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Self Administration of High Viscosity Drugs

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出版日 ページ情報 英文
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高粘度薬液の自己投与 Self Administration of High Viscosity Drugs
出版日: 2015年11月24日 ページ情報: 英文
Greystone Research AssociatesはDDSを専門とする調査会社でDDSの細かなテーマを選びそれぞれ独立したレポートとしてまとめています。本レポートは高粘度薬液の自己投与という非常にニッチなテーマを選択し、製品設計に影響する要因、種類別の製品評価、用途先の治療分野などを分析したものです。このテーマで体系的に市場分析を行った初めてのレポートです。




  • 注射剤のエコノミクス
  • 注射剤の動向・市場促進因子
  • 治療需要の促進因子
  • 競合情勢
  • リスク因子


  • 薬液の特徴
  • 薬液貯蔵の要件
  • 注射方法
  • 基本的なデバイス機能
  • プライマリーパッケージング
  • 凍結乾燥薬剤/再構成
  • 人間工学/エルゴノミクス
  • 調剤技術


  • 特殊オートインジェクター
  • プラスチックシリンジ
  • ウェアラブル皮下注入器
  • パッチ様デバイス
  • その他のデバイスクラス


  • 併用製品
  • 開発段階の製品
  • アライアンス・コラボレーション


  • 治療部門
  • 市販の注射剤
  • 予測・展望


  • 規制イニシアチブ
  • 患者コンプライアンス・使いやすさ
  • 医療エコノミクス


Product Code: HVK429R

Devices, Therapies, Players, Strategies and Forecasts


Formulations that Push the Device Envelope

Growth in biological drugs has been driven by advances in biotechnology and host-vector engineering - advances that have led to a steady stream of biologics for a number of ailments and conditions. These powerful drugs come with a high cost-per-dose and the risk of significant side effects - factors that place an elevated emphasis on administration efficiency, safety and reliability. Many drugs in this class are characterized by physical properties and sensitivities that challenge the drug commercialization ecosystem. For example, monoclonal antibodies, perhaps the most significant category in terms of therapeutic and commercial importance, typically possess viscosities that are well above the normal limits of subcutaneous injection techniques. Drug developers and device designers are increasingly working in collaboration to address the goal of patient self-administration for biological injectables.

The value we provide to our clients and subscribers is best illustrated by our ability to consistently provide strategic direction and market knowledge that contributes to their tactical and strategic decision process.

Tailored Research

As technology and products evolve, the level of precision in management decisions required to enable effective company performance is increasing. Such precision cannot be achieved without timely and accurate data about the company's macroscopic operating environment. The information that you and your management team require to execute your business and market strategies is unique to your organization and business model. This is why - in addition to the multi-client reports you will find on our site - we offer client-specific research services that start with customer-defined needs and culminate in assessments and analysis that answer the questions that represent risk to your business strategy. To discuss Greystone's Customer Defined Research services, we invite you to contact us.

Market-driven Product Strategies

A longer life span is expected to translate to a growing number of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. To counteract the financial and medical infrastructure implications of this trend, pressure from the public sector and managed care organizations will place a premium on therapeutic self-administration, an expectation that is creating an increased interest in routes of administration that are patient-friendly and cost-effective. Pharma company decision makers have come to the realization that for many products, success no longer only depends on the medication itself but also on achieving a consumer-compatible form of packaging and application.

'Most biological products are stored at 2 to 8°C. To avoid injection pain, an injectable/infusible drug is typically equilibrated to room temperature prior injection. The effect of temperature on viscosity is non-negligible and has to be factored into any product development program relying on a delivery method other than a traditional infusion set.' Table of Contents

Our reports are carefully researched and written to provide timely and insightful analysis of key factors and developments shaping the commercial marketplace. The focused nature of our publications is designed to allow readers to identify emerging demand and growth opportunities in selected markets. Numerous charts, tables and graphs complement the text, with evaluations and assessments of current and probable future market developments, technology issues and business factors - information necessary to compete effectively in the global marketplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Analyzes the market for therapeutic drugs with viscosities that cannot be delivered using standard patient self-injection devices and techniques
  • Assesses technologies and devices that are aimed at positioning high viscosity drugs for patient self-administration, including injection devices and viscosity-lowering formulation techniques
  • Analyzes design factors, material selection issues, formulation factors, and device capabilities and limitations
  • Profiles injectable drug and device participants, their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations
  • Evaluates key therapeutic sectors for high viscosity injectables
  • Provides market data and forecasts to 2020
  • Evaluates the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on high viscosity drugs for self administration


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The Market Opportunity

  • The Economics of Injectable Drugs
  • Injectable Drug Trends and Market Drivers
    • Prefilled Devices
    • Self-Administration
    • Shifting Demographics
    • Injector Design Innovation
  • Therapeutic Demand Drivers
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Risk Factors

High Viscosity Injection Devices - Design Factors

  • Drug Properties (T/C/V)
  • Drug Storage Requirements
  • Injection Methodology
  • Baseline Device Capabilities
  • Primary Packaging
  • Lyophilized Drugs/Reconstitution
  • Human Engineering/Ergonomics
  • Formulation Technology

High Viscosity Injection - Device Analysis

  • Specialty Autoinjectors
  • Plastic Syringes
  • Wearable Subcutaneous Infusion Devices
  • Patch-like Devices
  • Other Device Classes

High Viscosity Injectables - the Current Market

  • Combination Products
  • Development-stage Products
  • Alliances and Collaborations

High Viscosity Injectables - Key Therapeutic Sector Analysis

  • Therapy Sectors
  • Commercialized Injectables
  • Forecasts and Prospects

Market Factors

  • Regulatory Initiatives
  • Patient Compliance and Ease of Use
  • Healthcare Economics

Company Profiles

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