The Top 25 Developers Of Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment Devices Worldwide

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世界の代表的な脳動脈瘤治療装置メーカー25社 The Top 25 Developers Of Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment Devices Worldwide
出版日: 2013年08月01日 ページ情報: 英文 63 Pages




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Did you know?

  • It is estimated that up to one in 15 people will develop a cerebral (brain or intracranial) aneurysm during their lifetime.
  • Fifteen million individuals in the developed world are living with a silent, undiagnosed cerebral aneurysm.
  • Every year 100,000 of those aneurysms rupture resulting in the death of 50,000 people.
  • In the United States alone, there is a cerebral aneurysm rupturing every 18 minutes.
  • 50,000 unruptured aneurysms are diagnosed each year worldwide from systematic headaches or from incidental imaging/screening.
  • By 2015, in excess of 200,000 cases of ruptured and unruptured cerebral aneurysms will be treated worldwide each year.
  • Re-hemorrhage occurs in about 20 percent of cases within the first 14 days after the initial rupture.

It is no surprise to learn then, that it is estimated that the cerebral aneurysm device market will be worth U.S.$ 1.0 billion in 2014.

There are various types of cerebral aneurysm e.g. saccular, fusiform and mycotic. Saccular aneurysms are the most common type and account for 80% to 90% of all intracranial aneurysms and are the most common cause of nontraumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. Because of their shape, saccular aneurysms are also known as "berry" aneurysms. Fusiform aneurysms are a less common type of aneurysm. They are diffuse bulges of the vessel wall involving most of the entire circumference of the blood vessel itself. Mycotic aneurysms are rare and result from infection.

Cerebral aneurysms range in size, from quite small - about 1/8 inch - to nearly one inch. Aneurysms larger than one inch are called giant aneurysms, pose a particularly high risk, and are difficult to treat.

A number of factors can increase an individual's risk of developing a cerebral aneurysm e.g. hypertension, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use, congenital predisposition, traumatic head injury, complications from certain types of blood infections, diabetes, tumors and atherosclerosis.

Established treatment of a cerebral aneurysm involves exclusion from the circulation either by surgical clipping or by endovascular coiling. Recent technological advances have led to the development of new treatments e.g. Intracranial stents, liquid embolics and flow diversion devices.

This report profiles the Top 25 developers of cerebral aneurysm treatment devices worldwide. These are the companies with the experience, know-how and resources that enable them to develop, manufacture and market innovative products that compete effectively in global markets.

Profile information for each company in The Top 25 Developers Of Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment Devices Worldwide typically includes:

  • Company Contact Information - Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Email and Website Addresses, Social Media
  • Key Company Decision Makers - From CEO and Main Board, to Key Senior Managers
  • Specialised fields such as Company Description, Ownership, Products, Technology, Foreign Trade, Location Status, Year Established, Number of Employees, Investors, Turnover.

Report Target Market:

1) Neurovascular Device Companies

Usage: competitive/financial analysis and strategic partner/alliance identification.

2) Suppliers

This report is very useful to suppliers of e.g. materials like cobalt, nitinol, platinum, titanium etc. to identify top potential customers.

3) Distributors

The Top 25 Developers Of Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment Devices Worldwide is ideal for distributors of neurovascular devices to identify the leading manufacturers with the best products.

4) Associations/Foundations/Societies

The report is perfect for brain aneurysm foundations, neurointerventional surgery and neuroradiology societies, stroke associations etc..

Note: Most people will be aware of some of the major developers of cerebral aneurysm treatment devices such as MicroVention, Inc., Penumbra Inc. And Surpass Medical Ltd. But this report looks at all 25 of the top companies - companies like - Blockade Medical Inc. - founded in 2011, this Irvine, California headquartered Company's management team has over 65 years experience in the neurovascular field. Blockade Medical develops The Barricade Coil SystemTM, an embolization coil line which is designed to endovascularly occlude blood flow in vascular abnormalities of the neurovascular and peripheral vessels. On January 14, 2013, the Company announced that more than 100 patients had been successfully treated with the Barricade Coil SystemTM. Blockade Medical is organized to sell in over 25 countries and expects additional market commercialisation during 2013 as regulatory approvals are obtained.

Report data field structure is as follows:

  • Company Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Street Address
  • Telephone
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  • Email (organisation & individual)
  • Website
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  • Parent Company Name
  • Year Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Key Executives
  • Company Description
  • Products
  • Technology
  • Turnover
  • Investors
  • Location Status
  • Ownership

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