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The European Market for Outdoor Lighting

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 84 Pages
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欧州の屋外用照明器具市場 The European Market for Outdoor Lighting
出版日: 2014年12月31日 ページ情報: 英文 84 Pages




  • 調査手法
    • 分析ツール、用語集、関連レポート
  • 基礎データ・活動傾向
    • 欧州の屋外照明市場の概況、地域別・国別の照明器具需要量
  • 供給構造
    • 屋外用照明器具の需要量:欧州全体(全27ヶ国)、部門別・製品種類別
    • 屋外用照明器具の需要量:西欧/中東欧の主要国の場合、部門別
    • 屋外用照明器具の需要量:欧州全体(全27ヶ国)、光源別・製品種類別
    • 屋外用照明器具の需要量:西欧/中東欧の主要国の場合、光源別
    • 照明制御装置の需要量:主要企業(公的/民間需要別)
  • 流通
    • 屋外用照明器具の流通チャネル:欧州全体(全27ヶ国)、製品種類別
    • 屋外用照明器具の流通チャネル:欧州全体(全27ヶ国)、用途別
    • 屋外用照明の流通チャネル:西欧/中東欧の主要国の場合
    • 屋外用照明:公的需要向け流通の詳細分析
  • 潜在的需要
  • 建築物
    • 人口分布:住宅の種類別
  • 道路網
    • 道路総延長:国別
  • 駐車場
    • 公的駐車場の件数
    • 公的駐車場の件数:種類別
  • 空港
  • 市場競争
  • 製品種類
    • 屋外用照明器具の売上高と、主要企業の市場シェア:欧州全域(全27ヶ国)、製品種類別
      • 住宅用、都市景観用、道路・トンネル用、スポーツ施設・大型広場用、クリスマス用
  • 各地域での市場競争
    • 屋外用照明器具の売上高と、主要企業の市場シェア:地域別
      • 北欧諸国、ベルギー・オランダ、英国・アイルランド、フランス、ドイツ、オーストリア・スイス、イタリア、スペイン・ポルトガル、中東欧
  • 付録:調査対象企業/本文中で言及した企業の一覧
Product Code: EU.30

The first edition of the CSIL report “The European market for outdoor lighting fixtures” has been produced using the following information sources:

  • processing of CSIL information concerning the lighting sector at the European level;
  • database of roughly 200 worldwide manufacturers operating in the European lighting industry;
  • statistical and international trade data;
  • overall documentation relating to the lighting industry available both online and offline.

The following market breakdown are considered:

Prioritary, by destination:

  • residential lighting (home gardens and architectural lighting for common spaces in residential buildings);
  • urban landscape lighting (city beautification, mostly architectural);
  • Christmas and Event lighting;
  • lighting for major roads and tunnels;
  • area lighting (sporting plants, parkings, petrol stations).

Residential lighting: It includes only Private demand, that can be either from households than condominiums or hospitality.

Urban landscape: Mixed traffic (vehicles, bycicles,pedestrian) frequently in city centers and anyway with a strong human presence, including commercial activities and sometimes historical monuments. Demand is both public and private. Need of perceived security, best ophtical efficience, design, visual comfort.

Major roads: It includes highways (street where traffic is almost only vehicular, high speed, long distance, must of security, maintenaince is complicated), and main city streets. Demand is Public by large majority.

Area Lighting: Huge surfaces (squares, parkings) with a somewhat difficult way to light positioning. High efficiency. We include in this segment also outdoor sporting plants.

Relevant,by kind of product:

  • Pathways
  • Bollards
  • Strips
  • Wall mounted
  • Pole mounted
  • Projectors

Relevant, by kind of demand:

  • Public
  • Private

By kind of lighting source:

  • LED
  • Gas discharge
  • Fluorescence
  • Incandescence
  • Fiber optics

Geographical coverage:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom , Norway and Switzerland (somewhat considered altogether as WE - Western Europe).

Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, (CEE - Central Eastern Europe).


The outdoor lighting fixtures market worth is a relevant market for the European know-how. Over 60% of the outdoor lighting fixtures demand is Public, and with over a 40% share Contract/Direct sale is the main distribution channel. Market value include poles only when sold together with the fixtures. To be considered that at this moment the market (in Europe) is made predominantly by substitution of fittings or just retrofit lamps (maintaining the previous pole).

Top 50 manufacturers hold 65% of the outdoor lighting market in Europe.LEDs cost three to four times more up front than traditional high-pressure streetlamps, but they last three to four times longer and produce two to three times more light per watt, delivering anywhere from 30% to 70% in annual electricity savings. Some 80,000 dynamic street lights have been installed in Europe over the past few years. Quite a modest number if you consider that there are some 91 million light points in Europe.

Selected companies mentioned:

Abacus Lighting, Aec Illuminazione,Ares, BDK Budapesti, Bega,Blachere, Cree, Delta Light, Disano ,Dw Windsor, Eclatec, Eglo, Erco, ES-System, Fael Luce, Fagerhult, GE Lighting, Glamox, Hella, Holophane Europe, Hubbell, iGuzzini,LCX Groupe, Leds C4, Lledó Iluminación, Luxiona, Martin Professional, Neri, Nordeon, Norlys, Novolux, OMS Lighting, Osram,Performance in Lighting , Philips Lighting ,Rohl, Rosa,RZB, Schréder, Selux Semperlux,Simes, SG Armaturen, Sill Leuchten, SLV Elektronik,Swarco, Targetti Poulsen,Thorpe FW Group, Trilux, Willy Meyer + Sohn, Zumtobel.

Table of Contents

  • Methodology
    • Research tools; Terminology; Other CSIL reports in the lighting industry
  • Basic data and activity trend
    • Overview of the European market for outdoor lighting: consumption of outdoor lighting fixtures by geographical area and by country
  • Supply Structure
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures in Europe (27). Consumption breakdown by segment and kind of product
    • Western Europe/Central Eastern Europe. Outdoor lighting by segment in a sample of companies
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures in Europe (27). Kind of sources by kind of product segment
    • Western Europe/Central Eastern Europe. Outdoor lighting. Lighting sources in a sample of companies
    • Lighting controls market in Europe. Relevant players by kind
  • Distribution
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures in Europe (27). Distribution channels by kind of product segment
    • Outdoor lighting fixtures in Europe (27). Distribution channels by destination
    • Western Europe/Central Eastern Europe. Outdoor lighting. Distribution channels in a sample of companies
    • Outdoor lighting: focus on public fundings
  • Demand potential
  • Buildings
    • Europe. Distribution of population by dwelling type
  • Road networks
    • Europe. Length of motorways by country
  • Parking areas
    • Europe. Number of regulated parking spaces
    • Europe. Regulated parking spaces by kind
  • Airports
  • Competition
  • Product type
    • Outdoor lighting. Sales in EU 27 and market shares of the leading companies by product type:
      • Outdoor residential lighting; Urban landscape lighting; Major roads and tunnel lighting; Sporting plants and large areas lighting; Christmas lighting
  • Competition by Geographical area
    • Outdoor lighting. Sales in EU 27 and market shares of the leading companies by geographical area
  • Nordic countries; Belgium and the Netherlands; United Kingdom and Ireland; France; Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Italy; Spain and Portugal; Central and Eastern Europe
  • Appendix: List of companies interviewed and/or mentioned.
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