The U.S. Diet Food Home Delivery Market

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米国におけるダイエット食品の宅配サービス市場 The U.S. Diet Food Home Delivery Market
出版日: 2013年07月02日 ページ情報: 英文 162 Pages




  • 市場の性質および構造


  • ダイエッターの人口統計
  • 潜在市場
  • 家庭でのダイエットプランを好むダイエッターの割合
  • 1年でダイエットに取り組んだ回数


  • 電話インタビューの結果
  • 市場規模推計手法
  • 推計
  • 市場予測
  • 需要および成長率への影響因子
  • 企業別売上推計


  • Medifast・NutriSystem・eDiets.comの各種財務データ
  • UFOCフランチャイズデータ
  • 売上総利益率の比較



  • 最新の市場動向・発展分析
  • 主要市場の発展動向:市場区分別
  • ダイエッター推計
  • 経済危機の影響





This new Marketdata study examines the $869 million diet food home delivery or "home meal replacement" market in the U.S. This is a niche segment of the overall weight loss market appealing to the most affluent dieters, that had grown rapidly until the recession hit. Research for this study was based mainly on primary research involving custom Marketdata telephone surveys of company management.

Roughly 40 companies compete. Some ship food nationwide while others provide fresh daily delivery to local markets such as New York City and Los Angeles. Profit margins vary greatly.

The study covers : nature/structure of the market, key demand factors, pricing, distribution & franchising, how companies are formed and operate, profitability/expense ratios, customer mix and demographics, market size (2005-2012, 2013 & 2017 forecasts), management outlooks and opinions of market growth and the competition.

Also Included : Complete Status Report of the Total Weight Loss Market, with outlooks for commercial, medical and retail programs, latest dieter trends, major market developments of 2011-2013, financials for the public diet companies, effects of the recession, ranking of top weight loss companies, 1989-2017 Forecasted market size/growth history, and more.

39 Competitor Profiles : NutriSystem, Jenny Direct, Medifast, Diet To Go, 5 Squares, BistroMD, The Fresh Diet, eDiets Meal Delivery, Chefs Diet, Freshology, Sunfare, Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating, HMR At Home, In The Zone, Personal Chef To Go, many more (address, program descriptions, prices, market outlooks, financials when available).

Some Findings..

  • The average monthly cost of a diet/healthy food home delivery plan is $873.
  • Most companies held up well during the recession, and diversified into new markets.
  • We expect the market size to grow 4% in 2013 and 5%/year to 2017.
  • Most local daily fresh food services serve the LA and NYC markets and don't generate sales higher than $2-5 million.
  • Some services have been around 20+ years but the market took off in 2002-2003.
  • 60-70% of customers are female , and clients usually stay on plan 8-12 weeks.
  • Several new companies entered the market since 2011, with one obtaining $1 million In investor financing. Franchising usually doesn't work well in this market.
  • Potential clients range from seniors to college students, working Moms, time-pressed executives, celebrities, and yuppies looking for convenience.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Report Methodology

Overview of Major Findings

  • Nature & Structure of The Market
    • Why The Demand?
    • How Diet Food Home Delivery Services Operate: fresh vs. frozen, daily vs. weekly delivery
    • How Diet Food Delivery Companies Are Formed, why some fail, start-up costs
    • Number of Companies Offering The Service
    • Pricing - How Much Does Diet Food Home Delivery Cost?
    • Competitors by delivery areas.
  • Market Size & Growth
    • Highlights of all chapters, market size/growth - 2005-2017 forecasts, major market trends and effect of the recession on major players, 2013 & 2017 forecasts/outlook, rationale
    • Dieter and diet food delivery client demographics. Share of clients preferring home-based diet plans and diet company food (2005-2012)
    • Market size, growth forecasts: 2012 performance/2013 outlook, 2017 market forecast
  • Tables:
  • - Avg. monthly plan costs for 17 companies
  • - 2005-2017F market revenues

