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中型/大型商用車の世界市場:将来展望 (2020年)

Global Medium/Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020

出版日: | 発行: Frost & Sullivan | ページ情報: 英文 98 Pages | 納期: 即日から翌営業日

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中型/大型商用車の世界市場:将来展望 (2020年)
出版日: 2020年06月09日
発行: Frost & Sullivan
ページ情報: 英文 98 Pages
納期: 即日から翌営業日
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世界の中型・大型トラック (MD/HD) 市場は、新型コロナウイルス感染症 (Covid-19) による打撃を受けて、市場規模が大幅に縮小しています。ただし、長期的にはテレマティクス装置や自動運転技術の普及、温室効果ガス (GHG) 排出規制の強化、新興国市場の発展といった要因を受けて、成長軌道に復帰すると考えられています。リース/レンタル市場も順調な発展が期待されています。

当レポートでは、世界の中型/大型商用車市場の現状と将来展望について分析し、業界の基本構造や最新情勢、各種技術の開発・普及見通しや活用事例、地域別の市場動向見通し、関連市場 (リース/レンタル) の構造・動向、といった情報を取りまとめてお届けいたします。




世界の契機概況 (2020年)

  • Covid-19の世界経済への影響:シナリオの可視化
  • 世界経済の将来展望 (2020年):5種類の主な見通し
  • 世界のGDP成長率:概況 (2020年)
  • 主要国市場:主な予測 (2020年)

世界の中型・大型 (MD-HD) トラック市場の将来展望

  • 世界の中型・大型トラック市場の予測:地域別
  • 中型・大型トラック市場:新車販売台数 (2019年)
  • パワートレイン技術の予測 (2020年)
  • 代替燃料パワートレイン市場:地域別の市場シェア分析


  • Covid-19:米国・中国・インド・ブラジルでの中型・大型トラック販売台数への影響
  • EU諸国の中型・大型トラック販売台数:Covid-19の影響
  • Covid-19の影響:欧州
  • Covid-19の影響:米国・中国・英国
  • Covid-19の影響:インド・ブラジル


  • CV (商用車) テレマティクス市場の主な傾向
  • CVテレマティクスに影響を及ぼす、世界の規制と命令
  • 世界のコネクテッド・トラックの設置ベース:地域別
  • 中型・大型トラック用テレマティクスの普及率:地域別
  • コネクテッド・トラック・テレマティクスのサービス収益額:地域別
  • 大手企業の注力市場


  • 主なトレンド:電気トラック市場
  • 世界各国のEV購入に対するインセンティブ
  • 電気トラックの使用事例の分析
  • 電気トラックの将来展望:主要地域別
  • メーカー各社の製品プラットフォーム:パワートレインの柔軟性の比較


  • DC充電器の種類と規格
  • EVインフラ開発を促進する要因
  • 世界の充電インフラのインセンティブ
  • EV充電インフラのバリューチェーン:主要な参入企業
  • 利用事例:充電方式別
  • 充電機器市場の需要:主要地域の見通し (2025年)
  • 充電のエコシステム:バリューマッピング


  • 天然ガストラック市場の主な傾向
  • 世界の天然ガスインセンティブの情勢
  • 使用事例の分析:天然ガストラック
  • 天然ガストラック市場:主要地域の見通し (2025年)
  • メーカー各社の製品プラットフォーム:パワートレインの柔軟性の比較


  • ディーゼルパワートレイン市場の主な傾向
  • CO2削減のための世界の牽引型トラックの基準
  • 地域市場の差別化
  • 温室効果ガス (GHG) と燃料効率:技術の浸透
  • 主要メーカーの燃料効率戦略


  • 自動運転トラックの実装ロードマップ:利用事例
  • 自律CVテストのための、世界の法令制定の動き
  • ロジスティクス
  • 自律型L1およびL2車両の予測:北米・欧州 (2025年)
  • 業界における戦略的パートナーシップ
  • 主要メーカーの製品パイプライン:ADASと自動運転車
  • 注目すべき自動運転車企業: Frost & Sullivanの見解


  • トラック向け資金調達とモビリティソリューション
  • リース市場の主な傾向
  • IFRS 16-新しい財務会計基準
  • 中型・大型トラックおよびトレーラーフリート:リース市場の見通し
  • リースプロバイダーがxEVリースに進出
  • 主要製品:リース/レンタル会社

成長機会と推奨行動 (C2A)

  • 成長機会:規制と新しい収益機会
  • 戦略的課題



Product Code: K48D-18

A Global Recession, Induced by the COVID-19 Pandemic, is Expected to Reduce MD/HD Truck Sales by 28.5% Y-o-Y, with Moderate Recovery in the Latter Half of the Year

In 2019, global heavy-duty truck sales grew strongly in North America and South America and moderately in Europe and China, while declining in India. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a wide-scale global supply chain disruption in all industries. The impact will be strongly felt across the US and European MD-HD markets, with a decline in freight demand due to lower industrial production and sharp economic contraction. China and India are expected to recover faster than developed nations on the backdrop of stricter measures and social distancing norms in place to mitigate the pandemic. However, strong stimulus packages with sector-specific incentives will help to reduce the economic impact of the COVID pandemic in different countries.

In the connected trucks market, telematics adoption will decrease, as OEMs' sales decline and revenue growth stall in many countries at least until the second half of 2020. China will record single-digit growth rates for the first time owing to the COVID-19. The connected trucks section in this study highlights the key global regulations governing this space, installed base across trucks in different regions, regional telematics penetration, and top focus markets for key global telematics service providers.

