CHONGQING: Opportunities and Challenges for Datacenters in a New Cloud SAR

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重慶市:新しいクラウドSARにおけるデータセンターの機会と課題 CHONGQING: Opportunities and Challenges for Datacenters in a New Cloud SAR
出版日: 2013年11月30日 ページ情報: 英文 28 Pages




第1章 イントロダクション

第2章 重慶市のクラウド戦略

  • クラウド開発

第3章 オフショア特別クラウドコンピューティング区域

第4章 データセンターロケーションとしての重慶市のメリット

  • 自治体としての重慶市の状況
  • 土地、空間および機会
  • Liangjiang およびクラウドコンピューティングセンターといての状況
  • 提携の機会
  • 保持値
  • 低コスト
  • 住宅・ライフスタイル
  • 地理・気候
  • 外国投資の魅力
  • データセンター投資・承認プロセス
  • ファイバー投資
  • 国際ファイバーリンク
  • ブロードバンド重慶
  • コロケーション価格
  • 主なインフラプロジェクト
  • ビッグデータの機会

第5章 重慶市のエネルギー供給

  • 新規ガス電力プロジェクト
  • Liangjiang変電所

第6章 重慶市におけるデータセンター企業の投資

  • データセンター投資
  • Pacnet
  • Towngas Telecommunications
  • China Unicom
  • China International E-Commerce
  • China Mobile
  • China Telecom
  • Tencent
  • NEC
  • その他のデータセンターの潜在的投資
  • IT企業

第7章 ローカル価格

  • 電力価格
  • 帯域幅価格
  • 土地価格

第8章 主な課題

  • データセンターのライセンス
  • データプライバシー
  • データセンター投資プロセスのタイムスケール
  • 帯域幅
  • 有資格人物





More than 30 local governments in China have released high-profile cloud computing plans and put forward preferential land, tax, and other financial support policies. In some cases it has to be questionable whether these projects will ever be realised.

The plan for Chongqing however, worked out over the past three years, stands out. Not only because it has already devised and implemented a cloud datacenter strategy, but it has moved swiftly forward with plans that could present China with a radically different business model for the first time.

The city of Chongqing is now poised to take advantage of a window of opportunity in the coming 2-3 years to realize its ambitions of a city-wide economic transformation, revive its earlier idea of an offshore model and in the next 5-7 years to attain the level of “an Amsterdam” for the movement of digital goods and services in and around China and Asia.

To achieve this end, and what makes this city development different, is that Chongqing has been awarded the trial status of a cloud SAR is unique, and the first ever in China. This offers incentives for overseas investors and to an extent allays concerns over the legality of licenses and data protection. Ultimately the success of the trial depends upon the completion of a unique direct circuit connection to an international telecom gateway, the outcome of which should be known by the end of 2013.

This new report evaluates the extensive range of advantages, not least due to its status as a municipality, one of only 4 cities in this category. This means that Chongqing is accorded a very high priority by the central government over other localities and is able to secure more policy support and financial subsidies than other locations.

The report describes how the city offers business benefits for overseas investors across the issues common to all datacentre projects even though it is managed within an excessively bureaucratic context. Chongqing wants investors to experience a fast-track process through the minefields of licensing, land, construction, power supply and bandwidth issues.

The dedicated space selected for datacentre development is Liangjiang, located in the Shuitu Tech Park where construction has already taken place. 9 companies are already active in either building datacentres or in decision making and a number of further companies are currently assessing participation.

Pacnet has already built the first phase of its facility which has a design capacity of 40k servers. Regarded as a very key project, it is forecast that the new Tier III datacenter infrastructure will attract even more MNCs to relocate to the city.

Finally the report also looks at the challenges for overseas investors of which the license and data privacy remain an issue - but not for all enterprise customers.

Undoubtedly Chongqing represents a completely new way in the business model for datacenter operations in China and although not for the faint hearted, and still not easy, the commercial opportunities that could unfold from the Cloud SAR offer significant potential in the world's largest datacenter market.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Chongqing's Cloud Strategy

  • 2.1. Cloud Developments

3. Offshore Special Cloud Computing Zone

4. Advantages of Chongqing as a Datacenter location

  • 4.1. Chongqing Status as a Municipality
  • 4.2. Land, Space and Opportunity
  • 4.3. Liangjiang and Status as a Cloud Computing Center
  • 4.4. Partnership Opportunity
  • 4.5. Value Retention
  • 4.6. Low Costs
  • 4.7. Housing and Lifestyle
  • 4.8. Geography and Climate
  • 4.9. Foreign Investment attractiveness
  • 4.10. Datacentre Investment and Approval Processes
  • 4.11. Fiber Investment
  • 4.12. International Fiber Link
  • 4.13. Broadband Chongqing
  • 4.14. Colocation Pricing
  • 4.15. Key Infrastructure Projects
  • 4.16. Big Data Opportunity

5. Chongqing Energy Supply

  • 5.1. New Gas Power Project
  • 5.2. Liangjiang Sub Station

6. Datacenter Player Investment in Chongqing

  • 6.1. Datacenter Investment
  • 6.2. Pacnet
  • 6.3. Towngas Telecommunications
  • 6.4. China Unicom
  • 6.5. China International E-Commerce
  • 6.6. China Mobile
  • 6.7. China Telecom
  • 6.8. Tencent
  • 6.9. NEC
  • 6.10. Other datacenter potential investment
  • 6.11. IT Companies

7. Local Pricing

  • 7.1. Power Pricing
  • 7.2. Bandwidth Pricing
  • 7.3. Land Prices

8. Key Challenges

  • 8.1. Datacenter Licenses
  • 8.2. Data Privacy
  • 8.3. Timescale for Datacenter Investment Process
  • 8.4. Bandwidth
  • 8.5. Qualified People

APPENDIX I: Key People

APPENDIX II: Chongqing Districts

APPENDIX III: Contact Point in Chongqing

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