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The Global Market for SoCs and Mobile Processing Platforms

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 20 Pages; 34 Exhibits
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SoCおよびモバイルプロセッシングプラットフォームの世界市場 The Global Market for SoCs and Mobile Processing Platforms
出版日: 2014年01月08日 ページ情報: 英文 20 Pages; 34 Exhibits





  • 世界市場の概要
    • 世界の組込みプロセッサー出荷予測:収益別
    • 世界の組込みプロセッサー出荷予測:台数別
    • 5カ年予測:デバイス全体に広がるSoC
    • 近年の発展
    • 競合情勢


  • 概要
    • 組込みSoCの成長予測:地域別
    • 組込みMPPの成長予測:地域別
  • 南北アメリカ
    • 5カ年予測:ハイエンドモバイルデバイスの力強い成長
  • 欧州・中東・アフリカ(EMEA)
    • 5カ年予測:短期的な見込み薄からの回復
  • アジア太平洋地域(APAC)
    • 5カ年予測:AOACはエネルギッシュな地域に留まる


  • 概要
    • 組込みSoCの産業別市場シェア予測(米ドル比)の見解&洞察:産業市場別によるMPP


  • 概要
    • 組込みMPPの産業別市場シェア予測(米ドル比)の見解&洞察:産業市場別によるMPP


  • 概要
    • サプライヤーの組込みSoC市場シェア(米ドル比)
    • サプライヤーの内蔵MPP市場シェア(米ドル比)
  • 競合情勢の見解&洞察
    • 市場概要
    • SoCベンダー洞察
    • MPPベンダー洞察


  • SoC専門サービス
    • 概要
    • 見解&洞察:SoCサービスの需要が増加
  • モバイルプロセッサー種類
    • 概要
    • 見解&洞察:汎用プロセッサーからの移行が続く




This research program analyzes emerging trends for commercially available SoCs and mobile processing platforms.For each processing technology,we examine the market size (revenues and units), regional influences, industry involvement, distribution channels, technological features andfunctions, and the competitive landscape. This research also provides a detailed analysis of engineers' processor selection criteria, preferences, and trends.

What questions are addressed?

  • Has Intel finally made a dent in the mobile platform market?
  • What operating systems are OEMs demanding for their mobile devices under development?
  • What small cell technologies are driving the largest growth opportunities for SoC vendors?
  • Where do OEMs and system integratorsanticipate utilizing SoCs?
  • How is the mobilization of non-consumer device classes influencing processor selection?

Who should read this report?

This annual research program is written for those making critical decisions regarding product, market, channel,and competitive strategy andtactics. This report is intended for senior decision-makers who are developing embedded technology, includingthose in the following roles:

  • CEO or other C-level executives
  • Corporate development and M&A teams
  • Marketing executives
  • Business development and sales leaders
  • Product development and product strategy leaders
  • Channel management and channel strategy leaders

Executive Summary

Embedded SoCs will continue to displace traditional standalone CPUs/MPUs, DSPs, GPUs, and other processor types as OEMs look to consolidate functionality and connectivity with fewer chips. Heterogeneous computing is redefining embedded processor markets and is changing the way processors are designed and deployedin various industry applications. The mobile phone market is the leading vertical in terms of revenue forembedded SoCs and mobile processors. However, higher-growth prospects are emerging in other areas as a result of the proliferation of M2M connectivity and rich graphical interfaces to supporthigh-value applications. As a result of the increasing competition in the embedded SoC market propelled by the growth of core IP licensing, software tooling and professional services will become more important tosuppliers to remain competitive.

Key Findings

  • Between 2012 and 2017, the total embedded market for SoCs will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the low double-digits while the same market for mobile processors will grow at a rate in the highsingle digits for the same period.
  • ARM is the major architecture used in embedded SoCs, but Intel's new Atom and Quark SoCs and improved x86 microarchitectures should help the company penetratelow-power applications.
  • The vast majority of embedded processors will be sold to the Asia-Pacific region and unit shipment and revenue sharesfor the region are expected to increase during the forecast period.
  • Heterogeneous computing is changing the way in which vendors supply processors and accelerators to high-performance applications.
  • The increasing use of core IP licensing models will allow SoC manufacturers to save on R&D andexpand in other methods of differentiation such as software tooling.


Five-year forecast: SoCs are spreading across device types

The system-on-chip (SoC) processor market will grow at a CAGR of XX.X% from 2012 through 2017to reach approximately $XX.XB. Market revenues for 2012 reached more than$X.XB, with aboutthree-quarters of revenues coming from mobile phones, consumer electronics, and communications and networking equipment. SoCs are increasingly displacing traditional standalone processors in devices ranging from handheld mobile devices to large-scale communications infrastructures,particularly as various accelerators are embeddedwithin SoC configurationsto increase the performance of such processor types. Physical footprint and power consumption will also increase in importanceas the market braces for the upcoming wave of wearable technologies. Core IP has developed into an important differentiator for SoC designs, with SoC manufacturers integrating various technologies to maximize application performance, efficiency, and functionality.

The market for mobile processing platforms (MPPs), which includes CPUs/MPUs, DSPs, MCUs, and SoCs utilized in mobile designs, exceeded revenues of $XX.XB in 2012. The mobile processor market will grow at astrongfive-year CAGR of X.X% through 2017, at which point revenues will reach approximately $XX.XB. Mobile phones, tablets, and consumer electronics account for the vast majority of market revenues at a combined 90%. High consumer demand for mobile technology continues to drive the market for mobile processors, and the burgeoning wearable market will continue to support this rich demand.

Table of Contents

Global Market Overview and Forecast

  • Global Market at a Glance
    • Forecasted global shipments of embedded processors by revenue (US $B)
    • Forecasted global shipments of embedded processors by units (in millions) Global Market Ideas & Insights
    • Five-year forecast: SoCs are spreading across device types
    • Recent Developments
    • Competitive Landscape

Regional Forecasts

  • At a Glance
    • Forecasted embedded SoC growth by region (US $M)
    • Forecasted embedded MPP growth by region (US $M)
  • The Americas
    • Five-year forecast: Strong growth from high-end mobile devices
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)
    • Five-year forecast: Recovering with little short-term potential
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC)
    • Five-year forecast: APAC remains the powerhouse region

SoC Comparative Forecast by Vertical

  • At a Glance
    • Vertical market share forecast for embedded SoCs (percent of dollars) Ideas & Insight: SoCs by Vertical

MPPs Comparative Forecast by Vertical

  • At a Glance
    • Vertical market share forecast for embedded MPPs (percent of dollars) Ideas & Insights: MPPs by Vertical

Competitive Landscape

  • At a Glance
    • Supplier market share for embedded SoCs (percent of dollars)
    • Supplier market share for embedded MPPs (percent of dollars)
  • Competitive Landscape Ideas & Insights
    • Market Overview
    • SoC Vendor Insights
      • Marvell
      • Mediatek
    • MPP Vendor Insights
      • Intel
      • Qualcomm
      • Samsung

End-User Trends and Insights

  • SoC Professional Services
    • At a Glance
      • SoC engineers' current utilization of professional services (percent of respondents)
      • Types of third-party services utilized by SoC engineers (percent of respondents)
    • Ideas & Insights: Demand for SoC Services on the Rise
  • Mobile Processor Types
    • At a Glance
      • Types of mobile processors used currently and in 3 years (percent of respondents)
    • Ideas & Insights: Migration from general processors continues

Methodology Note

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