Alternate powertrain technologies, including natural gas and electric, will be prioritized by major OEMs to mitigate the growing stringency of the upcoming greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations. However, low oil price and revenue impact due to the COVID pandemic will lead to fleets toward the diesel powertrain in the short term. The alternate powertrain section covers key OEM product platforms, use case analysis and market outlook for natural gas, electric trucks, and electric charging infrastructure.

On the autonomous front, Level 4 technology is still at a testing phase. As major OEMs compete to introduce driverless trucks in freight sections such as long haul and port, the market also has several start-ups showcasing their technology capabilities. Although the COVID-19 outbreak has halted many self-driving pilot programs and near-term investments of OEMs, in the long term, it will accelerate innovation in autonomous vehicles to compensate for labor shortages and for sanitizing streets. The autonomous section highlights the global legislative initiatives for the testing of autonomous commercial vehicles (CVs), use case analysis, OEM product platforms, and strategic partnerships among OEMs and suppliers for technology development.

The truck leasing market is witnessing the foray of major leasing companies into xEV leasing in partnership with traditional OEMs as well as new-age electric and fuel cell OEMs to gain an early-mover advantage in electric truck leasing space. With the implementation of IFRS 16, a new financial accounting standard from January 2019, multinational companies reporting under IFRS will account operational leases similar to financial leases. Leasing companies have started offering customers with extensive product portfolios through multiple touchpoints ranging from on-demand truck care to full supply chain services.

Additionally, the study includes sales forecasts for 2020 and trends into 2025 across North America, South America, Europe, China, India, Russia, Next 11, and Rest of the World.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Key Highlights-2019
  • Global MD and HD Trucks Market Forecast-Overview
  • CES Highlights from Truck OEMs
  • Top 6 Predictions for 2020

Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology

  • Research Scope
  • Research Aims and Objectives
  • Key Questions this Study will Answer
  • Research Background
  • Research Methodology
  • Key OEMs Compared in this Study

2020 Global Economic Summary

  • COVID-19 Global Economic Impact-Visioning Scenarios
  • Global Economic Outlook 2020-Top 5 Predictions
  • Global Economic Outlook 2020-Top 5 Predictions (continued)
  • 2020 World GDP Growth Snapshot
  • Major Economies-Key Predictions for 2020

Global MD-HD Trucks Market Outlook

  • Global MD and HD Trucks Market Forecast by Region
  • 2019 MD-HD Trucks OEM Sales Performance
  • 2020 Powertrain Technology Forecast
  • Alternative Fuel Powertrain Market-Regional Market Share Analysis

Impact of COVID-19 on the MD-HD Trucks Market

  • COVID-19 Impact on MD-HD Sales in US, China, India, and Brazil
  • COVID-19 Impact on MD-HD Sales in EU Countries
  • COVID Impact-EU
  • COVID Impact-US, China, and UK
  • COVID Impact-India and Brazil

Connected Truck Telematics Developments

  • Key Trends in the CV Telematics Market
  • Global Regulation and Mandates Influencing CV Telematics
  • Global Installed Base of Connected Trucks by Region-A Snapshot
  • Regional MD-HD Telematics Penetration
  • Regional Connected Truck Telematics Market-Service Revenue Analysis
  • Top Global TSPs-Focus Markets

Alternate Powertrain Outlook-Global Electric Vehicle Outlook

  • Key Trends-Electric Trucks Market
  • Global Incentives for EV Purchase
  • Use Case Analysis for Electric Trucks
  • Electric Truck Outlook of Key Regions
  • OEM Product Platforms-Powertrain Flexibility Comparison

Special Focus-Electric Charging Infrastructure Market

  • DC Charger Types and Standards
  • Factors Driving EV Infrastructure Development
  • Global Electric Charging Infrastructure Incentives
  • Key Participants in the EV Charging Infrastructure Value Chain
  • Use Case Analysis for Charging Types
  • Charging Equipment Market Demand-2025 Outlook of Key Regions
  • Charging Ecosystem-Value Mapping

Global Natural Gas Vehicle Outlook

  • Key Trends in the Natural Gas Trucks Market
  • Global Natural Gas Incentives Landscape
  • Use Case Analysis-Natural Gas Truck
  • Natural Gas Truck Market-2025 Outlook of Key Regions
  • OEM Product PlatformsPowertrain Flexibility Comparison

Global Conventional Powertrain Outlook

  • Key Trends in the Diesel Powertrain Market
  • Global Tractor Truck Standards for CO2 Reduction
  • Regional Market Differentiation
  • GHG and Fuel Efficiency-Technology Penetration
  • Key OEM Fuel Efficiency Strategies

Autonomous Driving in Trucking

  • Implementation Roadmap for Autonomous rucks by Use ase
  • Global Legislative Initiatives for Testing of Autonomous CVs
  • Logistics
  • Autonomous L1 and L2 Vehicles Forecast-North America and Europe, 2025
  • Strategic Partnerships in the Industry
  • Product Pipeline of Major OEMs-ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Autonomous Companies to Look out for-A Frost & Sullivan Perspective

Special Focus-Leasing and Rental in the MD-HD Truck Market

  • Truck Funding and Mobility Solutions
  • Key Trends in Leasing Market
  • IFRS 16-New Financial Accounting Standard
  • MD, HD and Trailer Fleet Leasing Outlook
  • Leasing Providers Foray in xEV Leasing
  • Product Offerings-Leasing and Rental Companies

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action

  • Growth Opportunity Regulations and New Revenue Opportunities
  • Strategic Imperatives

Conclusions and Outlook

  • Key Conclusions and 2020 Outlook
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • Partial List of Abbreviations/Expansions Used
  • Partial List of Abbreviations/Expansions Used (continued)
  • Market Engineering Methodology
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
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