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Shopper targeting: how to turn consumer insights into in-store and online success

発行 GlobalData 商品コード 340992
出版日 ページ情報 英文 81 Pages
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買い物客の開拓:消費者の思考パターンを実店舗/オンライン店舗の成功へとつなげる方法 Shopper targeting: how to turn consumer insights into in-store and online success
出版日: 2015年09月30日 ページ情報: 英文 81 Pages



消費者は買い物時に日常的・惰性的な行動を取り、(自分のニーズにかなっているはずの) 新商品に目もくれずに過ごしがちです。他方、消費者はより健康的なライフスタイルや、新しい経験への挑戦、お値打ち感のある商品の入手、倫理的なブランドの支援をも求めています。それでも、消費者は多忙な日常生活や、新製品に対する躊躇、日常的・惰性的なショッピング行動、製品への感情的なつながりの欠如などが原因で、自分たちが欲しい製品を見つけずじまいになっています。そのため、小売業者はブランド企業は、消費者の思考・行動パターンをよく理解して、上記の障害を打ち破るような販売戦略を練る必要があります。



  • ショッピング行動を、まだ満たされていない消費者ニーズへとつなげる過程
  • 消費者の考え方を、実店舗/オンラインの成功にむすびつけるための戦略


  • 調査データと消費者データ
  • Canadeanによるメガトレンドの定義


  • 消費者・買い物客の思考パターンの理解による、その買物行動の変更・誘導の方法


  • 上級品への買い替えを勧めるための、小売業者の新たな戦略:4つの重要なポイント

消費者が日常的に上級品 (高付加価値商品) を購入するようになるために克服すべき4つの課題

  • 買い替えの妨げとなる障害を克服するために、適切な戦略・戦術を展開する必要性


  • 主な思考と行動のポイント
  • なぜ消費者は「買い物をする時間が無い」と考えているのか
  • なぜ小売業者は、対象となる消費者の開拓がうまくいかないのか
  • ショッピングに対する消費者の認識
  • ショッピング行動の変容
  • 小売業者が買い物客を連れ戻す方法
  • 実店舗がオンライン店舗と競合する方法
  • 消費者が上級品を探すために、店舗でより長く滞在するように促す方法
  • 提言:日常的・惰性的なショッピング行動を打ち破るための行動


  • 主な思考と行動のポイント
  • 新製品に対する買い物客の注目度
  • 日常的商品/低価格品の安定的供給の重要性
  • 景気回復が衝動買いに及ぼす影響
  • 消費者の耳目を集めやすいアピールの方法
  • ディスカウントストアの成功モデル
  • 慣習的な買い物行動を取る消費者に新製品の購入を検討してもらうための、推奨される行動


  • 主な思考と行動のポイント
  • 消費者が新製品の購入に応じる可能性
  • オンラインショッピングによって、ショッピング行動はどう変化したのか
  • 日常的・惰性的行動を打破する方法
  • 買い物客の購入意思決定に際してのITの役割
  • 消費者の関心を惹くために、小売業者やブランド企業が取るべき方法
  • 提言:日常的・惰性的なショッピング行動を打ち破るための行動


  • 主な思考と行動のポイント
  • 買い物客との間の感情面でのつながりを築く方法
  • 新たなパッケージング手段の開発の重要性
  • 提言:ブランド企業が買い物客との感情的関係を構築・改善するために取るべき行動


Product Code: CS0615IS


Routine and inertia in shopping habits is preventing people from finding new products that meet their needs. Consumers want to live healthier lifestyles, try new experiences, get better value for money, and support ethical brands. However, their shopping habits often get in the way of finding products that meet these needs. Retailers and brands need new strategies to break through shoppers' busy lives, their reluctance to try new products, the routine and inertia in their shopping habits, and their lack of emotive connection with products.

