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Payer Insights: Hepatitis C

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医療費支払い者の考察:C型肝炎 Payer Insights: Hepatitis C
出版日: 2014年09月26日 ページ情報: 英文



  • 薬価決定方針を確立する際の重要な教訓と医療費支払い者に喜ばれるアプローチ
  • Gilead・AbbVie・Bristol-Myers Squibb・Merck & Coの新しい併用療法:医療費支払い者のこれらの発展に対する臨床的・コスト的見解
  • 現在のHCV治療ガイドラインへの理解と医療費支払い者の意思決定に果たす役割の重要性
  • 医療費支払い者が償還と治療へのアクセスを支配するメカニズム
  • Medicaidおよび民間HMOの時に相反する圧力への理解と契約交渉への影響
  • 貴社製品をサポートする透明性の高い臨床データの提供による競合上のメリットの獲得
  • 価格リベートとディスカウントに対する医療費支払い者の姿勢の分析・リスク共有と成果ベース課金制の課題の検証
  • 市場力学のプロファイル・HCVが議論の多い分野である理由
  • 同部門に影響力を持ち、新しい治療オプションを先導する研究・製品の推進因子
  • 競合上の強みを持つ薬価政策の構築
  • 情報・教育プログラムの確立、など


  • 激しい競合の中で有効な薬価戦略
  • 診断スクリーニングの増加:患者へのプラスの影響と経済へのマイナスの影響
  • 情報・教育プログラムにおける信用できる実データの活用法
  • 同部門に影響をおよぼし新しいレベルの治療オプションの導入を促すR&Dの推進因子、など
Product Code: 596200278

The race is on for the company that can competitively price treatment regimens, share data on clinical benefit/positioning and support patient initiatives.

‘Payer Insights: Hepatitis C’, based on in-depth interviews with 12 leading healthcare payers in the US, is packed with hard-hitting, candid opinions and advice on how, from their perspective, Pharma can get it right in the future.

Gilead's commercial success with its ground breaking HCV treatment Solvadi has been matched by the opposition of healthcare payers at the cost.

This report gives insights into what US healthcare payers really think about HCV drug pricing, the growing and frighteningly undefined patient population, limited clinical/outcomes data, poor patient adherence and education - and how can industry positively help and respond.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn critical lessons when establishing pricing policies and know which approaches will be welcomed by healthcare payers
  • Assess upcoming combination therapy launches from Gilead, AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck & Co: how do healthcare payers view these developments in clinical and cost terms?
  • Understand current HCV treatment guidelines and know the critical role they play in healthcare payer decisions
  • Accommodate and negate in your product plans the mechanisms by which payers control reimbursement and access to treatment
  • Understand the sometimes conflicting pressures on Medicaid/private HMOs: how could this affect contract negotiations?
  • Gain competitive advantage by providing better more transparent clinical data to support your product - absolutely critical in a world where there is therapy choice
  • Evaluate payer attitudes to price rebates and discounts as well as examining the challenges risk sharing and outcome based pricing could play

Key Benefits

  • Profile the market dynamics and understand why HCV has become such a contentious area
  • Know the research and product drivers that will impact the sector and usher in a new level of treatment options
  • Appreciate the challenges faced by healthcare payers trying to balance the books and forecast need in the face of an ever growing yet undefined patient population
  • Formulate pricing policies that will give you a competitive edge in a crowded market
  • Establish information and education programmes that use research and “real world” data to support clinical and outcomes claims
  • Understand the challenges of patient adherence and formulate supportive initiatives with healthcare payers to support compliance

Get Answers to Key Questions

  • Which pricing strategies could give you a competitive edge in the crowded HCV market?
  • Diagnostic screening is set to increase: Is it good for patients and bad for economics, and how could it affect you?
  • How could information and education programs utilising trusted and “real world” data be used to better support your clinical and outcomes claims?
  • Which R&D drivers will impact the sector and introduce a new level of treatment options, and when?
  • What practical and commercially beneficial role could industry play in helping patients make sure they take their medicines as directed?

Experts Interviewed

  • Chief Medical Officer, Integrated Health Services Organisation
  • Medical Director, Managed Healthcare Company
  • Medical Policy Development Specialist, Managed Care Organisation
  • Senior Clinical Manager, Pharmacy Benefit Manager
  • Pharmacy Director, Community Health Plan
  • Executive Director, Pharmacy Services, Managed Care Organisation
  • Medical Director, Multi-State Healthcare Organisation (covering Medicaid and Medicare lives)
  • Medical Director, Managed Care Organisation
  • Chief Medical Officer, Managed Care Organisation
  • Executive Vice President, Pharmacy Benefit Manager
  • Pharmacy Director, Managed Care Organisation
  • Pharmacy Director, Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Features of the report

  • Based on primary and in-depth research with senior managers and planners working daily in public/private managed care organisations across the US
  • Includes candid payer opinion that can help shape your plans and modify behaviour
  • Includes comprehensive background information on the HCV market, which puts the comments from payers into context

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  • Your Therapy Trends Report purchase entitles you to receive three Update Bulletins, which are published approximately every three months for 12 months following the report's publication date, September 2014.
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Table of Contents

Executive summary


Methodology and objectives

Hepatitis C market overview

  • Hepatitis C virus(HCV)
    • Genotypes
    • Disease burden and associated costs
  • Current treatment landscape
  • Guidelines and key recommendations
    • Screening for HCV
    • Treatment guidelines

Pricing, reimbursement and market access(PR & MA) for HCV treatments

  • Reimbursement of current HCV therapies
  • The review process for formulary indusion of new drugs
  • Key influences over reimbursement decision-making
    • Is Medicaid reimbursement decision-making different ?
    • Treatment attributes and reimbursement status
  • Current challenges and opportunities
  • Specific data needs to support decisions
    • Real word data
    • Biomarketer
  • Warehousing in HCV from a payer perspective
  • Future challenges and opportunities on controlling PR & MA
  • Patient compliance and access to therapy
    • Methods of monitoring patient compliance
    • Lifestyle issues and drug abuse
  • Sould Medicaid be able to “carve-out” HCV drug costs?

Perspectives on future drug launches in the HCV market

  • Payer awareness of new pipeline therapies and key concerns
  • Key combination therapies in late-stage development
  • Pricing expectations for new therapies
  • Expectations on contracting (e.g. outcomes based, risk sharing)
  • What payers won't pay for, and where they see value
    • Shorter therapy durations should not be at a premium
    • Preferred regimens may be based on cost

Longer-term perspectives on PR & MA in the US healthcare system

  • The perceived impact on longer-term cost savings
  • Mistakes made by pharma, and key lessons to take foreward
  • Words of advice for pharma companies
  • Impact of HCV on other indications and classes of products

Payers interviewed for this report

  • Current HCV pipeline
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