Thermostat Trends

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サーモスタット市場の動向 Thermostat Trends
出版日: 2014年01月01日 ページ情報: 英文 34 Pages


第1章 サーモスタットの概要

  • はじめに
  • サーモスタットのイントロダクション
  • サーモスタットの進化
  • サーモスタットの種類
  • 機械式サーモスタット
  • デジタルサーモスタット
  • スマートサーモスタット
  • セットバックサーモスタット

第2章 市場動向

  • 自動化ソリューションの導入を促進する技術革新
  • 市場参加者はダイナミックプライシングモデルに関心を移している
  • 水銀サーモスタット:過去の技術
  • 米国メーカーはいくつかの取り組みを除きリサイクルプログラムに失敗している
  • 今後の見通し

第3章 最近の産業活動

  • AtmelはOzmo買収の最終的な契約を締結
  • Carrierは需要に応えるためThinkEcoと提携
  • Nortekは2GIG Technologies買収の最終的な契約を締結
  • World Energy Solutionsはマサチューセッツ州の住宅にTelkonetのEcoInsightベーシックサーモスタットを導入
  • Blackstone GroupはVivintを買収
  • ComcastとEcoFactorが提携
  • Just Energy GroupはEcobeeの株を一部取得
  • LevitonはHome Automation, Inc.を買収
  • Protection 1はIntegration Logisticsを買収
  • TXU EnergyとComvergeが契約を締結
  • ComvergeはCarrierR ComfortChoiceR Touch ThermostaとIntelliSOURCEプラットフォームを統合
  • CPS EnergyとHoneywellはピークセーバー・デマンドレスポンス・プログラムを拡大
  • GreenWave RealityとDanfossが協力
  • LAUDAはDonaldsoの限外ろ過装置循環冷却機部門を買収
  • Log-OneとBright NegawattsはLog-One EMSグリーンサーモスタットの販売で提携
  • PowerHouseはMonitor Home SolutionとRadio Thermostatと3Mのサーモスタットの互換性を発表
  • VenstarはTrane Canadaとの販売契約を締結
  • VenstarはプエルトリコでのVenstarサーモスタット製品の独占販売業者にPolar Technologyを選定
  • Venstarはニューヨーク州でのサーモスタット販売業者にDBM ControlsとDBM Control Distributorsを選定
  • ComvergeはTXUとの契約を締結
  • HomeRun HoldingsはTechnikuを買収
  • オンタリオ州教育省はOntario Green Schools Pilot Initiativeの一環としてLog-Oneとの契約を締結

第4章 製品の発売

第5章 市場参加者

第6章 付録

Product Code: 146077

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Thermostats market worldwide. "Thermostats are special devices that are used for controlling the cooling and heating equipment installed within a building to maintain a comfortable air temperature. Thermostats works by activating and deactivating the cooling and heating devices as soon as the temperature crosses the permissible limit, which is already preset within the device. These devices are available with manual controlling options or include in-built timers for automatic operation."

The report also provides a review of various types of Thermostats including Mechanical, Digital and Smart Thermostats. The report also discusses the market trends along with strategic industry activities of major companies worldwide. In addition, 105 companies operating in the Thermostats arena worldwide including Carrier Corporation a UTC Company, Comverge Inc., Gillece Services, Honeywell International, Inc., Just Energy Group Inc., Leviton Manufacturing Co. Inc., Log-One Ltd., Siemens AG, Venstar Inc., and others are profiled.

