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ヘルスケア:EUの予測と展望 ~2020年

EU Healthcare Predictions and Outlook, 2020

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 56 Pages
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ヘルスケア:EUの予測と展望 ~2020年 EU Healthcare Predictions and Outlook, 2020
出版日: 2020年02月20日 ページ情報: 英文 56 Pages

世界的な貿易摩擦の高まりおよび低迷する世界経済の見通しの中で、世界のヘルスケア市場は、2020年に2兆米ドルを超えると予測されています。欧州において、BREXIT (ブレグジット) は欧州最大のデジタルヘルス市場である英国へ大きな影響を及ぼす可能性があります。

当レポートは、EUにおけるヘルスケア市場について調査し、市場の概要、セグメント別の市場予測、地域別の収益予測、主要動向の予測、成長機会と注目企業、ブレグジットの影響 & 機会分析などを提供しています。


  • 市場範囲
  • 地域セグメンテーション
  • 本調査が取り扱う主な項目
  • EUヘルスケア産業の主な予測


  • EUヘルスケア産業の予測:セグメント別
  • EUの地域パフォーマンスマトリクス
  • 収益:地域別


  • 予測#1:2020年までに、オーファンドラッグのR&Dパイプラインは非オーファンドラッグを上回り、パイプライン総額の55%を構成
  • 予測#2:欧州はバイオマニュファクチャリング能力を最大15%拡大し、2020年までに35%の市場シェアを達成
  • 予測#3:2020年は欧州における人工知能の変曲点に
  • 予測#4:病院におけるコスト削減は、2020年までに25%~35%増加し、手術室の15%~20%が統合される
  • 予測#5:感染症向けPOCT市場は2020年に10億米ドルを突破
  • 予測#6:欧州は2020年に世界のVF市場をリードし、市場シェアの40%を構成
  • 予測#7:精密医療処置の需要により、RASDは2020年までに4億3,000万米ドルに達し、合併症率を10%~15%削減
  • 予測#8:次世代の画像機器は年間10%~12%の運用コストを削減するように設定
  • 予測#9:医療グレードの遠隔患者モニタリングにより15%の成長を示す
  • 予測#10:最大20の新しい企業と顧客のパートナーシップが新しいビジネスモデルを再定義


  • 主な医薬品・バイオテクノロジーの成長機会
  • 主な医療技術の成長機会
  • 主な医療用画像機器の成長機会
  • 主な体外診断薬の成長機会
  • 主なヘルスケアITの成長機会
  • 注目企業


  • ヘルスケアIT
  • 医療技術
  • 医用画像機器
  • 医薬品 & バイオテクノロジー
  • 体外診断用医薬品

Brexit (ブレグジット) :影響 & 機会分析

  • ケアの継続をサポートする英国と欧州の相互依存関係
  • 医療制度を評価する主な指標
  • 英国のヘルスケア部門にわたる潜在的な混乱



Frost & Sullivanについて

Product Code: MEE1-50

Rise in Orphan Drug R&D Pipeline, AI-based Funding, and Growth in Biocontract Manufacturing to be Key Drivers of Growth

Amid rising global trade tensions and sluggish global economic outlook for 2020, the global healthcare market is expected to cross the 2-trillion-dollar mark in 2020. In Europe, BREXIT is likely to have a strong impact on the United Kingdom, Europe's biggest digital health market. 2020 will be a global reality check for long-pending national healthcare policies and regulatory reforms that must re-invigorate future strategies. Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) will emerge as a big theme across progressive health systems as they seek to proactively engage patients and improve health outcomes that would help healthcare organizations meet quality standards.

This decade will bring significant changes and disruptions when it comes to digital-service-enabled health. Health and care delivery, as well as prevention in the 2020s, will become more consumer-centric, with AI-powered tools and virtual interactions between patients and care providers becoming the new normal in many situations. Data-driven interoperability and personalized diagnostics will accelerate the delivery of predictive-analysis-driven precision care. This will pave the way for better and efficient decision making for the patient and the provider and further drive partnerships between big tech companies that design care delivery models and healthcare organizations.

This follows the new vision for healthcare for 2020 and beyond, focusing not only on access, quality, and affordability but also on predictive, preventive, and outcome-based care models that promote social and financial inclusion. In 2020, consumer-driven models of healthcare will gain more market traction, as they stand to better bridge the gap of what consumers want and what healthcare can deliver.

Central and Eastern Europe is highly fragmented and is emerging as quite an attraction to healthcare investors. Screening services are facilitating better diagnosis of chronic conditions. The rise in disposable income and in healthcare spending is because of the presence of a rapidly aging population and their demand for better healthcare. Economic factors are also at play, with rising wages and disposable incomes freeing up personal money for healthcare-related spending. With the recent rise in minimum wages in Hungary and other recent reforms in various parts of Central and Eastern Europe, the economy in CEE and a parallel drop in unemployment rates are ideal for market participants.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Market Scope
  • Geographic Segmentation
  • Key Questions This Study Will Answer
  • Top Predictions for the EU Healthcare Industry, 2020

Overview of the 2020 EU Healthcare Market

  • EU Healthcare Industry Forecast by Segment
  • EU Regional Performance Matrix
  • Revenue by Region

2020 Predictions for EU Healthcare Industry

  • Prediction#1: By 2020, Orphan Drug R&D Pipeline will Surpass Non-orphan Drug to Account for 55% of the Total Pipeline Value
  • Prediction#2: Europe will Expand Biomanufacturing Capacity by ~15% to Reach a Market Share of 35% by 2020
  • Prediction#3: 2020 will be an Inflexion Point for Artificial Intelligence in Europe
  • Prediction#4: Hospital Cost Saving is Set to Increase by 25%-35% by 2020 as 15%-20% of ORs become Integrated
  • Prediction#5: POCT Market for Infectious Diseases will Breach the One-billion-dollar Mark in 2020
  • Prediction#6: Europe will Lead the Global IVF Market in 2020 and Account for 40% of Market Share
  • Prediction#7: The Demand for Precision Care Procedures will Fuel RASD to Reach $430 million by 2020 and Cut Complication Rates by 10%-15%
  • Prediction#8: Next-gen Imaging Equipment is set to Yield Annual Operational Savings of 10%-12%
  • Prediction#9: Medical-grade remote patient monitoring will witness a 15% growth
  • Prediction#10: Up to 20 New Enterprise-customer Partnerships will Redefine New Business Models

Growth Opportunities for the EU Healthcare Industry by Sector

  • Top Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Growth Opportunities
  • Top Medical Technologies Growth Opportunities
  • Top Medical Imaging Equipment Growth Opportunities
  • Top In-Vitro Diagnostics Growth Opportunities
  • Top Healthcare IT Growth Opportunities
  • Companies to Watch Out For
  • Companies to Watch Out for (continued)

2020 Revenue Forecast for EU Healthcare Industry by Sector

  • Healthcare IT
  • Medical Technologies
  • Medical Imaging Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
  • In-Vitro Diagnostics

Brexit: Impact & Opportunity Analysis

  • UK and Europe's Interdependencies that Support the Care Continuum
  • Select Indicators for Health System Assessment
  • Potential Disruption Across the UK Healthcare Sector

The Last Word

  • Critical Success Factors
  • Legal Disclaimer


  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)

The Frost & Sullivan Story

  • The Frost & Sullivan Story
  • Value Proposition: Future of Your Company & Career
  • Global Perspective
  • Industry Convergence
  • 360º Research Perspective
  • Implementation Excellence
  • Our Blue Ocean Strategy