Customer Demographics

  • Scope of the obesity problem: no. overweight/obese, by age, income
  • Demographics of The Typical Dieter Overall - Why diets fail, number of dieters by sex, frequency of diet attempts, most popular diet methods and products used major dieting trends of 2011-2013
  • The Potential Market- analysis of BestDietForMe.com visitors. Dieters by: gender, age, BMI, starting weight, special foods needs, budget, program location preferred, interest in food home delivery, type food plan desired, prior diet plans used, exercise preferences, psychological support needs (annual averages for 2005-2012)
  • Percent of dieters that prefer home-based diet plan, that are interested in diet food delivery, that prefer pre-packaged or company diet food (32 quarters' data: 2005-2012)
  • Number of dieting attempts per year (1989-2007)
  • Customer demographics for Jenny Craig (Jenny Direct), NutriSystem, other diet food delivery companies
  • Customer acquisition costs.
  • Estimated number of dieters by type program used; 2012

Market Size & Growth

  • Recent financial performance of NutriSystem, acquisition of eDiets.com by ASTV
  • Results of phone interviews with management at: The Fresh Diet, Bistro MD, Diet To Go
  • Various methods used to estimate market size: individual competitor sales vs. number of potential customers and avg. value per customer
  • 2012 Estimate: discussion of revenues/expected growth for 2013
  • 2017 Forecast: discussion of macro factors affecting demand, level of advertising, market maturation, the recession/economy, DIY dieting cycle, possible new competitors
  • Factors affecting demand and growth in 2009 to 2012 - discussion.
  • Estimated 2009, 2010, 2012 sales, by competitors (top 8 plus other competitors).
  • Table: Estimated market size: 2005 - 2017 forecast

Profitability & Operating Expense Analysis

  • Medifast, NutriSystem, eDiets.com 2009-2012 financial data, income, expenses by type, 2012 performance and information from latest conference calls.
  • UFOC franchise data for Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating
  • Gross profit margin comparisons for 2008-2012, factors affecting profitability

Competitor Profiles

In-depth company descriptions, history, how the programs work, meal plan pricing, areas shipped to, findings of Marketdata phone interviews with management, company headquarters address/phone /website/key contact persons, distribution/franchising information, 2009-2012 financials for public companies, etc. for..

  • Table: Top competitor revenues: 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012
  • 5 Squares
  • 3 Hour Diet At Home
  • Bistro MD
  • California Chef Services
  • Chefs Diet
  • Club Gourmet
  • Diet To Go
  • Diet At Your Door
  • Diet At Your Doorstep
  • Diet Delivery/TSG Group (Canadian)
  • Eat Like the Pros
  • eDiets Meal Delivery
  • Focus 28 Diet
  • Freshology
  • Fresh 'n Fit Cuisine
  • Gourmet On the Go
  • HMR At Home (Health Management Resources)
  • Healthy Connections
  • Healthy Heart Meals
  • Healthy Living Foods
  • In The Zone Delivery
  • Jenny Direct (Jenny Craig)
  • Magic Kitchen
  • Medifast
  • Nutropia
  • Nutrifit
  • Nutrition In Motion (Canadian)
  • NutriSystem
  • Personal Chef To Go
  • Pure Foods, Fresh Start
  • Rawvolution
  • Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating
  • Spa Meals To Go
  • Susan's Healthy Gourmet
  • Sunfare
  • The Slimdown
  • The Fresh Diet
  • Z.E.N. Foods

Total Weight Loss Market: Status Report

  • Latest 2011-2013 market trends and developments, analysis and discussion
  • Frugal dieters/creating value diet plans, selling direct to consumers
  • Major market developments and performance, by market segment - discussion
  • Estimated number of dieters, by sex, by diet methods used
  • Effects of recession, 2010 performance & outlooks for: commercial chains, weight loss websites, OTC diet pills and meal replacements, diet foods, diet soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, medical weight loss programs, prescription drugs, health clubs industry.
  • Tables:
  • 1989-2017 F sales for all 10 market segments: 24 year view of the industry, through past recessions and growth periods.
  • The top diet companies, by 2010 & 2012 sales
  • Comparative cost of different kinds of diet programs
  • Projected growth rates for each weight loss market segment to 2014
  • Average cost of diet plans - by type program
  • Number of U.S. dieters by type program, 2012 estimates

Reference Directory

  • Directory of weight loss market studies, consultants, trade journals and associations
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