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Online and Mobile Banking in the Context of Multichannel Delivery and Social Media

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 34 Pages
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マルチチャネル配信とソーシャルメディア環境におけるオンラインおよびモバイルバンキング Online and Mobile Banking in the Context of Multichannel Delivery and Social Media
出版日: 2013年01月30日 ページ情報: 英文 34 Pages



  • きっかけ
  • Ovum社の見解
  • キーメッセージ


  • インターネットの動向とオンラインバンキングサービスへの影響
  • インターネットは人々の生活の自然な一部になりつつある
  • ブロードバンド接続の消費者のエクスペリエンスへの影響は計り知れないだろう


  • 概要
  • ディジタルアクセスは、銀行サービスのメインチャンネルになってきている
  • オンラインセキュリティが鍵
  • 銀行はオンラインバンキングのポータルを豊かにする必要がある
    • 先進国市場の銀行は機能性を豊かにすることに注力
    • モバイルアクセスは新興市場で最も必要とされる
  • オンラインバンキングはマルチチャンネルの中心
    • オンラインバンキングは新しい支店
    • その役割は変化しているものの支店はまだなくなっていない
    • 支店網を持つ銀行にとってマルチチャンネルは必須
  • オンライン機能はモバイルデバイス上に拡張する必要がある
    • モバイルバンキングは成熟への途上
    • モバイルバンキングは3年以内に重要なチャネルに
  • 小口金融機関はソーシャルメディアが提供しているデジタルマーケティング力を見出すには至らず
  • 単一の顧客ビューにすることはデジタルバンキング販売とサービスを有効的にするための基本
  • 個人の財務管理がオンラインバンキングのポータル内でのシェアを獲得


  • 概要
  • オンラインバンキングやモバイルバンキング投資は、CIOにとって最大の課題
    • デジタルチャネルは技術革新が必要
  • オンラインバンキングの柔軟性がコアシステムに大きく依存
  • うまく実装された分析や通信技術はオンライン販売と修理の成功のために絶対必要
    • 対話管理は分析と一緒に働かなければならない
  • エンドツーエンドのオンライン口座の創設とスピードが必要
  • 技術は顧客クスペリエンスを改善する必要
  • モバイルサービスは扱える市場のニーズに適合する必要
    • 銀行はブラウザベースのモバイルバンキング投資に対してダウンロード可能な方法を管理する必要があります
  • タブレットデバイスがオンラインバンキングの利用拡大に拍車


  • 企業に対する提言
    • 顧客の単一ビューを作成
    • ソーシャルメディアの使用を取り込み、企業のデジタルチャネルをソーシャルCRMに統合
    • 使用するデバイスに関係なく、ブラウザとアプリベースのサービス間で統一されたオンラインバンキングのエクスペリエンスを作る
  • ベンダーに対する提言
    • ベンダー提供のセキュリティに注力


  • 参考文献
  • 調査方法
  • 著者
  • Ovumコンサルティングについて
  • 免責事項
Product Code: IT003-000537



Improving online sales and service effectiveness have been key goals for many banks, and the emergence of new Internet technologies, mobile devices, and social media has been grabbing the attention of senior management in retail banking circles as well. In addition, as banks must face the bumpy economic recovery, the focus on low cost and efficient channels is strong. This makes it an opportune moment to assess how far digital banking has come and where it needs to go from here.


  • Beyond harnessing online and mobile channels to service transactions, reduce handling costs, and sell products, banks are wrestling with the emergence of the newest technologies, such as the thin portal, the proliferation of smartphone features, and social media.
  • Today, digital banking services are better optimized for mobile devices (browsers) or have more mature mobile apps. This maturation drives more users, as mobile banking becomes more user-friendly, more functional, and more dedicated to mobile devices, e.g. leveraging geo-location or other mobile features.
  • Having first taken the consumer world by storm, social networking is fast becoming pervasive in the corporate environment as organizations attempt to leverage its power both externally and internally. Consequently, the financial sector, and retail banking in particular, is not immune to the rapid consumerization of the workplace, and institutions are being compelled to develop social media strategies to connect with customers, prospects, and employees.

Features Benefits

  • Provides C-level executives' views on current business priorities, business strategies, and the ability of online banking platforms to support these.
  • Considers the performance of online banking platforms across customer experience, operational efficiency, innovation, functionality, and agility.
  • Breaks down executive views of online and mobile banking across North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Questions Answers

  • Where are the strongest pain-points with current online banking platforms?
  • Do current online banking platforms actually meet changing customer expectations?

Table of Contents



  • Catalyst
  • Ovum view
  • Key messages
    • Online banking development mirrors Internet growth
    • Digital banking is the center of multichannel distribution
    • Banks need to tap into full potential of digital channels
    • Online functionality needs to be extended onto mobile devices
    • Social media set to drive digital marketing efforts
    • Getting a single customer view is fundamental for online sales and service effectiveness
    • Personal financial management will gain its share within online banking portals
    • Online security is key
    • Usability and ease of use remain a challenge
    • Technology needs to improve user experience

MARKET CONTEXT: Internet is (almost) everywhere

  • Internet trends and their impact on online banking services
  • The Internet is becoming a natural part of human life
  • The impact of broadband connectivity on the consumer experience will be immense

BUSINESS FOCUS: Online, mobile, social

  • Overview
  • Digital access is becoming the main channel for banking service
  • Online security is key
  • Banks need to enrich their online banking portals
    • Banks in developed markets focus on enriching functionality
    • Mobile access is most needed in emerging markets
  • Online banking is the center of multichannel
    • Online banking is a new branch
    • Branch still is not going away, although its role is changing
    • For banks with branch networks, multichannel is a must
  • Online functionality needs to be extended onto mobile devices
    • Mobile banking en route to maturity
    • Mobile banking to become significant channel within three years
  • Retail banks have yet to discover the digital-marketing power that social media offer
  • Getting a single customer view is fundamental for digital banking sales and service effectiveness
  • Personal financial management will gain its share within online banking portals


  • Overview
  • Online and mobile banking investments are on top of CIO agendas
    • Digital channels need technology innovations
  • Online banking flexibility is highly dependent on core systems
  • Well-implemented analytics and communication technology is a must for successful online selling and servicing
    • Interaction management must work in conjunction with analytics
  • End-to-end online account origination and speed are needed
  • Technology needs to improve user experience
  • Mobile services must fit the needs of the addressable markets
    • Banks need to manage downloadable versus browser-based mobile banking investments
  • Tablet devices will spur greater use of online banking


  • Recommendations for enterprises
    • Create single view of the customer
    • Embrace the use of social media and integrate your digital channel with social CRM
    • Create a unified online banking experience across browser and app-based services regardless of device used
  • Recommendations for vendors
    • Focus on security of your offering


  • Methodology
  • Further reading
  • Author
  • Ovum Consulting
  • Disclaimer


  • Figure 1: Internet usage and penetration rates, end of 2Q12
  • Figure 2: Total broadband subscriptions by country, as of December 2011
  • Figure 3: Investment priorities for online banking platform
  • Figure 4: Online banking development stages
  • Figure 5: Development plans for mobile banking features
  • Figure 6: Mobile banking expectations
  • Figure 7: Social media in retail banking
  • Figure 8: IT spending plans
  • Figure 9: Mobile banking strategy pain points
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