Table of Contents


  • A Prelude
  • Thermostats - An Introduction
  • Thermostats - Evolution
  • Thermostat - Types
  • Mechanical Thermostats
    • Types of Mechanical Thermostats
      • Bimetallic Strip Thermostat
      • Car Engine Thermostat
      • Pneumatic Thermostats
      • Gas Expansion Thermostats
      • Electromechanical Thermostats
      • Millivolt Thermostats
      • Line Voltage Thermostats
    • Key Components of Mechanical Thermostats
      • Mercury Switch
      • Connecting Wires
      • Thermometers
  • Digital Thermostats
    • Types of Digital Thermostats
      • Wired Thermostats
      • Internet Thermostats
      • Wi-Fi Thermostats
    • Benefits of Digital Thermostats
      • Optimized Energy Consumption
      • Reduction in Utility Bills
      • Ease-of-Use
      • Reduction in Wear and Tear
      • Flexibility
  • Smart Thermostats
    • Security Still Poses a Major Concern in Smart Thermostats
  • Setback Thermostats
    • Drawbacks of Setback Thermostats


  • Technological Innovations Driving Growth in Adoption of Automation Solutions
  • Market Participants Shifting Focus towards Dynamic Pricing Models
  • Mercury Thermostats - A Bygone Technology
  • US Manufacturers Failing to Achieve Success in Recycling Programs despite Several Efforts
  • Future Outlook


  • Atmel Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Ozmo
  • Carrier Partners with ThinkEco to Deliver Advanced Demand Response
  • Nortek Inks Definitive Agreement to Acquire 2GIG Technologies
  • World Energy Solutions Selects and Installs EcoInsight Basic Thermostats of Telkonet at Assisted Living Residences in Massachusetts
  • Blackstone Group Acquires Vivint
  • Comcast and EcoFactor Enter into Partnership
  • Just Energy Group Acquires Minority Stake in Ecobee
  • Leviton Acquires Home Automation, Inc.
  • Protection 1 Acquires Integration Logistics
  • TXU Energy and Comverge Ink Agreement
  • Comverge Integrates Carrier® ComfortChoice® Touch Thermostat in IntelliSOURCE Platform
  • CPS Energy and Honeywell Extend Peak Saver Demand Response Program
  • GreenWave Reality and Danfoss Collaborate
  • LAUDA Acquires Ultrafilter Circulation Chiller Division of Donaldson
  • Log-One and Bright Negawatts Form Alliance to Distribute Log-One EMS Green Thermostats
  • PowerHouse Announces Compatibility of eMonitor Home Solution with Thermostats of Radio Thermostat and 3M
  • Venstar Signs Distribution Agreement with Trane Canada
  • Venstar Selects Polar Technology as Exclusive Distributor for Venstar Thermostat Products in Puerto Rico
  • Venstar Selects DBM Controls and DBM Control Distributors for Distribution of Thermostats in New York
  • Comverge Enters into Agreement with TXU
  • HomeRun Holdings Acquires Techniku
  • Ontario Ministry of Education Inks Contract with Log-One for Ontario Green Schools Pilot Initiative


  • Gillece Services Offers Programmable Thermostat Installation Service
  • Honeywell Introduces Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Venstar Introduces ColorTouch Mobile Application
  • Danfoss Launches Living Connect® Radiator Thermostat
  • Pulse Technologies Introduces PCT Reference Design for HVAC Systems
  • Protection 1 Introduces P1 Life Product Suite
  • Savant Unveils New Products to Extend Automation Portfolio
  • Eden Energy Equipment Launches ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • Energate Introduces New Foundation® Smart Thermostats Range
  • Honeywell Launches TB Wireless Communicating Thermostats
  • Jackson Systems Unveils Comfort System™ T-21-P™ Thermostat
  • Nest Labs Unveils Nest Learning Thermostat
  • Siemens Introduces Communicating Room Thermostat Product Lines
  • Trane Unveils ComfortLink™ II Thermostat
  • Ecobee Launches Energy Management System
  • Goodman Launches ComfortNet™ Communicating Thermostat
  • Honeywell Introduces WebStat® Commercial Controller
  • HAI Introduces Omnistat2 Programmable Communicating Thermostat
  • Honeywell Introduces Prestige® IAQ Thermostat
  • Lux Launches LuxPRO Touchscreen Thermostat Range
  • Somfy Introduces TaHomA Automation Solution
  • Trane Introduces XL900 Digital Deluxe Thermostat


