Multi-Play Operations Maturity: How to Appear as a Single, Integrated Company to Customers

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マルチプレイオペレーションの成熟度:同一の、統合された会社だと顧客に見なされる方法 Multi-Play Operations Maturity: How to Appear as a Single, Integrated Company to Customers
出版日: 2013年10月04日 ページ情報: 英文 PPT and PDF (39 slides)






  • 同一の連絡先番号と同一の請求書は、同一の会社だと顧客に見なされるための二つの重要なアイテム
  • 同一の請求書は2つの方法で作成できる:統合レンダリングもしくは完全に統合されたビリングシステムによって
  • 完全に統合されたビリングは方向がはっきりしているが、多くのCSPは統合レンダリングシステムを通してひとつの請求書を提供
  • マルチプレイCSRは目標だが、ほとんどのCSPは目標に達しない
  • コンタクトセンターへの顧客の通話は、通常、通話ルートを検査するIVRもしくはCSRを経由して適正なオペレーションストリームに送られる
  • (理論上の)成熟したオペレーションにおいて、CSRは教育を受け、全てのサービスの情報と診断能力にアクセスできる
  • より難解なインターフェースはマルチプレイオペレーショナルストリームの間で統合されない
  • サマリー:大部分は、統合技術を備えた、顧客の最も近くに適用され、基本的なシステムを保全する薄いオペレーショナルレイヤー
  • 事業全体にわたる統合型オペレーションの成熟度についての調査


  • マルチプレイオペレーションの実例(1)-(3)


  • CSPがある分だけ多くの固定-モバイルバンドリングアプローチがあるが、いくつかの一般的なアプローチははっきりしている
  • CSPの固定-モバイルバンドリングアプローチ(1)-(2)


  • ドイツ最大のケーブルCSPは、顧客ケアエージェントへユニファイドシステムを導入することで、大幅なコスト削減を達成
  • Telekom Srbija は、新しいタイプのサービスバンドルを支える固定コンバージェントビリングを実施
  • Telekom Austria は、収益・利ざやを向上するため、クアドルプルプレイバンドリングに取り掛かる

著者・Analysys Mason について




In general, the level of operations integration across the formerly disparate lines of business is relatively low for the majority of operators surveyed.

Most communications service providers (CSPs) offer bundled services in multi-play packages. These usually transcend the former lines of business, each with their own operational organisations, procedures and tools. These operations should be integrated to some degree to give customers the feeling of dealing with a single business.

But how integrated are the operations that support these services? Do companies that offer such bundles look to customers like a single, integrated entity, or a collection of businesses with their own procedures and systems?

Analysys Mason undertook the original investigation of these questions on behalf of a particular CSP that wanted to determine the state of the art. Further research has led to this Report, which describes the different approaches taken by operators that offer bundles of multiple services based on already established businesses.

This Report provides:

  • a survey of CSPs around the world as to the degree they appear to be a single company to customers of their multi-play bundles
  • a maturity model to help CSPs understand how they compare with competitors.


The Report includes case studies and use cases on the following CSPs.

  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • EITC (du)
  • Everything Everywhere (EE)
  • M1
  • Orange
  • Telefónica
  • Telekom Austria
  • Telekom Srbija
  • United Internet (1&1)
  • Verizon
  • Virgin Media


Mark H. Mortensen (Principal Analyst) is the lead analyst for Analysys Mason's Customer Care, Service Fulfilment and Digital Economy Software Strategies research programmes, which are part of the Telecoms Software research stream. His interest areas include customer self-care, automation of fulfilment processes, and data and software architecture for agile, real-time systems. The first 20 years of Mark's career were spent at Bell Laboratories, where he distinguished himself by starting software products for new markets and network technologies and designing the interaction of BSS/OSSs with the underlying network hardware. Mark was Chief Scientist of Management Systems at Bell Labs, and has also been president of his own OSS strategy consulting company, CMO at the inventory specialist Granite Systems, VP of Product Strategy at Telcordia Technologies, and SVP of Marketing at a network planning software vendor. Mark holds an MPhil and a PhD in physics from Yale University and has received two AT&T Architecture awards for innovative software solutions. He is also an adjunct professor at UMass Lowell in the Marshall School of Management, specialising in business strategy.

Table of Contents

  • 4. Executive summary
  • 5. Executive summary
  • 6. Recommendations
  • 7. Recommendations
  • 8. Introduction
  • 9. Introduction
  • 10. CSPs are increasingly offering multi-play bundles
  • 11. Analysys Mason has identified 11 main operational customer ‘touchpoints' that are affected by multi-play offerings
  • 12. Operational scenarios and summaries of best practice
  • 13. A single contact number and single bill are the two critical items for appearing as a single company to a customer
  • 14. A single bill can be created in two ways: through integrated rendering or a fully integrated billing system
  • 15. Fully integrated billing is the clear direction, but most CSPs provide one bill through an integrated rendering system
  • 16. A multi-play CSR is the goal, but most CSPs fall short
  • 17. Customer calls to the contact centre are usually routed to the right operations stream via an IVR or a CSR who screens and routes the calls
  • 18. In a (theoretical) mature operation, the CSR would be trained and have access to information and diagnostic capabilities for all of the services
  • 19. More-esoteric interfaces are not integrated among the multi-play operational streams
  • 20. Summary: mostly a thin operational layer, with integration technology, applied closest to the customer, leaving underlying systems intact
  • 21. Observations on the maturity of integrated operations across lines of business
  • 22. Operations examples
  • 23. Multi-play operations examples [1]
  • 24. Multi-play operations examples [2]
  • 25. Multi-play operations examples [3]
  • 26. Further examples of CSPs' approaches to fixed-mobile bundles
  • 27. There are as many approaches to fixed-mobile bundling as there are CSPs, but several general approaches are apparent
  • 28. CSPs' approaches to fixed-mobile bundles [1]
  • 29. CSPs' approaches to fixed-mobile bundles [2]
  • 30. Technology use cases
  • 31. Germany's largest cable CSP achieved significant cost savings by introducing a unified system for customer care agents
  • 32. Telekom Srbija implemented fixed convergent billing, supporting new types of service bundle
  • 33. Telekom Austria turns to quadruple-play bundling to improve revenue and margins
  • 34. About the author and Analysys Mason
  • 35. About the Author
  • 36. About Analysys Mason
  • 37. Research from Analysys Mason
  • 38. Consulting from Analysys Mason

List of figures

  • Figure 1: Penetration rate of multi-play services by bundle, European Union, December 2007, December 2009 and March 2011
  • Figure 2: Operational customer touchpoints that are affected by multi-play offerings
  • Figure 3: Critical operational customer touchpoints that are affected by multi-play offerings
  • Figure 4: Three billing operational scenarios
  • Figure 5: Analysis of the three billing operational scenarios
  • Figure 6: Operational processes for inbound calls to CSRs
  • Figure 7: Screening CSR operational scenario for incoming calls
  • Figure 8: Multi-play CSR operational scenario
  • Figure 9: Operational processes for more-esoteric interfaces to the customer
  • Figure 10: Characterisation of the maturity of the touchpoints for multi-play operations
  • Figure 11a-c: Examples of multi-play operations
  • Figure 12: Jacada Workspace Agent Desktop solution
  • Figure 13: Convergent billing solution architecture in Telekom Srbija
  • Figure 14: Infonova implementation architecture in Telekom Austria
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