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Connected Home: Beyond the PC

発行 Ovum (TMT Intelligence, Informa) 商品コード 129188
出版日 ページ情報 英文
納期: 即日から翌営業日
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コネクテッドホーム Connected Home: Beyond the PC
出版日: 2010年09月10日 ページ情報: 英文








ケーススタディ:Orange・LG ElectronicsのコネクテッドTVの提携















Popular online services beginning to appear on devices heralds the era of the connected home, in a way that only a few years ago was unimaginable.

The connected home is a new battleground that will see the goliaths of the consumer electronics, gaming, entertainment and internet do battle. Consumers are connected to the Internet through multiple devices in their home (games console, computer, settop box, and now TV), however these devices are not connected to each other. There is a great opportunity for digital content to be shared between devices, providing consumers with enhanced benefits and the ability to purchase new content easily.

Latest research on Connected Home in a flexible format:

New Report format - designed for sharing - Delivered as a convenient set of PDF, XLS and PPT files, this new report format gives you business critical analysis and data that is easy to share with your colleagues.

Executive Summary Presentation (PowerPoint) - brief colleagues with a complete overview of findings in a clear, concise PowerPoint presentation. The file includes re-usable trend analysis, charts and graphs.

Industry Data (Excel) - the research includes a comprehensive global breakdown of services available on connected devices by manufacturer, plus a unique Informa connected home scorecard of 19 key devices and platforms.

Key Connected Home market data and scorecard:

  • Comprehensive global breakdown - for all services available on connected devices by country
  • Informa' s connected home scorecard - 19 of the most important platforms and devices within the connected home were evaluated, measured and benchmarked based on their popularity, technical performance and the resources of their manufacturer or provider.

Who should read this connected home report?

This leading edge research report will be invaluable to senior executives in strategic planning, research and market intelligence within:

  • Consumer electronics manufacturers - to help develop winning strategies and devices for the connected home
  • Content providers - find out who' s best to work with to commercialise your content
  • Telecoms operators - devise collaborative strategies to be the network of choice
  • Broadcasters - understand which platforms are likely to win through
  • Component suppliers - be proactive in providing product solutions and in meeting demand.

Coverage of all the key issues in the connected home:

This research analyses the latest developments in devices, services and networks that will determine the market developments and players that emerge:

Which devices will rule the connected home?

  • Connected TVs - every major TV manufacturer has a connected strategy, but our research shows they must navigate a long road to mass-market that is littered with obstacles, from platform to standardisation issues.
  • Games consoles - set to be a key device in the connected home, we review the non-gaming services offered by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo and their differing motivations, plus the interest from broadcasters like the BBC and technology restraints.
  • Media streamers - an already congested market, we evaluate it at a crucial stage as cheaper, more versatile connected devices, especially games consoles, threaten to steal a large chunk of the expected growth, unless streaming devices can prove their value and need.
  • Media servers - discusses how a software-centric rather than device centric approach to the digital home is gathering momentum and an ever-expanding number of competing players.
  • Open-standard STBs - a look at the emerging trend of operators deploying settop boxes that offer app stores, opening the way for online content to be accessed alongside IPTV.
  • Orange and LG case study - highlights how this landmark connected TV partnership demonstrates ways ISPs can offer consumer electronics firms something their OTT rivals can' t.
  • Non-video services in the connected home
  • Multiroom music - the connected home offers music-streaming and subscription services providers a natural next step after mobile, we evaluate whether it can have the same game-changing effect that mobile has had.
  • Cloud gaming - playing complex games over the Internet across all platforms is set to become the next big thing in gaming - though the high infrastructure costs could deter new start-ups.
  • The evolving connected home network
  • Networking - Our analysts track the latest Wi Fi and Powerline technologies to counter bottlenecks and allow digital services to flourish, plus suggest operators need to act quickly to take value added services revenue opportunities.
  • Orange Livebox case study - reviews their home gateway strategy aimed at strengthening their position by attracting new subscribers, reducing churn and providing a launchpad for future multi play and connected home services.
  • NAS devices - evaluates the NAS vendors' attempts to reposition NAS devices as home media hubs and whether, for all their functionality and advantages, they can move beyond mere niche products.
  • Market prospects - our analysts conclude by providing informed predictions on how the market will unfold over the coming years and which devices, networks and players are likely to lead the market.

All the important connected home issues addressed:

  • What is the viability of a connected home for the consumer?
  • Where is the money to be made from the connected home?
  • What is the future for the connected home?
  • Which business model is likely to succeed - open or closed?
  • What services will see most usage within the connected home?
  • Who is best placed to be at the centre of the connected home and, more importantly, who will profit?
  • Is Powerline set to drive growth in enabling connectivity around the home?
  • What position will games consoles play in the connected home?