  • Key Players
  • 2GIG Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Amuheat Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
  • Behr Thermot-Tronik GmbH (Germany)
  • Beijing Tongdy Control Technology Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Bhaskari Electrical Systems Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • Caltherm Corporation (USA)
  • Changshu Xin DuAn Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Chromalox, Inc. (USA)
  • Comverge, Inc. (USA)
  • Cooper Industries PLC (Ireland)
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc. (USA)
  • Danfoss Group (Denmark)
  • Eco Factor, Inc. (USA)
  • Ecobee, Inc. (Canada)
  • Emerson Electric Company (USA)
  • Energate, Inc. (Canada)
  • Energex, Inc. (Canada)
  • Entergize.com (USA)
  • George Ulanet Co., Inc. (USA)
  • Gillece Services (USA)
  • Grohe America, Inc. (USA)
  • Grohe India Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • Hansgrohe SE (Germany)
  • Heat Mat Ltd. (UK)
  • Honeywell International, Inc. (USA)
  • ICM Controls Corporation (USA)
  • IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Johnson Controls, Inc. (USA)
  • Jumo GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Just Energy Group, Inc. (Canada)
  • KMC Controls, Inc. (USA)
  • Lennox Industries, Inc. (USA)
  • Linear LLC (USA)
  • Log-One Ltd. (Canada)
  • Lux Products Corporation (USA)
  • Lynxspring, Inc. (USA)
  • Nest Labs, Inc. (USA)
  • Network Thermostat (USA)
  • Nippon Thermostat Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • OJ Electronics A/S (Denmark)
  • Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Perry Electric Srl (Italy)
  • PMP Engineering (India)
  • Sabaf SpA (Italy)
  • San Electro Heat A/S (Denmark)
  • Schneider Electric SA (France)
  • Siemens AG (Germany)
  • Tado GmbH (Germany)
  • Telkonet, Inc. (USA)
  • ThinkEco, Inc. (USA)
  • Venstar, Inc. (USA)
  • WAKO Electronics Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Western Thomson (India) Ltd. (India)
  • ZOSVG Electric Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Niche Players
  • ABB Ltd. (Switzerland)
  • Allure Energy, Inc. (USA)
  • Aprilaire Corporation (USA)
  • Bilbee Controls (USA)
  • Broan-NuTone LLC (Canada)
  • Building Automation Systems (New Zealand)
  • Cantherm (Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Ltd.) (Canada)
  • Carrier Corporation a UTC Company (USA)
  • Cristal Controls (Canada)
  • DBK USA, Inc. (USA)
  • Delta Controls, Inc. (Canada)
  • Dimplex North America Ltd. (Canada)
  • Durex Industries, Inc. (USA)
  • Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • Heatrex (USA)
  • Hunter Fan Company (USA)
  • Indeeco (USA)
  • Ingersoll-Rand PLC (Ireland)
  • Innotech Control Systems (Australia)
  • Intronics Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
  • Invensys Appliance (USA)
  • Invensys PLC (UK)
  • Jackson Systems (USA)
  • Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. (USA)
  • Mass Electronics Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
  • Millennial Net, Inc. (USA)
  • Ningbo Yuanfang Thermostats Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Novar (USA)
  • NV Energy, Inc. (USA)
  • Price Industries (USA)
  • Proliphix (USA)
  • PurePro (USA)
  • Rostra Vernatherm (USA)
  • Safe Air Technology (USA)
  • Savant Systems LLC (USA)
  • Selco Products Company (USA)
  • SSHC, Inc. (USA)
  • Stego Elektrotechnik GmbH (Germany)
  • Taco, Inc. (USA)
  • Tecmark Corporation (USA)
  • Tempco Electric Heater Corporation (USA)
  • Tendril Networks, Inc. (USA)
  • United Technologies Corporation (USA)
  • Valad Electric Heating Corporation (USA)
  • Verdant Environmental Technologies (Canada)
  • Viconics, Inc. (Canada)
  • Vivint, Inc. (USA)
  • Warmup PLC (UK)
  • Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company (USA)
  • Zesta Engineering Ltd. (Canada)


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