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The 2012 Market for Antibodies

発行 BioInformatics, LLC 商品コード 235815
出版日 ページ情報 英文 116 Pages
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抗体市場(2012年) The 2012 Market for Antibodies
出版日: 2012年03月01日 ページ情報: 英文 116 Pages



  • 昨年の研究における抗体利用
  • 研究における抗体利用:タイプ別
  • 抱合抗体の利用
  • 抱合体のタイプ
  • 組換え抗体の構造の種類


  • 抗体ベースの技術の利用
  • クラス最高のサプライヤー:研究分野別
  • 最重要の抗体選定基準:研究分野別
  • ペインポイント:トラブルシューティングに費やす時間と労力:研究分野別
  • プリメイド抗体を発見できない重要標的:研究分野別


  • 利用サプライヤー
  • プリメイド抗体ラボ予算
  • 顧客満足度:製品の特徴
  • サプライヤーの総合的満足度
  • サプライヤーパフォーマンス
    • カスタマーサービス
    • イノベーション
    • 価格
    • 品質
    • 購入プロセス
    • テクニカルサポート
  • 抗体購入の年数
  • 抗体購入の重要ポイント(情報収集段階)
    • 雑誌記事などでのリファレンス
    • 同僚の推薦
    • 販売員との相談
    • サプライヤーからのEメール
    • サプライヤーのウェブサイトからの情報
    • サプライヤーのプリントカタログからの情報、など
  • 抗体購入の重要ポイント(購入決定段階)
    • デリバリー時間
    • オーダーの簡単さ
    • 在庫
    • 製品プロモーション
    • 送料、など
  • 抗体購入の重要ポイント(購入後段階)
    • しっかりした製品のパフォーマンス
    • カスタマーサービス
    • 保証
    • サポート文書
    • テクニカルサポート
    • その他
  • 購入決定への影響因子:研究分野別
  • 購入決定における影響因子の相対的重要性
  • 来年の購入の可能性:サプライヤー別


  • 昨年利用されたプライマリー&セカンダリー抗体
  • プリメイド抗体のユニットサイズ
  • 一度にオーダーするバイアル /チューブの数
  • 昨年のオーダー件数
  • 来年のオーダー予測
  • 各オーダーでの平均支出額
  • オーダーの販売経路の割合、など
  • 使いやすさ:サプライヤーのオンライン検索ツール
  • 検索パラメーター
    • 用途
    • 生物学的経路
    • カタログナンバー
    • クロナリティー
    • 抱合状態
    • タンパク質のクラス
    • 交差反応性
    • 標的
    • その他
  • プリメイド抗体とともに通常購入する製品
  • 抗体ベースの研究をサポートするその他の製品/リソース


Product Code: 12-001

As players in the rapidly growing antibodies market, companies both large and small are enjoying a consistent source of revenue stream in what appears to be an almost recession-proof line of products. Scientific research is yielding promising diagnostic and therapeutic uses for antibodies in the treatment of cancer, autoimmune diseases and a host of other maladies that demand a healthy share of public and private funds. Additionally, as generic companies continue to chip away at the traditionally large pipelines of big pharma, drug companies are seeking new ways to stay relevant and offer products that promote their brands. Scientific discovery is driving the market, and antibodies suppliers are acting quickly to jockey for lead positions.

‘The 2012 Market for Antibodies’ is BioInformatics LLC's newest report, a comprehensive analysis of this lucrative market. Designed specifically for suppliers of commercial, pre-made catalog antibodies, this primary research report identifies scientists' expectations and preferences with regards to usage, brands, purchasing, product quality and budgets. For companies competing in the antibodies market and for those about to enter, key findings highlight market share, competitive positioning, customer satisfaction and how well current products meet researchers' needs. Additionally, the report identifies “best in class” vendors by application, most widely-used techniques and recommended new targets, all of which identify gaps that present opportunities for antibodies suppliers.

