薬剤注入装置 2024年

Drug Injection Devices to 2024

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出版日 ページ情報 英文
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薬剤注入装置 2024年 Drug Injection Devices to 2024
出版日: 2016年08月11日 ページ情報: 英文




  • 注射剤開発の発展
  • 注射剤需要の促進因子
  • 疾病・適応症

慢性疾患 & 自己投与:技術要因

  • 装置の選定要因
  • 市場区分
  • 製品特徴 & 使いやすさ
  • 競合情勢
  • 注射器サプライヤー:機能・市場プレゼンス


  • 自動注入装置
  • デュアルチャンバーシリンジ
  • 無針注射器
  • ペン型注射器
  • 薬剤充填済みシリンジ (プレフィルドシリンジ)
  • 安全シリンジ
  • パッチポンプ
  • 皮下注入装置
  • リスクと機会


  • 安定性・材料選択の課題
  • 固定 vs. 可変ドーズ装置
  • 凍結乾燥薬剤/再構成
  • シリンジ安全性/鋭利物保護
  • 針形状戦略
  • 使い捨て薬剤カートリッジ
  • 人間工学/エルゴノミクス
  • ブランディング/プライベートラベリング


  • 抗凝固剤
  • 抗ウィルス薬
  • 自己免疫疾患
  • 糖尿病
  • 救急医療
  • 造血剤
  • ホルモン補充
  • 神経学
  • リプロダクティブヘルス
  • ワクチン




Product Code: DJD321R

Evolution in Device Engineering

The correlation between chronic conditions and the benefits of patient self-administration continues to influence therapeutic product decisions, managed care initiatives and regulatory actions. Drug injection device designs are increasingly being based on the results of human engineering inputs and patient preference research. Branding and packaging choices are more frequently being driven by data sources historically employed by consumer product marketers. For drug developers and device suppliers, the implications of these trends are influencing product development methodology and changing supply chain relationships. Decisions regarding as-supplied packaging that were once considered boilerplate have moved to the early stages of the development process.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the dynamics of the shifting landscape for injectable drug delivery and the market impact of new and evolving syringes and injectors by therapeutic indication?
  • What are the market drivers influencing syringe and injector device designs, feature/functionality, product branding, competing technologies and commercial development?
  • What are the key characteristics of the major injection device market segments and what is the impact of market demographics, and competing business strategies?
  • What is the current market for syringe and injector demand by indication and therapy and what will it be in 2024?
  • Who are the leading injection device companies, and what are their product development activities, business strategies, and corporate alliances and affiliations?
  • What is the impact of economic, technology, and regulatory factors on injectable drug delivery demand?

Market-driven Product Strategies

A longer life span is expected to translate to a growing number of patients diagnosed with chronic conditions. To counteract the financial and medical infrastructure implications of this trend, pressure from the public sector and managed care organizations will place a premium on therapeutic self-administration, an expectation that is creating an increased interest in routes of administration that are patient-friendly and cost-effective. Pharma company decision makers have come to the realization that for many products, success no longer only depends on the medication itself but also on achieving a consumer-compatible form of packaging and application.

‘For the remainder of the decade, pipeline drugs and shifting demographics will drive sector growth as an aging population of baby boomers (23% of U.S. population) provides stimulus for industry demand. Currently, the over 65 segment accounts for approximately 13% of the U.S. population, with an estimated 40% of total healthcare expenditures, but by 2020, this segment is expected to grow to 17% of the population. This aging of the population will predominately benefit products that can be used by the elderly.'

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Drug Injection Device Market Dynamics

  • Evolution in Injectable Drug Development
  • Injectable Drug Demand Drivers
  • Diseases and Indications

Chronic Conditions & Self-Administration - Technology Factors

  • Device Selection Factors
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Features & Ease of Use
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Injection Device Suppliers - Capabilities and Market Presence

Commercial Injection Device Classes - Strategic Analysis

  • Autoinjectors
  • Dual Chamber Syringes
  • Needle-free Injectors
  • Pen Injectors
  • Prefilled Syringes
  • Safety Syringes
  • Patch Pumps
  • Subcutaneous Infusion Devices
  • Risks and Opportunities

Injection Device Selection Criteria

  • Stability and Material Selection Issues
  • Fixed vs Variable Dose Devices
  • Lyophilized Drugs/Reconstitution
  • Syringe Safety/Sharps Protection
  • Needle Configuration Strategies
  • Disposable Drug Cartridges
  • Human Engineering/Ergonomics
  • Branding/Private Labeling

Drug Injection Device Market Segment Analysis & Forecasts

  • Anticoagulants
  • Antivirals
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Hematopoietics
  • Hormone Replacement
  • Neurology
  • Osteoporosis
  • Reproductive Health
  • Vaccines

Injectable Drug Therapeutics - Market Factors

Company Profiles

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