about food healthfulness. Thus, a healthy symbol on a food package would have a strong influence on a consumer's purchase decision thereby contributing to the market growth.
  • Moreover, with the strict regulations from the governing bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the UK's Department of Health and Health Canada are imposing the manufacturers to put a label of nutritional statement along with a voluntary statement regarding 'supplementary' nutrients. Such initiatives possess a great potential for the industrial label market
  • Additionally, Accenture predicted that by 2050, 66% of the world's population will be staying in the urban area and thus in return it will help in the growing packaged food industry.
  • Therefore, the above factors are expected to help in the flourishing of the industrial labels market in the packaged food industry.

Asia- Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth

  • Asia-Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth because of the presence of two highly populated countries i.e. China and India. These countries are expected to witness the steady growth of consumer goods packaging with the rising e-commerce industry, and growing industrialization in the region is expected to drive the demand for the Flexographic labels in the region, thereby supporting the industrial labels
  • Moreover, the availability of cheap labor costs and cheap raw materials in regions such as Chian, Thailand, Korea, etc is expected to increase the production of industrial labels in the market.
  • According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, the FMCG sector in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.86 % to reach Rs 7,24,759.3 crore (USD 103.7 billion) by 2020 from Rs 3,68,669.75 crore (USD 52.75 billion) in 2018. Growing awareness, easier access, and changing lifestyles are the key growth drivers for the consumer market which is leading to a rise in the demand for products, such as branding labels, reseal labels etc in the region.
  • Therefore, all the above factors are expected to drive the industrial labels market in the region.

Competitive Landscape

The industrial labels market is fragmented in nature because of the presence of the major players globally. Factors such as the increasing demand for food and beverages, electronics goods and penetration of e-commerce will provide considerable growth opportunities to the industrial label market and therefore many companies are seeing this market as an emerging market. Some of the major players are Avery Dennison Corporation, 3M Company, Brady Corporation, and Ccl Industries Inc. amongst others. Some of the recent developments are:

  • August 2019 - 3M Company launched a Versatile Print Label Materials, which is a proprietary topcoat technology that performs across multiple print platforms such as UV digital inkjet, water-based and UV flexographic, screen, toner-based or thermal transfer. It utilizes water-based technology, but it can be used with many water-based ink systems which help converters to eliminate solvent-based manufacturing process steps like priming. This helped in increasing the company's efficiency and rationalizing their inventory.
  • November 2018 - CCL Industries Inc announced the acquisition of Unilogo( Poland), Hinsitsu Screen (Vietnam) Company Limited ("Hinsitsu") and Olympic Holding B.V. and its related subsidiaries (Netherlands). All these three acquisitions had strengthened the CCL Industries Inc' label product portfolio and enhanced the geographic presence of the company.

Reasons to Purchase this report:

  • The market estimate (ME) sheet in Excel format
  • Report customization as per the client's requirements
  • 3 months of analyst support

Table of Contents


  • 1.1 Study Deliverables
  • 1.2 Study Assumptions
  • 1.3 Scope of the Study




  • 4.1 Market Overview
  • 4.2 Introduction to Market Drivers and Restraints
  • 4.3 Market Drivers
    • 4.3.1 Increasing Production of Consumer Durable Goods
    • 4.3.2 Rising Popularity of Online Designing Tools
  • 4.4 Market Restraints
    • 4.4.1 High Cost of Raw Materials
  • 4.5 Industry Value Chain Analysis
  • 4.6 Industry Attractiveness - Porter's Five Force Analysis
    • 4.6.1 Threat of New Entrants
    • 4.6.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers
    • 4.6.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    • 4.6.4 Threat of Substitute Products
    • 4.6.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry


  • 5.1 By Identification Technology
    • 5.1.1 Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
    • 5.1.2 Barcode
    • 5.1.3 Others ( Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Magnetic Stripes)


  • 6.1 By Raw Material
    • 6.1.1 Metal Labels
    • 6.1.2 Plastic/Polymer Labels
  • 6.2 By Mechanism
    • 6.2.1 Pressure Sensitive Labeling
    • 6.2.2 Shrink Sleeve Labeling
    • 6.2.3 Others(Heat Transfer, Glue-Applied Labeling)
  • 6.3 By Product Type
    • 6.3.1 Warning/Security Labels
    • 6.3.2 Branding Labels
    • 6.3.3 Weatherproof Labels
    • 6.3.4 Equipment Asset Tags
    • 6.3.5 Others (Tire Labels, Multiple Die-cut Labels
  • 6.4 By Printing Technology
    • 6.4.1 Analog Printing
    • 6.4.2 Digital Printing.
  • 6.5 By End-user Industry
    • 6.5.1 Electronics Industry
    • 6.5.2 Food & Beverage
    • 6.5.3 Personal Care
    • 6.5.4 Pharmaceuticals
  • 6.6 Geography
    • 6.6.1 North America
      • United States
      • Canada
      • Rest of North America
    • 6.6.2 Europe
      • Germany
      • United Kingdom
      • France
      • Spain
      • Rest of Europe
    • 6.6.3 Asia-Pacific
      • China
      • Japan
      • India
      • South Korea
      • Rest of Asia-Pacific
    • 6.6.4 Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
      • Rest of South America
    • 6.6.5 Middle East and Africa
      • UAE
      • Saudi Arabia
      • South Africa
      • Rest of Middle East and Africa


  • 7.1 Company Profiles
    • 7.1.1 Avery Dennison Corporation
    • 7.1.2 3M Company
    • 7.1.3 Ccl Industries Inc.
    • 7.1.4 Brady Corporation
    • 7.1.5 Henkel AG & Company, KGaA
    • 7.1.6 DuPont de Nemours, Inc.
    • 7.1.7 Cenveo Corporation ( Atlas Industries Holdings LLC)
    • 7.1.8 H.B. Fuller Company
    • 7.1.9 Fuji Seal International, Inc
    • 7.1.10 CILS International
    • 7.1.11 LabelTac
    • 7.1.12 Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc.



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