Table of Contents

Connected Home Executive Summary - Powerpoint file

Executive summary - introduction page 1

  • Fig. 1: iPlayer, program requests by platform, Dec-09
  • Fig. 2: Australia, iView visits via PS3, Nov-09
  • Fig. 3: Selected markets, premium video services by connected-TV provider
  • Fig. 4: Japan, AcTVila subscriptions, Nov-07 to Sep-09

Informa' s connected home scorecard: results and analysis page 5

  • Fig. 1: Connected-home score card
  • Fig. 2: Connected-home score card, final weighted scores by platform/device, Aug-10
  • Fig. 3: Connected-home score card, popularity and usage scores by device/service, Aug-10
  • Fig. 4: Connected-home score card, content scores by device/service, Aug-10
  • Fig. 5: Leading devices by service type provision, Aug-10
  • Fig. 6: Connected-home score card, technical features scores by device/service, Aug-10
  • Fig. 7: Connected-home score card, partnering, competition and resources scores by device/service, Aug 10
  • Fig. 8: Device functionality and manufacturer partnering, competition and resources, Connected home scorecard, Aug-10
  • Fig. 9: Connected-home score card, connected TV scores, all categories, Aug-10
  • Fig. 10: Connected-home score card, console scores, all categories, Aug-10
  • Fig. 11: Connected-home score card, media streamers and media servers scores, all categories, Aug-10
  • Fig. 12: Connected-home score card, connected device platforms, all categories, Aug-10
  • Fig. 13: Connected-home score card, IPTV scores, all categories, Aug-10

Sector analysis: connected TVs page 15

  • Fig. 1: Global, selected connected-TV providers, May-10
  • Fig. 2: Selected markets, premium video services by connected-TV provider
  • Fig. 3: Philips, No. of Net-TV applications and services, by country, 2010
  • Fig. 4: US, prices of connected and unconnected TVs, selected manufacturers
  • Fig. 5: Connected-TV manufacturers' content strategies
  • Fig. 6: Key challenges in developing applications for connected TVs using CE-HTML
  • Fig. 7: France, share of TV-device and pay-TV markets, by company, 1Q10
  • Fig. 8: Japan, AcTVila subscriptions, Nov-07 to Sep-09

Case study: Orange and LG Electronics' connected-TV partnership page 23

  • Fig. 1: Selected markets, premium video services by connected-TV provider
  • Fig. 2: SWOT Analysis: Orange and LG' s connected-TV partnership
  • Fig. 3: France, share of TV-device and pay-TV markets, by company, 1Q10
  • Fig. 4: Orange, TV-subscription penetration of households of selected countries, 4Q09

Sector analysis: games consoles page 28

  • Fig. 1: Nongame services offered by the big three games consoles, Feb-10
  • Fig. 2: Global, pay-TV and catch-up services offered via games consoles, Jan-10
  • Fig. 3: iPlayer, program requests by platform, Dec-09
  • Fig. 4: Australia, iView visits via PS3, Nov-09
  • Fig. 5: BBC iPlayer, selected program requests by platform, Jul-Dec 09
  • Fig. 6: Use of Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash by selected online-video services, Feb-10

Sector analysis: media streamers page 34

  • Fig. 1: Global, features of selected media-streaming devices, Jun-10
  • Fig. 2: US, premium-video-service availability on selected media-streaming devices, Jul-10

Sector analysis: media servers page 38

  • Fig. 1: Media server models to the TV
  • Fig. 2: US, media-server providers, Sep-09
  • Fig. 3: Development of the home-media-server market
  • Fig. 4: Boxee partners, Sep-09

Sector analysis: Platforms for connected devices page 43

Non-video services in the connected home: streaming music page 46

  • Fig. 1: UK, consumers' music listening by place/device, 2010
  • Fig. 2: Global, music-streaming services' availability on selected devices
  • Fig. 3: UK, share of radio listening by platform, 4Q08-4Q09

Non-video services in the connected home: cloud gaming page 51

  • Fig. 1: Global, selected broadband-operator games services, Sep-09
  • Fig. 2: Comparison of cloud gaming and console gaming
  • Fig. 3: Global, selected cloud-gaming developments, Oct-09
  • Fig. 4: Technical requirements for cloud gaming
  • Fig. 5: SWOT analysis, operators as cloud gaming providers
  • Fig. 6: OnLive, announced games-publisher partners and titles
  • Fig. 7: Selected services, approximate bandwidth usages

The evolving connected home network: future in-home networking page 58

  • Fig1: Modes of content delivery around the home
  • Fig.2: Competing wireless home networking technologies
  • Fig. 3: Global, Homeplug, product shipments, Apr-06 to Jan-09
  • Fig. 4: Connected-home-technologies scorecard
  • Fig. 5: The connected home as a value-added-services platform

Case study: Orange' s Livebox home gateway strategy page 64

  • Fig. 1: Livebox family, features by main device versions, May-10
  • Fig. 2: Global, availability of Livebox-family devices by country, May-10
  • Fig. 3: France, selected fixed-broadband tariffs, Mar-10
  • Fig. 4: Global, Livebox offers by selected countries, May-10
  • Fig. 5: France, additional Livebox-related products and services, Jun-10
  • Fig. 6: Orange, contracts by service type in selected countries, 1Q07-1Q10
  • Fig. 7: Orange, broadband ARPU in selected countries, 1Q07-1Q10
  • Fig. 8: Orange, share of fixed-broadband, TV and fixed-voice markets of selected countries, 1Q07-4Q09
  • Fig. 9: Orange' s Livebox strategy, SWOT analysis, Jun-10

The evolving connected home network: the role of network-attached storage page 74

  • Fig. 1: Storage of different types of media
  • Fig.2: NAS device streaming media around the digital home
  • Fig. 3: Specifications of selected NAS devices, Jul-10
  • Fig. 4: NAS device, SWOT analysis

The future of the connected home: Winners, losers and predictions page 78

Connected Home scorecard - Excel file

Internet-enabled devices and corresponding services - Excel file

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