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Stand-up Pouches Trends

発行 Global Industry Analysts, Inc. 商品コード 297801
出版日 ページ情報 英文 35 Pages
納期: 即日から翌営業日
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スタンドアップパウチの世界動向 Stand-up Pouches Trends
出版日: 2014年01月01日 ページ情報: 英文 35 Pages



第1章 スタンドアップポーチ - はじめに

  • イントロダクション
  • スタンドアップポーチ - 新たな世界
  • 構造的安定性
  • 産業用および民生用パッケージのアプリケーション
  • ガーデン、芝生や農業セグメントで包装製品における需要拡大
  • スタンドアップポーチの様々な形態
  • ジップスタンドアップポーチ
  • 円形または長方形の底マチ付きバッグ
  • スパウトパウチ
  • 電子レンジ用ポーチ
  • 自己発熱ポーチ
  • K-スタイル底マチ
  • スタンドアップパウチの特長

第2章 包装産業 - 市場入門

  • 世界のパッケージ産業は経済危機に屈する
  • 軟包装 - ダイナミックかつ活気に満ちた産業

第3章 市場の概況

  • 市場シナリオ
  • 多様なアプリケーションでレトルトパウチが増加
  • パウチの形態により冷凍や室温スープの売上が増加
  • パウチとバッグがフレキシブルケージでの地歩を固めつつある

第4章 地域市場動向

  • 米国におけるフレキシブルパッケージ市場
  • パウチ- フレキシブルパッケージングにおける最大の製品セグメント
  • 欧州のスタンドアップパウチ市場は大幅な需要増加を迎える
  • 菓子部門がパウチ包装の需要増に貢献
  • スタンドアップパウチは中国の包装機械メーカーで地歩を固めつつある
  • スタンドアップパウチ市場は南アフリカで徐々に活性化しつつある

第5章 最近の産業活動

  • Scholle Packaging がFlexpack の事業を引き継ぐ
  • EnVision Flexible Packaging がCoyote Kitchen と提携関係に
  • Mondi Group がNordenia Internationalのかなりの株式を取得
  • Wipak がBordi Carlo を買収
  • AMPAC Holdings が ELAG Verpackungen の事業を引き継ぐ
  • Master Packaging が Star Packaging と合併
  • Packaging Solutions Holdings がExcel Pac の事業を引き継ぐ
  • Sealed Air がProAseptic Technologiesの大半の株式を買収
  • AmcorがAlcan Packaging の事業を引き継ぐ
  • Mid Oaks Investments が Plastic Packaging Technologies を買収、など

第6章 製品発表/技術革新

  • NEX Performance Films がNEX 6176S シーラントフィルム を発表
  • Star Packaging が完全にリサイクル可能なスタンドアップパウチTerraFlex RP シリーズを発表
  • Arlington Packaging が新しいEco-Flexスタンドアップパウチシリーズを発表
  • Floeter India がレトルトパウチを発表
  • LPF Flexible Packaging がMuller の Muhleグルメシリーズ用にスタンドアップポーチを供給
  • Toray Plastics (America) が非レトルトアプリケーション用にLT52 および LT72 フィルムを発表
  • HMC Productsが Servoパウチを発表
  • CoverMateR 環境に優しいスタンドアップパウチを発表、など

第7章 関連企業

  • Accredo Packaging, Inc. (米国)
  • Altea Packaging Group (チュニジア)
  • Amcor Ltd. (オーストラリア)
  • American Packaging Corporation (米国)
  • Ampac Flexibles GmbH (ドイツ)
  • Ampac Holdings LLC (米国)
  • Arkadian Flexible (英国)
  • Arlington Packaging Ltd. (英国)
  • Avonflex (インド)
  • Bemis Company (米国)、など

第8章 補遺

Product Code: 146038

"Stand-up Pouches are among the newer forms of flexible packaging that offer numerous benefits in terms of their ease of use and portability, and concurrently enhance the shelves' visual effects and quality of the products. Stand-up Pouch is a type of form/fill/seal package, which is sealed and pleated at the bottom to provide strength for standing upright. Stand-up Pouches are being used in packaging beverages, pasta and rice mixes, savory snacks, frozen food, pet food, and confectionery among others."