Key Findings

  • Understanding why consumers want to make better choices, and overcoming the barriers that are preventing them from doing so, will help brands and retailers to convince shoppers to trade up to higher margin products
  • Recent weak economic conditions mean consumers have been looking to limit impulse purchases; however, the return to economic growth means consumers will be increasingly confident about their ability to spend on non-essential items, and increase the amount of impulse purchasing over the next few years

The use of NFC technology and personalized promotions will disrupt habitual shopping trips and encourage shoppers to try something new

The "Shopper targeting: how to turn consumer insights into in-store and online success" report by Canadean aims to 'get into the minds of consumers' and examine what motivates them when it comes to shopping. Increased competition in the market and the rise of discounters who have adopted a low SKU model are some of the market-led factors that are having an impact of the profitability of retailers. From a shopper perspective, busy lives and routine and inertia in shopping are some of things that prevents them from trading up to higher margin products that better meet consumer needs.

What else does this report offer?

  • Provides an understanding of attitude-behavior gaps and how they impacts shopper behavior
  • An overview of the challenges retailers face in convincing shoppers to trade up to new products, with corresponding solutions to encourage more considered and experimental purchases
  • What strategies need to be implemented coupled with tactics that will help retailers achieve this
  • Case studies examining the approach retailers and CPG brands have taken when it comes to trying to enhance the overall shopper experience
  • Examples of how and where new technology has been successful and how others can adopt similar methods
  • Product examples showing how innovation leaders are successfully targeting shoppers

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain an insight into what motivates consumer behavior and how you can adapt to encourage consumers to trade-up to your higher margin products
  • Identify ways in which you can help enhance the shopper experience, with case-studies examining success stories, improving brand loyalty
  • Key insights and action points will help you derive key strategies that will allow you to compete with market leaders and provide a competitive edge to product launches
  • Our unique consumer data has been developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, giving you an exclusive insight into what consumers want

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • How shopping behavior is leading to un-met consumer needs
  • Strategies to turn consumer insights into in-store and online success

Summary Methodology

  • Survey data and consumer data
  • Canadean mega-trends

Factors influencing the profitability of retailers

  • How retailers can use consumer and shopper insight to get consumer to break habit

Importance of consumer and shopper insights in trying to get shoppers to trade-up

  • Four key areas where new retail strategies will encourage people to trade-up

Four challenges must be overcome before shoppers will regularly trade up for higher margin products

  • Retailers need to adopt the correct strategy and tactics to overcome barriers preventing trading-up

Impact of the increasingly busy lives of consumers

  • Key insights and action points
  • Why consumers feel they have little time to shop
  • Reasons why retailers have difficulty targeting consumers
  • Consumer perceptions of shopping
  • Transition of shopping habits
  • How retailers are trying to bring back shoppers
  • How brick and mortar stores can compete against online retailers
  • How retailers can encourage shoppers to spend more time looking for more premium items
  • Recommended actions to break the routine and inertia of shopping trips

Receptiveness of consumers to of new products in the retail aisle

  • Key insights and action points
  • Attentiveness of shoppers to new products
  • Importance of stability and sticking to a budget
  • Impact of improving economic conditions on impulse purchases
  • How to create stand out appeal
  • Discounters model for success
  • Recommended actions to encourage habitual shoppers to spend more time considering new and alternative products

Routine and inertia in shopping habits

  • Key insights and action points
  • Willingness of consumers to try new products
  • How shopping habits have changed through online shopping
  • Ways to break routine and inertia
  • Role of technology in helping shoppers making purchasing decisions
  • Ways in which retailers and brands are trying to get consumers' attention
  • Recommended actions to break the routine and inertia of shopping trips

Consumer behavior in "emotive" and "non-emotive" categories

  • Key insights and action points
  • How to create an emotional connection with shoppers
  • Importance of innovation in packaging
  • Recommended actions to help brands form and improve emotive connections with shoppers

Methodology and Appendix

  • What motivates consumers in food, drink and personal care
  • Consumer data methodology
  • Survey data methodology
  • About Canadean
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