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IDC FutureScape:世界の医療産業の予測:2019年

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2019 Predictions

発行 IDC 商品コード 574550
出版日 ページ情報 英文 19 Pages
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IDC FutureScape:世界の医療産業の予測:2019年 IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Health Industry 2019 Predictions
出版日: 2018年10月31日 ページ情報: 英文 19 Pages


第1章 エグゼクティブサマリー

第2章 IDC FutureScapeの予測

  • 外的促進因子のサマリー
  • 予測:技術バイヤーへの影響
    • 予測1:消費者の期待の高まりにより、60%の医療提供者が2020年までにデジタル患者経験の最適化をトップ3の戦略事案にする見込み
    • 予測2:2023年までに、自分のデータを持ち込むデジタル化された患者が増え、産業と政府主導の監視体制により、個人データスチュワードシップの事例が世界的に3倍になる見込み
    • 予測3:AI技術の導入が堅調に進み、2020年までにビジネスプロセスの25%に直接的な影響を及ぼす見込み
    • 予測4:2022年までに、臨床アプリの50%に、AIによる音声認識、センサー、ジェスチャーなどのアンビエントインターフェイスが一次的データ収集モデルとして導入され、データの質が40%向上する見込み
    • 予測5:2022年までに、救急治療提供者の20〜30%がスマートウォッチのアプリを採用し、臨床医の生産性を50%以上向上させる見込み
    • 予測6:医療提供者の業務をオーケストレーションすることで、2022年までに、医薬情報担当者の50%が全分野の仕事を1つのデバイス(スマートフォンなど)でできるようになる見込み
    • 予測7:患者の後押しと促進力のある規制により、リアルワールドエビデンスにより5つの新薬と10の新しい医療機器が承認される見込み
    • 予測8:専門薬のコストとバンドルケアの進化により、フォーチュン500企業の30%が、従来の医療保険を避け、2021年までに雇用主による直接医療を提供する見込み
    • 予測9:医療と生命科学のエコシステムを縦断する安全なマルチパーティーの情報共有のためにデータを放出する必要性により、ブロックチェーンの利用が2022年までに8倍になる見込み
    • 予測10:2022年までに、医療提供者の40%が、機械学習とAIアルゴリズムの進歩を利用し、ランサムウェアを阻止するため自動脅威検知によりサイバーセキュリティ能力を高める見込み
  • 技術バイヤーへの助言
  • 外的促進因子:詳細
    • DXの次章:テクノロジードリブンの変化が企業や社会に警鐘
    • 革新への競争:変更、納入、実行のスピードが明暗を分ける
    • 知覚、計算、行動‐データを価値に
    • 新たな自治‐AIと共に学ぶ
    • サイバーインセキュリティ:窃盗、サイバー攻撃、過失がデジタルへの信頼を危機にさらす
    • 顧客の期待の増大‐より便利、よりカスタム化、より管理しやすく
    • 古いものへの惰性:古いものをDXの世界に組み込む
  • 参考資料
    • 関連調査
Product Code: US43122618

This IDC study explores how different drivers are collectively impacting technology in the health industry and offers guidance on actions to consider. Healthcare and life science organizations are hard pressed in the new digital era to respond to a wide range of political, economic, social, cultural, technological, legal, and experiential forces. These forces alongside ever-expanding data assets, increasing market pressures, sweeping regulations, and changes in the global populace and in the states of health and well-being call for the industry to take action in innovative ways that meet rising expectations, improve outcomes, and deliver value."The 2019 worldwide health industry predictions offer insight into the future of the health industry as it is being transformed in the new digital era," says Mutaz Shegewi, research director, IDC Health Insights. "The future belongs to visionary leaders and forward-thinking organizations that are able to break the shackles of legacy systems and accelerate mastering digital-first strategies. The thrivers will be those that champion data-driven, experiential, and personalized approaches through health IT."

IDC FutureScape Figure

Executive Summary

IDC FutureScape Predictions

  • Summary of External Drivers
  • Predictions: Impact on Technology Buyers
    • Prediction 1: Driven by Rising Consumer Expectations, 60% of Healthcare Providers Will Make Optimizing the Digital Patient Experience a Top 3 Strategic Imperative by 2020
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 2: Personal Data Stewardship Practices in Healthcare Will Triple Globally by 2023 Due to Digitally Engaged Patients Bringing Their Own Data and Industry- and Government-Led Data Guardian Initiatives
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 3: The Steady Progress in Artificial Intelligence Technology Adoption Will Directly Impact 25% of Business Processes by 2020
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 4: By 2022, 50% of Clinical Apps Will Include Ambient Interfaces - Speech Recognition, Sensors, and/or Gesture - As Their Primary Data Capture Model, Supported by AI, Enabling a 40% Rise in Data Quality
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 5: By 2022, 20-30% of Acute Care Providers Will Deploy Smartwatch-Based Apps, Thus Improving Clinician Productivity by More than 50%
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 6: Orchestration of Healthcare Provider Engagement Will Allow 50% of Pharma Reps to Accomplish All Field Duties on One Device - a Smartphone - by 2022
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 7: With Growing Patient Advocacy and Favorable Regulatory Guidance, Real-World Evidence Will Lead to the Approval of Five New Drugs and 10 New Medical Devices by 2023
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 8: Driven by the Cost of Specialty Drugs and the Evolution of Negotiated Bundled Procedures, 30% of the Fortune 500 Will Offer Employer-Direct Healthcare by 2021, Bypassing Traditional Health Insurance
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 9: The Need to Liberate Data for Secure Multiparty Information Sharing Across Healthcare and Life Science Ecosystems Will Increase Blockchain Use Eightfold by 2022
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance
    • Prediction 10: By 2022, 40% of Healthcare Providers Will Leverage Machine Learning and AI-Algorithm Advances to Improve Their Cybersecurity Capabilities with Automated Threat Detection to Thwart Ransomware
      • Associated Drivers
      • IT Impact
      • Guidance

Advice for Technology Buyers

External Drivers: Detail

  • Next Chapter of DX: Technology-Driven Transformation Altering Business and Society
  • The Race to Innovate: Speed of Change, Delivery, and Operations Separates Thrivers and Survivors
  • Sense, Compute, Actuate: Turning Data into Value
  • Emerging Autonomy: Learning to Live with AI
  • Cyber Insecurity: Theft, Cyberattack, and Negligence Create a Crisis of Digital Trust
  • Rising Customer Expectations: More Convenience, Customization, and Control
  • Legacy Inertia: Retrofit the Old into the DX World

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    • Prediction 3: Artificial Intelligence
    • Prediction 4: Ambient Interfaces
    • Prediction 5: Smartwatches
    • Prediction 6: Orchestration
    • Prediction 7: Real-World Evidence
    • Prediction 8: Payer Disruption
    • Prediction 9: Blockchain in Health
    • Prediction 10: Security
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