The report analyzes and presents an overview of Stand-up Pouches market worldwide. Supported with 4 market data tables, the report provides a review of market trends, various forms of Stand-up Pouches, regional markets including the United States and Europe. The report also highlights on various strategic industry activities of major companies witnessed by the industry over the last few years. In addition, 87 companies operating in the Stand-up Pouches arena worldwide including Accredo Packaging, Amcor, Bemis Company, Berry Plastics Corporation, Cellpack Packaging AG, DaklaPack Group, Exopack LLC, Goglio SpA, LPS Industries, Smurfit Kappa Group, Toray Plastics and others are profiled.

Table of Contents


  • A Prelude
  • Introduction
  • Stand-up Pouches - A New Horizon
  • Structural Stability
  • Industrial and Consumer Packaging Applications
  • Growing Demand for Packaging Products in Garden, Lawn and Agricultural Segments
  • Stand-up Pouches-Various Forms
  • Zip Stand-up Pouches
  • Round or Square Bottom Gusseted Bags
  • Spout Pouches
  • Microwavable Pouches
  • Self-heating Pouches
  • K-style Bottom Gusset
  • Features of Stand-up Pouches


    • Table 1: Global Market for Packaging (2012): Percentage Breakdown by Material Used
  • Global Packaging Industry Buckles under Economic Crisis
  • Flexible Packaging - A Dynamic and Vibrant Industry


  • Market Scenario
    • Table 2: Global Stand-up Pouches Consumption by Region/Country (2012-2017) in Million Units for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World
  • Increased Proliferation of Retort Pouches in Diverse Applications
  • Pouch Formats Fuel Sales of Chilled and Ambient Soups
    • Table 3: Global Stand-up Pouches Consumption by Segment (2012-2017) in Million Units for Food & Beverages, Pet Food, and Non-Food
  • Pouches and Bags Steadily Gaining Ground in Converted Flexible Packaging


  • A Peek into US Converted Flexible Packaging Market
  • Pouches - The Largest Product Segment of Flexible Packaging
    • Table 4: Converted Flexible Packaging Market in the US (2012): Percentage Share Breakdown by Product Type - Bags, Pouches, and Others
  • European Stand-up Pouches Market Witnesses Significant Increase in Demand
  • Confectionery Sector Contributing to Increased Demand for Pouch Packaging
  • Stand-up Pouches Gaining Ground among Packaging Machinery Manufacturers in China
  • Stand-up Pouches Market Gradually Warming Up in South Africa


  • Scholle Packaging Takes Over Flexpack
  • EnVision Flexible Packaging Enters into Partnership with Coyote Kitchen
  • Mondi Group Acquires Substantial Stake in Nordenia International
  • Wipak Acquires Bordi Carlo
  • AMPAC Holdings Takes Over ELAG Verpackungen
  • Master Packaging Merges with Star Packaging
  • Packaging Solutions Holdings Takes Over Excel Pac
  • Sealed Air Acquires Majority Stake in ProAseptic Technologies
  • Amcor Takes Over Alcan Packaging
  • Mid Oaks Investments Acquires Plastic Packaging Technologies
  • Ryt-Way Industries Takes Over Robert's Packaging
  • St. Johns Takes Over North State Flexibles LLC
  • Altea Packaging Acquires Porta and Rotopac Misr
  • Plastienvase Francia Sarl Purchases Packaging Plant from Alcan Packaging Food Europe
  • Thiele Technologies Acquires The Hudson-Sharp Machine


  • NEX Performance Films Launches NEX 6176S Sealant Film
  • Star Packaging Introduces TerraFlex RP Line of Fully Recyclable Stand-up Pouches
  • Arlington Packaging Unveils New Range of Eco-Flex Stand-up Pouches
  • Floeter India Introduces Retort Pouches
  • LPF Flexible Packaging Supplies Stand-up Pouches for Gourmet Range of Muller's Muhle
  • Toray Plastics (America) Launches LT52 and LT72 Films for Non-Retort Applications
  • HMC Products Introduces Servo Pouches
  • CoverMate® Introduces Eco-Friendly Stand-up Pouches
  • Wild Flavors and Pouch and Pack Concepts Unveil New Pouch Filling Equipment
  • Borealis Introduces Advanced LLDPE Films
  • Johnsen & Jogersen Introduces an Array of Pouches
  • Lakeside Foods Introduces Steamable Stand-up Pouch
  • Mondi Launches Retortable Zip&Valve Stand-up Pouch