‘The 2012 Market for Antibodies’ is also a supplier's resource for understanding the criteria laboratories use to choose their antibodies suppliers and the critical touchpoints in the purchasing process where suppliers can influence the decision. More specifically, HOW antibodies are ordered is documented, with an emphasis on typical size of purchases, average spend, projected spend, preferred ordering channels (to include online buying preferences) and likelihood to repurchase.

For suppliers that are seeking ways to differentiate their products in this competitive market, ‘The 2012 Market for Antibodies’ delineates what almost 1,100 scientists from laboratories around the world indicate would help them achieve their research objectives. At strategic and tactical levels, suppliers can use this report with confidence to make decisions about developing and marketing commercial, pre-made catalog antibodies.

Table of Contents

Choosing an Antibody Supplier

  • 1. Use of antibodies in research in the last year
    • Source of antibodies (supplier/custom/other)
  • 2. Antibodies used in research by type
  • 3. Use of conjugated antibodies
    • Types of conjugated antibodies
  • 4. Types of conjugates used
  • 5. Kinds of recombinant antibody structures used

Antibody-Based Techniques: Applications and Preferences

  • 6. Antibody-based techniques used
  • 7. Best in Classsuppliers by research field
  • 8. Most important antibody selection criterion by research field
  • 9. Pain points: time and effort spent troubleshooting by research field
  • 10. Targets of importance where respondents are not able to find pre-made antibodies by research field

Experience with Antibody Suppliers

  • 11. Suppliers used
  • 12. Percent of pre-made antibodies lab budget spent by supplier
  • 13. Customer satisfaction: Product features
  • 14. Overall satisfaction with suppliers
  • 15. Supplier performance
    • Customer service
    • Innovation
    • Price
    • Quality
    • Purchasing process
    • Technical support
  • 16. Likelihood of recommendation by supplier
  • 17. Number of years respondents have been purchasing antibodies
  • 18a. Importance to evaluating whether to purchase antibodies (information search stage):
    • Citations/references in journal articles and other publications
    • Colleague/coworker - Aos recommendations
    • Discussions with sales reps
    • Email(s) from suppliers
    • Information on a supplier - Aos website
    • Information within supplier - Aos print catalog
    • Presentations by supplier reps at trade show/conference
    • Previous experience with the brand
    • Product promotions
    • Other
  • 18b. Importance to evaluating whether to purchase antibodies (purchasing decision stage):
    • Delivery time
    • Ease of ordering
    • In-stock availability
    • Product promotions
    • Range of products offered
    • Shipping charges
    • Other
  • 18c. Importance to evaluating whether to purchase antibodies (post-purchase stage):
    • Consistent product performance
    • Customer service (resolving non-scientific problems)
    • Guarantee or warranty
    • Supporting documents
    • Technical support (resolving scientific problems)
    • Other
  • 19. Factors influencing purchasing decisions by research field
  • 20. Relative influence of factors in purchasing decisions
  • 21. Likelihood to purchase over the next year by supplier


  • 22. Unique primary and secondary antibodies used in the last year
  • 23. Pre-made antibody unit sizes
  • 24. Number of vials/tubes ordered at a time
  • 25. Number of orders in the last year
  • 26. Ordering expectations for the next year - number of orders (increase/decrease/stay the same)
  • 27. Average amount of money spent on each order
  • 28. Proportion of orders placed by sales channel; actual vs. preferred
  • 29. Factors that would encourage respondents to purchase a greater percentage of their antibodies online
  • 30. Percentage discount/promotion that would encourage respondents to order their antibodies from a particular supplier's website
  • 31. Ease of use: Suppliers' online search tools
  • 32. Search parameters: How respondents identify antibodies they need when they have never purchased them before
    • Application
    • Biological pathway
    • Catalog number
    • Clonality
    • Conjugation status
    • Protein class
    • Species cross-reactivity
    • Target
    • Other
  • 33. Other products typically purchased while ordering pre-made antibodies
  • 34. Other products/resources that would support antibody-based research (free text)


  • Respondent's region
  • Respondent's institution/company/organization segment
  • Role in the selection of consumables
  • Job position
  • Area of research
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