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Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Dairy Food Sector in the UK

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 43 Pages
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英国の乳製品市場の傾向と発展 Market Focus: Trends and Developments in the Dairy Food Sector in the UK
出版日: 2013年12月31日 ページ情報: 英文 43 Pages




  • 英国の人口高齢化と価値重視の動き
  • 食品・雑貨店市場:成長は全国チェーン店に限られる
  • ハイパーマーケット・スーパーマーケット・コンビニエンスストアが、英国の調理済み食品市場の流通を独占
  • 高齢化や、消費者の栄養・健康重視の指向が、英国国民の食習慣を変化させている


  • 高齢者が乳製品の消費動向を主導
  • 年齢が消費頻度の主な決定要因となる
  • 「お値打ち感」が乳製品市場で最重要の消費促進要因となる
  • 貨幣価値の重視と、健康的な間食用食品の追求:乳製品市場の促進要因
  • 牛乳の新製品開発:立ち飲み用製品での新たなフレーバー・製品の開発


  • ヨーグルト:嗜好性のフレーバー・立ち飲み用需要・市場での健康アピールにより、食品市場の中で最も急速な成長を遂げる
  • カテゴリー別の市場動向:普及率・価格変動・嗜好性製品の需要に左右される
  • 為替レート変動:英国の乳製品市場を複雑化させる要因
  • 価格上昇による、乳製品の市場規模の拡大
  • 牛乳:消費量の点で、今後も最大のカテゴリーとなる
  • 健康と嗜好性:消費者をひきつける二つのセグメント


  • プライベートブランド:乳製品市場での新分野の開拓
  • 「お値打ち感」の追求:プライベートブランドの急成長の要因
  • 各カテゴリーの主要ブランド


  • 硬質プラスチック包装:牛乳・ヨーグルトの市場シェアの大きさが需要創出に貢献
  • 硬質プラスチック包装の利用増加率は、フレキシブル包装よりも高い


  • 昼食市場:乳製品の新たな需要開拓分野
  • チーズ製品:日常的な間食オプションとなる可能性
  • ヨーグルト:健康的な間食オプションとしての急成長
  • タンパク質飲料:より幅広い消費者層へのアピール


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This report provides a concise overview of the Dairy Food market in the UK. After reading this report, you will understand the size of the market, the economic, demographic, and behavioural trends that will drive its evolution and the leading players within the market, allowing you to plan effectively for the future.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

This overview of the consumer and market dynamics of the UK Dairy Food sector allows new entrants and established players to gain rapid and comprehensive insight into the current state of the market and identify the key trends that will drive growth in the coming years.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

The UK's population is aging and becoming increasingly health conscious, which creates an opportunity for more healthy Dairy Food product lines. Low Fat diets are increasing in the UK, which can impact the Cheese, Cream, and Butter categories due to their high fat content.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

Changing age structures, busy lifestyles, and increasing health consciousness are among the key reasons behind recent market changes.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

This report brings together consumer insight and market data to provide a comprehensive brief of the UK Dairy Food sector. This allows for the rapid identification of key growth opportunities across six Dairy Food categories and their packaging.

Key Features and Benefits

Analysis of consumer behaviour, economic conditions and demography reveals emerging opportunities in the Dairy Food sector.

Key growth categories are highlighted by analysing the market dynamics of six Dairy Food categories.

Market shares are provided for the leading brands across Dairy Food categories.

An overview of packaging trends in the UK Dairy Food sector is provided, including primary packaging material and type, packaging closures, and outer packaging.

Key Market Issues

Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury's and Morrison's account for 75.5% of the UK's Food market. Hypermarkets & Supermarkets will continue to constitute the largest share of retail space, followed by Convenience Stores and Food & Drink specialists. Tesco retained its position as the top retailer, followed by ASDA, Sainsbury's, and Morrison's.

The UK's eating habits are impacted by an aging population and a shift in consumer preferences towards nutritional and healthy eating.

Low fat, low calorie Dairy products are gaining popularity among young UK consumers. However, indulgent and premium dessert options are also popular, which indicates a wide variety of needs driving the desserts market, from those who prefer health conscious products to those who look for indulgent flavors.

The search for better value for money is helping private label products to grow across categories. Dairy Food products as a snack are growing, as Pudding/desserts, Cheese, and Yogurt explore the functional ingredient space with a variety of flavors.

Key Highlights

Retailers will continue to challenge brands with price discounting, while offering quality private label products. Private label brands are also exploring the premium space while competing with national brands across all Dairy products.

Milk and Yogurt accounted for the majority of the total number of packs used in the UK's Dairy Food sector in 2012, driving the significant demand for Rigid Plastic packaging material.

Yogurt, Fromage Frais, and Cheese snacks are popular lunchbox products, with a strong health positioning.

Protein consumption is of growing importance in the overall Dairy Food market, as opposed to just for gym and sports enthusiasts.

Table of Contents

Country Context

  • The UK's population is aging and becoming increasingly health conscious
  • Food and Grocery growth will be concentrated in national chains
  • Hypermarkets and Supermarkets account for the largest share of sales in the UK Dairy Food market
  • An aging population and consumer preferences towards nutritional and healthy eating trend impacting eating habits

Consumer Overview

  • The older population is driving the consumption of Dairy Food in the UK
  • Age is a key determinant of consumption frequency
  • Better Value for Money is the most important consumer trend in Dairy Food market
  • The search for value for money and healthy snacking products is driving the Dairy Food market in the UK
  • Increasing innovation in Milk means new flavors and products designed for on-the-go consumption

Sector Analysis

  • Indulgent flavors, demand for on-the-go snacking and healthy positioning are helping Yogurt products to grow fastest in the Dairy Food market in the UK
  • Penetration levels, price dynamics and demand for indulgent products will impact category dynamics in the Dairy Sector
  • Fluctuating exchange rates have added complexity to the UK's Dairy Food market
  • Increasing prices are fuelling value growth in Dairy categories
  • Milk continues to be the most important category by volume consumption
  • Health and indulgence are creating two segments, one of consumers looking to satisfy their palates and others concerned about health

Brands and Private Labels

  • Private Label brands are exploring new varieties in the Dairy Food sector
  • The search for better value of money is helping Private Labels to grow quickly
  • Key brands by category

Packaging Insight

  • Milk and Yogurt's high volume share is creating demand for Rigid Plastic packaging
  • Use of Rigid Plastic packaging is growing faster than use of Flexible packaging

Future outlook - key trends in UK's Dairy Food sector

  • Dairy Foods are exploring the lunchbox market
  • Cheese products can become regular snaking options
  • Yogurt is increasingly positioned as a healthy snack option
  • Protein Drinks are shifting positioning to have a broader appeal

Data Appendix and Summary Methodology

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