  • Accredo Packaging, Inc. (USA)
  • Altea Packaging Group (Tunisia)
  • Amcor Ltd. (Australia)
  • American Packaging Corporation (USA)
  • Ampac Flexibles GmbH (Germany)
  • Ampac Holdings LLC (USA)
  • Arkadian Flexible (UK)
  • Arlington Packaging Ltd. (UK)
  • Avonflex (India)
  • Bemis Company (USA)
  • Bemis Flexible Packaging - Milprint Division (USA)
  • Berry Plastics Corporation (USA)
  • Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Caspak Products Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
  • Cellpack Packaging AG (Switzerland)
  • Chokoku Plast Corporation (Japan)
  • CL&D Graphics, Inc. (USA)
  • Color Flex (India)
  • CoverMate, Inc. (USA)
  • Curwood, Inc. (USA)
  • DaklaPack Group (The Netherland)
  • DeeDee Plastics BV (The Netherlands)
  • Diamond Flexible Packaging (USA)
  • Dongguan Encolors Packing Co., Ltd. (China)
  • DongGuan Uni-Pak Packing Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Eagle Flexible Packaging (USA)
  • EnVision Flexible Packaging, Inc. (USA)
  • Ever Glory Packaging Group Ltd. (China)
  • Excelsior Technologies Ltd. (UK)
  • Exopack LLC (USA)
  • Flair Flexible Packaging Corporation (Canada)
  • Floeter India Retort Pouches Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • Foster International Packaging (South Africa)
  • Goglio SpA (Italy)
  • HengThaiDa Packaging, Inc. (China)
  • HMC Products, Inc. (USA)
  • Huhtamaki Oyj (Flexible Packaging) (Finland)
  • InterFlex Group, Inc. (USA)
  • J&J Pont Packaging Ltd. (UK)
  • Kangopak (South Africa)
  • Lakeside Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Leepack Co., Ltd. (Korea)
  • Li Pack Corporation Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • LPF Flexible Packaging (The Netherlands)
  • LPS Industries, Inc. (USA)
  • Maco Bag Corporation (USA)
  • Mondi Group (UK)
  • Neo Pack (India)
  • Northeast Packaging Materials, Inc. (USA)
  • Pacific Bag, Inc. (USA)
  • Pack Plus Converting Corporation (USA)
  • Parikh Packaging Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC (USA)
  • Polycello (Canada)
  • Polymer Packaging, Inc. (USA)
  • Pouch Dynamics (South Africa)
  • Printpack, Inc. (USA)
  • Profil (Poland)
  • Prolamina Corporation (USA)
  • Qingdao YifengYuanPackaging Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Raghuvanshi Industries (India)
  • Reuther Verpackungen GmbH& Co. KG (Germany)
  • Robbie Fantastic Flexibles (USA)
  • Scholle Packaging, Inc. (USA)
  • Sealed Air Corporation (USA)
  • Shako Flexipack Pvt., Ltd. (India)
  • ShotPak, Inc. (USA)
  • Smurfit Kappa Group (Ireland)
  • Sonoco Products Company (USA)
  • SP Group (Spain)
  • St. Johns Packaging Ltd. (Canada)
  • Star Packaging Corporation (USA)
  • Supreme Flexible Packaging (China)
  • Swiss Pac (UAE)
  • Swiss Pack Canada (Canada)
  • Tadbik Group - CLP (Israel)
  • Technipaq, Inc. (USA)
  • Tehn-Lin Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Tenka Flexible Packaging (USA)
  • Tenza Technologies Ltd. (UK)
  • Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (USA)
  • Wests Packaging Services Pty., Ltd. (Australia)
  • Winpak Ltd. (Canada)
  • Wipak Bordi Srl (Italy)
  • Wipf AG (Switzerland)
  • WJ Packaging Solutions (Canada)
  • Yes Pac (USA)


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