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Data Protection and Privacy: Primer For A Challenging Issue

発行 Mercator Advisory Group, Inc. 商品コード 204840
出版日 ページ情報 英文 34 pages
納期: 即日から翌営業日
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データ保護とプライバシー:困難な問題に対するための手引き Data Protection and Privacy: Primer For A Challenging Issue
出版日: 2011年07月13日 ページ情報: 英文 34 pages








  • プライバシーvsセキュリティー


  • 広さ:このデータはどこから発生しているのか
  • 深さ:アクセス可能なデータの種類は
  • どれだけのデータが個人情報(PII)なのか


  • 事業
  • 政府
  • 犯罪者


  • 調査:消費者はプライバシーを気にかけている
  • 変化の速さ:消費者はついていけない:専門家も同様



  • プライバシーおよびセキュリティー証明:誘導、それとも混乱
  • 消費者認証ツール
  • 消費者に力を与える新興プライバシーツール


  • 銀行のプライバシー施策はあまり参考にならない
  • 銀行家は過ちを犯す
  • 良いことをすると必ず罰を受ける




Boston, MA -- With U.S. Congressional hearings in progress, can new legislation or regulations be far behind? Major privacy breaches, including data thefts and surreptitious data gathering by vendors of all kinds, have been widely reported in the media. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has launched a stepped-up enhancement of what it views as unfair or deceptive business practices, and has also made it clear that if the digital advertising industry fails to regulate itself, the FTC will fill the vacuum.

Mercator Advisory Group's new report Data Protection and Privacy: Primer For A Challenging Issue discusses the challenges facing financial firms with respect to both managing privacy risks and maintaining strong customer relationships. It presents evidence of consumer attitudes, and insights about the multiple complicated dimensions of the word “privacy”. The report also recommends four major initiatives that financial firms must undertake in order to minimize their risks, satisfy their customers, and protect their reputations.

“Against a background of generalized and growing consumer anxiety about privacy, financial firms continue to believe they are among the most highly trusted entities on the Internet. For the time being, they may still be right,” states Patricia McGinnis, director of Mercator Advisory Group's Banking Group. “However, that trust may be undermined by the combination of a steady stream of data breach notices, the observable evidence of targeted offers, and the absence of meaningful choice in many FSI privacy notices.”

Highlights of this report include:

  • Factors causing U.S. consumers to revolt against the unquenchable appetites of the data collection and data analysis industries.
  • The rights U.S. individuals have to access or correct errors in, massive files of personally-identifiable, collected, and mashed-together data.
  • The industries with the largest appetite for targeted data, their funding sources, and an outlook on their overall impact on personal privacy.
  • Which new technologies will raise the privacy risks faced by individuals, and the challenges faced by financial firm compliance officers.

One of 10 exhibits in this report:

This report is 34 pages long and has nine exhibits.

Companies mentioned in this report include: Actiance, Adobe, Apple, Bank of America, Bank of the West, BBVA Compass, Facebook, Fifth Third, Google, McAfee, Microsoft, Mozilla, PrivacyByDesign, ReputationDefender, Selectout.org, Spokeo.com, TRUSTe, Trusteer and Verisign Authentication.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Privacy and Data Protection: What Do They Mean?

  • Privacy Versus Security

The Exploding World of Data

  • Breadth: Where Is All This Data Coming From?
  • Depth: What Types of Data Are Accessible?
  • How Much Data Is Personally Identifiable Information? (PII)

Who Wants All This Data, and Why?

  • Businesses
  • Governments
  • Criminals

What Do Consumers Think?

  • Surveys: Consumers Do Care About Privacy
  • Rate of Change: Consumers Can' t Keep Up; Neither Can The Pros

Data On The Move: What' s Next?

Privacy-Enhancing Tools For Consumers

  • Privacy and Security Certifications: Guidance or Confusion?
  • Consumer-Authenticating Tools
  • Emerging Privacy Tools For Empowering Consumers

How Are Financial Firms Handling Privacy?

  • Bank Privacy Policies Are Less Than Informative
  • Bankers Make Mistakes
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished...

Guidance For Financial Firms and Their IT Vendors

  • Bibliography
    • Copyright Notice

Table of Figures

  • Figure 1: Digitized Data Sources Expanding Rapidly
  • Figure 2: New Tools Unlock the Meaning of Several Types of Unstructured Data
  • Figure 3: Actual and Projected Online Advertising Spending
  • Figure 4: Online Advertising Spend By Industry
  • Figure 5: Components of Digital Advertising Sector
  • Figure 6: Privacy Concerns of Users of Apps on Smartphones
  • Figure 7: Wall Street Journal Finds High Levels of Concern About Data Usage
  • Figure 8: Wide Spectrum of Motivations For Views on Privacy
  • Figure 9: Factors Driving Steady Growth of Privacy Risks
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