2012 ATM Benchmark Report

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ATMベンチマーク調査:2012年 2012 ATM Benchmark Report
出版日: 2012年06月28日 ページ情報: 英文





  • 転換期にあるチャネルに続く
  • 金融機関の新たなATMへの関心
  • チャネルの発展
  • ATMの利用は世界的な成長が続く
  • 世界にわたるATM利用
  • ATMの利用:約半世紀および集計


  • 米国ではATMに精通しており、利用も多い
  • 米国の多くの顧客は銀行取引にATMを利用
  • 多くの顧客は少なくとも月に1度はATMを利用
  • 銀行の支店を訪れる理由
  • 顧客はますます追加料金なしのATMを受け入れる


  • 大手金融機関は顧客へ偏在性と選択を提供
  • ISO/IADオペレーターは多くの小売店で顧客へ多様性と選択を提供
  • 米国で導入されたATMのうち大手金融機関は4分の1以下
  • 追加料金なしのATM
  • 追加料金は主要行によって異なる
  • ATMメーカーの競合は厳しい
  • EFTネットワーク取引


  • モビリティを含むATMフットプリントの拡大
  • NFC
  • ハイブリッドATMソリューション





New research examines the current state of the global ATM market

Boston, MA -- In new research, 2012 ATM Market Benchmark Report, Mercator Advisory Group reviews how retail financial institutions are leveraging the power of today's ATMs to be the foundation of a multichannel experience. The report provides many market sizing statistics and projections for the next several years.

The report begins with a review of the ATM landscape including global usage and growth, the renewed interest in this channel, and how the channel has evolved in the last half century. Next, detailed perspectives from both the user and the owner-operator side are presented. The perspectives include information on customer trends, fees, and the competitive landscape. In addition, strategic implications for the future are outlined.

Highlights of this report include:

  • Data illustrating growth trending and proliferation for the ATM channel for delivery of banking services
  • Survey findings from Mercator Advisory Services' CustomerMonitor Survey Series regarding the size of the U.S. ATM market, consumers' frequency of ATM usage, reasons for branch visits, attitudes toward surcharges for use of out-of-network ATMs, and more
  • Statistics on the leading ATM owner-operators, both financial institutions and independent deployers
  • Data on the leading global ATM manufacturers and discussion of their jockeying for position in a tightly competitive market
  • Examples of increasingly popular advanced-feature ATMs

"Financial institutions of all sizes throughout the world are embracing today's ATM channel and leveraging its power as the foundation for a coordinated multichannel strategy. Modern ATMs enable cash and check deposits, transfers, and bill pay as well as dispensing various types of payment cards, tickets, tokens, and other items. So-called intelligent deposit machines are performing tasks formerly handled by tellers in branches or via online banking. Many of these ATMs now have touch screens, virtual keyboards, and integration to banking and loan products beyond simple DDA accounts" Ed O'Brien, director of Mercator Advisory Group's Banking Channels Advisory Service, comments.

One of the 17 exhibits in this report:


This report is 22 pages long and has 16 exhibits.

Organizations mentioned in this report include: ACCEL/Exchange, Allpoint, Alliance One, Bank of America, BB&T Bank, BMO Harris, Capital One, Citibank, Cardtronics, Co-Op Financial Services, Citizens Bank, Credit Union 24, Diebold, Elan MoneyPass, Fifth Third Bancorp, Global Access Corporation, Huntington Financial, JPMorgan Chase, M&T Bank, NCR, NO SUR!, NYCE Payments Alliance International, PNC Bank, PULSE Select, RBC Bancorp (USA), RD Bank, Regions Financial, Sovereign Bank, STARsf/FirstData, SUM/FIS SunTrust Bank, University Federal Credit Union, U.S. Bancorp, Wells Fargo, Wincor Nixdorf, 7-Eleven.

Members of Mercator Advisory Group's Banking Channels Advisory Service have access to this report as well as the upcoming research for the year ahead, presentations, analyst access and other membership benefits.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


An Inflection Point for ATMs and Multichannel Strategies

  • Following a Channel in Transition
  • Financial Institutions' Renewed Interest in ATMs
  • A Channel on the Move
  • ATM Use Continues to Grow Worldwide
  • ATM Usage Around the World
  • ATM Use: Almost a Half Century and Counting

U.S. User Profiles

  • Familiarity with and Usage of ATMs in the U.S. Are Substantial
  • Most U.S. Customers Use ATMs to Conduct Banking Transactions
  • Most Customers Use an ATM at Least Monthly
  • Reasons for Bank Branch Visits
  • Customers Increasingly Embrace Surcharge-Free ATMs

U.S. ATM Owner-Operator Profiles

  • Larger FIs Offer Customers Ubiquity and Choice
  • ISO/IAD Operators Offer Customers Variety and Choice in Many Retail Establishments
  • Leading FIs Account for Less Than a Quarter of ATMs Deployed in the U.S.
  • Fee Income from ATMs Can Be Substantial for FIs
  • Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • Surcharge Fees Vary Among Leading Banks
  • Competition Is Tight for ATM Manufacturers
  • EFT Network Transactions

ATMs Are Taking on New Roles

  • Extending the ATM Footprint to Include Mobility
  • NFC
  • Hybrid ATM Solutions

Conclusions and Strategic Implications

  • Copyright Notice
  • End Notes

Figures and Tables

  • Figure 1: Number of ATMs in Service Worldwide by 2015
  • Figure 2: The Progression of the ATM: 1966 - 2016
  • Figure 3: ATM Usage Penetration in the U.S.
  • Figure 4: Banking Communication Methods Used by U.S. Customers in Past Year
  • Figure 5: Frequency of ATM Usage: Half of Consumers Use an ATM Several Times a Month
  • Figure 6: Customers' Reasons for Visiting Bank or Credit Union Branches
  • Figure 7: Customer Sentiment on ATM Surcharges: Just 12% Are Willing to Pay ATM Surcharges
  • Figure 8: Leading ATM Deployers in the U.S.
  • Figure 9: Scanning a QR Code at an ATM with a Smartphone
  • Figure 10: Example of an Interactive ATM Offering Both Self-Service and Full-Service Capabilities
  • Table 1: ATM Concentration in Select Countries
  • Table 2: Leading ATM Owner-Operators in the U.S.: Financial Institutions
  • Table 3: Leading US ATM Operators in the U.S.: ISO/IAD Firms
  • Table 4: Leading Banks' Surcharge Fees for ATM Use by Customers of FIs in Other ATM Networks
  • Table 5: Top Three ATM Manufacturers' Global Shipments
  • Table 6: Annual Transaction Volume of Leading EFT Networks: 2010 vs. 2011
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