Japanese Cosmetics Study: Cosmetics Developed with Leading -Edge Japanese Technology and Their Unique Sales Strategies

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 105 Pages
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日本製化粧品の調査レポート:日本の最先端技術による化粧品開発と独自の販売戦略 Japanese Cosmetics Study: Cosmetics Developed with Leading -Edge Japanese Technology and Their Unique Sales Strategies
出版日: 2012年08月07日 ページ情報: 英文 105 Pages


第1章 気象情報を化粧品マーケティングへ利用

第2章 化粧品・アパレル産業におけるITベースの仮想エクスペリエンスサービスの拡大

第3章 日本酒メーカーは日本酒の成分を含んだ新しいタイプのスキンケア製品を提供

第4章 化粧品メーカーは新たに許可された皺取りをうたう製品を発売

第5章 新しい方法による問題解決を狙ったドライスキン向け入浴剤とスキンケア製品

第6章 化粧品会社は、いいカラーリングとリップグロス保湿・光沢機能を兼ね備えたリップスティック製品で競合

第7章 化粧品会社は男性用日焼け止め製品の開発を始める

第8章 新製品とメイクアップ法を教えるサービスが売上を拡大

第9章 新しく進化した足の臭いを抑える製品

第10章 多くの新しいタイプの花粉症患者向けの製品

第11章 多くの新しいタイプの歯周ケア向け歯磨き粉製品

第12章 毎日のカロリー消費を測定する幅広いポータブルアクティビティモニター

第13章 腕・脚を爽快に保つデオドラント製品が大きなヒット

第14章 家庭用の女性向けスキンケア・ヘアケア美容家電

第15章 家庭用の男性向けスカルプ(頭皮)ケア・ムダ毛処理美容家電が人気を得る

第16章 健康的なスカルプ(頭皮)を強調したヘアケア製品が発売され、利益を求めて競合

第17章 新しい・最新の女性向け育毛・ヘアトニック製品

第18章 より効果的で使いやすいOTC医薬品の新容器とピルの形

第19章 フレグランスに注目した柔軟剤製品

第20章 小型で持ち運びやすい濃縮洗濯用洗剤

第21章 歯間ブラシとマウスウォッシュが一体となった口腔ケア製品の多様化



This English-language report has 21 chapters categorizing the Japanese cosmetics industry into skincare, hair care, finish cosmetics (makeup) and more. It introduces new products that have been developed with leading-edge technologies and materials and their new sales strategies, which vary greatly from market to market.

Chapter 1, for example, introduces a growing trend for food and cosmetics manufactures to use weather information in the advertising and marketing of new products. Pola offers the free smartphone app “Hada-hie Checker (skin chill factor checker)” that lets the user find the level of skin chill factor when they are out of the house based on weather data. It is tied to the major brand APEX-I's new beauty serum and skincare products that focus on skin chill factor. The company aims to generate consumer interest and build sales with the app.

Chapter 5 discusses new bath additive products and skincare products for people with dry skin. These products aim to solve such problems with new methods. There have been many products that contain water and other ingredients to replenish substances easily lost from the skin. However, recently there are many new products that contain ingredients that promote restoration of the keratinous layer, which is important for preventing dry skin by revitalizing the skin itself.

Chapter 13 addresses the constantly growing deodorant market. Products with liquid content that are applied by hand directly onto the skin are big hits, especially among teens. The main customers are female high school students who are sensitive to fashion. They enjoy not only a refreshing feel, but also enjoy choosing from a variety, much as they would choose different fragrances of perfume. Usually, deodorant products are meant specifically for the underarms, so most are sprays, sheets or roll-on type products that are applied directly. It was not previously considered to use deodorant for the whole body including the neck, arms and legs. This is a new concept and liquid products have created a new opening in the deodorant product market.

The chapters have manufacturer names and color photos of new products in totally new varieties. In each chapter, a specialist on the chapter theme gives current market trends and detailed market forecasts. There are, for example, abundant statistics about the size of the domestic lipstick market and men's cosmetics market.

At the end of the report is an appendix listing about 100 consumer products, including foods, beverages, and cosmetics, that received awards such as the Japan Star Award or Good Packaging Award at Japan Packaging Contest 2011.

Sample Information:

Chapter 3:

Manufacturers of Japanese sake beverages are lining up to offer new types of skincare and other beauty products. Each such product contains sake ingredients and is advertised as keeping women's skin moist. Demand for sake has been stagnant for several years because of a decreasing birthrate, aging population and lower alcohol consumption among young people. Manufacturers are trying to use their long experience with brewing technology to create beauty products as a new business.

Chapter 6:

Cosmetics companies are competing hard with lipstick products that have both good coloring and lip gloss function. Shiseido released a product that has moisturizing and lasting function on top of good coloring and lip gloss effect all in one stick in January 2012. Kose is expanding sales with a product that has a new soft feel when applied to the lips. This is to shore up the medium price range volume zone, which has not been doing well. The companies are working on revitalizing the lipstick market that has been shrinking.

Lipstick Market in Japan

Source: Yearbook of Chemical Industry Statistics-Ministry of Economy,
Trade and Industry(MITI)

Shiseido released True Rouge with four functions (good coloring, glossiness, moisture and lasting) from medium price range brand Maquillage on January 21, 2012. It has been difficult to put together in one product an oil layer that contains the coloring and moisture and a gloss layer that coats the oil layer so the color does not transfer to cups. The company put together these two functions with original technology to meet what consumers need most in one lipstick product.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Expanding Use of Weather Information for Cosmetics Marketing
  • Chapter 2: IT-Based Virtual Experience Services Expanding in Cosmetics and Apparel Industries
  • Chapter 3: Sake Manufacturers Offer New Types of Skincare Products Containing Sake Ingredients
  • Chapter 4: Cosmetics Manufacturers Release Products with Newly Allowed Anti-Wrinkle Claim
  • Chapter 5: Bath Additives and Skincare Products for People with Dry Skin Aim to Solve Problems with New Methods
  • Chapter 6: Cosmetics Companies Competing on Lipstick Products with Both Good Coloring and Lip Gloss Moisturizing and Luster Functions
  • Chapter 7: Cosmetics Companies Step up Development of Sunscreen Products for Men
  • Chapter 8: New Products and Services Teaching Anyone How to Apply Makeup Are Growing in Sales
  • Chapter 9: New Evolved Products for Foot Odor Control
  • Chapter 10: Many New-Type Products for Pollen Allergy Sufferers
  • Chapter 11: Many New-Type Toothpaste Products for Gum Care
  • Chapter 12: Wide Range of Portable Activity Monitors to Measure Daily Calorie Burn
  • Chapter 13: Deodorant Products Keeping Arms and Legs Refreshed are a Big Hit
  • Chapter 14: Beauty Appliances for Women to Treat Skin and Hair at Home
  • Chapter 15: Home Appliances Men Can Use to Treat Scalp and Unwanted Body Hair Gaining Popularity
  • Chapter 16: Hair Care Products Emphasizing Healthy Scalp are Coming to Market and Competing on Benefits
  • Chapter 17: New and Updated Hair Growth and Hair Tonic Products for Women
  • Chapter 18: OTC Drugs with New Containers and Pill Shapes for More Effectiveness and Ease of Use
  • Chapter 19: Fabric Softener Products Focus on Fragrance
  • Chapter 20: Small and Easy to Carry Laundry Detergent Concentrate
  • Chapter 21: Oral Care Products Diversify with Interdental Brushes and mouthwashes
  • Appendix: Japan Packaging Contest 2011
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