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Railway Infrastructure: Global Markets, Competitors, Technologies and Opportunities in the New Epoch of High-Speed Trains, 2012-2022 Analysis and Forecasts

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出版日 ページ情報 英文 270 Pages
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鉄道インフラ:世界市場、競合企業、技術および高速鉄道の新時代における機会(2012年〜2022年の分析・予測) Railway Infrastructure: Global Markets, Competitors, Technologies and Opportunities in the New Epoch of High-Speed Trains, 2012-2022 Analysis and Forecasts
出版日: 2012年04月06日 ページ情報: 英文 270 Pages




  • 背景
  • 調査方法および情報源
  • 統計に関する注釈


  • 鉄道は世界的に新たな注目を浴びる
  • 鉄道は現在の交通手段の要件に合う
  • 省エネ
  • 省エネ交通の必要性が増加
  • 環境に優しい交通の必要性
  • 省エネの必要性
  • 原油価格の急激な上昇が政策措置に拍車をかける
  • 省エネ社会へ転換する必要性
  • 鉄道はこれら3つの問題を同時に解決できる
  • 収容可能数(定員)はその他の交通よりもはるかに多い
  • 鉄道は省エネと環境への優しさで競り勝つ
  • 鉄道旅行消滅のデメリット
  • 工業国および新興経済国の双方でインフラは必要
  • 世界の鉄道インフラ市場
  • アクセッシブル市場
  • 地域別の市場
  • 信号は最も魅力的なセグメント
  • 国際市場における競合のヒートアップ
  • 都市鉄道と都市間鉄道
  • 旅客鉄道
  • 多くの小規模な都市鉄道プロジェクトと少ない大規模な高速鉄道プロジェクト
  • 都市鉄道の4つのタイプ
  • 新交通システムは無人運転を可能に
  • LRTシステムの建設コストは低い
  • 都市の交通ニーズに見合う選択が可能
  • LRTシステムおよび地下鉄の将来における主要市場
  • 東アジアにおける地下鉄建設ラッシュ
  • 東南アジアの主要都市における鉄道インフラの遅れ
  • ホーチミン市の建設計画を支援する日本のODA
  • ジャカルタにおけるMRT建設
  • 中国の地下鉄
  • 欧州および米国におけるLRTシステムの需要
  • 欧州市場は大手企業3社が独占
  • 米国のLRT市場の成長
  • 日本におけるLRTシステム
  • 鉄道の国際的な技術規格
  • 鉄道システムvs.独自のハードウェア規格
  • 日本は独自規格を持つ
  • 競合は技術開発から市場シェアの獲得へとシフト
  • 鉄道契約の4つのタイプ
  • 鉄道オペレーターとの協力が不可欠
  • 官民イニシアチブが必要
  • 日本の車両メーカートップ5
  • 日本メーカーvs.ビッグスリー
  • 高速車両市場のシェア
  • 営業利益、など


  • 少なくとも今後8年間は成長
  • 鉄道省の拡大目標
  • 中国の動力分散方式車両市場
  • 中国の機関車市場
  • 中国の海外進出:大きな長期的可能性
  • 財務状況の改善
  • 中期的見通し
  • 2011年のインフラ支出
  • 第12次5ヵ年計画
  • 2012年のインフラ支出
  • 鉄道建設の利益が下落する可能性
  • 建設中の主要鉄道プロジェクト、など


  • 概要
  • 定義
  • 歴史
  • 書記長さ
  • 分析:新幹線
  • 欧州での復活
  • 高速鉄道技術
  • 共通規格
  • 高速路線
  • 世界の高速鉄道
  • 高速鉄道:国別
  • 計画中の高速鉄道
  • 速度記録
  • 稼働中のの最高速度
  • 技術移転の課題
  • 中国の高速鉄道輸出の影響
  • 中国の高速鉄道建設
  • 世界における高速鉄道ネットワークの成長、など





Interest is growing in railways across the globe. Global demand for railways is increasing, as plans to construct high-speed rail links come to the fore in China, Europe and the US as part of a modal shift toward using mass transportation systems that have less environmental impact. In terms of transportation modes, railways now have the edge in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Rail infrastructure is needed in both industrialized nations and emerging economies. Major countries are now increasing railway infrastructure investment.

This report provides an in-depth look at the global railway infrastructure market including:

  • Why rail is getting renewed attention.
  • Role of urbanization, energy efficiency and environmental factors.
  • Increasing rail infrastructure investment.
  • Detailed analysis of the global rail infrastructure market by segment from 2012 to 2022.
  • Key strategic issues.
  • Regional trends.
  • Political risks.
  • New technologies.
  • Major opportunities.
  • Competitive landscape.
  • Top players in the market.

Additionally, profiles of 60 leading foreign and US companies are given. The report includes 88 figures and 57 tables.

Table of Contents




  • Background
  • Methodology and Sources
  • Statistical Notes


  • Railways Are Getting Renewed Attention Worldwide
  • Railways Meet Current Requirements for Means of Transport
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Increasing Need for Efficient Transport
  • Need for Transport to be Environment-Friendly
  • Worsening Pollution Problems in Cities in Emerging Regions
  • Need for Energy Efficiency
  • Sharp Rise in Crude Oil Prices Spurring Policy Measures
  • Need to Shift to Energy Efficient Society
  • Railways Can Solve These Three Problems Simultaneously
  • Capacity Greater Than Other Forms of Transport
  • Railways Edge in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Friendliness
  • Disadvantages of Rail Travel Disappearing
  • Infrastructure Needed in Both Industrialized Nations and Emerging Economies
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Market
  • Total Market
  • Accessible Market
  • Segments: Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Control Systems, Services
  • Accessible Market by Segment
  • Market by Region
  • Signalling Is The Most Attractive Segment
  • Competition Heating Up In International Markets
  • Urban Railways and Intercity Railways
  • Passenger Railways
  • Many Small Urban Rail Projects and Few Large High-Speed Rail Projects
  • Four Types of Urban Railways
  • New Transportation Systems Make Driverless Operation Possible
  • LRT Systems Have Low Construction Costs
  • Selection That Meets Cities' Transport Needs Is Possible
  • Major Markets in the Future for LRT Systems and Subways
  • Subway Building Rush in East Asia
  • Major Cities in Southeast Asia Are Lagging in Rail Infrastructure

New Means of Transportation Such as Subways in Demand

  • Japanese ODA to Support Construction Plan for Ho Chi Minh City
  • MRT Construction in Jakarta
  • Chinese Subways
  • Demand for LRT Systems in Europe and the US
  • European Market Dominated by the Three Majors
  • US LRT Market Growing
  • LRT Systems in Japan
  • High-Speed Railways Developing Worldwide from Origins in Japan and Europe
  • High-Speed Railways Began with Japan's Shinkansen
  • Development in Parts of Japan and Europe
  • Introduction of High-Speed Rail in Korea and Taiwan
  • High-Speed Rail Link Between Beijing and Tianjin in China
  • High-Speed Rail Link Between Beijing and Tianjin in China
  • 10 Countries and Regions Have High-Speed Railways
  • New Rolling Stock Makers in Countries That Have Introduced High-Speed Railways
  • High-Speed Railway Construction Plans in Each Country
  • China's Four East-West Lines and Four North-South Lines Plan to Link Major Cities
  • China Plans Major High Speed Rail investment
  • Risks for Participating Foreign Companies
  • Chinese Parts Makers Increased Role
  • US Railways Are Mainly for Freight Not Passenger Traffic
  • US Passenger Transportation is Limited
  • President Obama Announced High-Speed Railway Plan
  • Vice-President Biden Has Pushed Railway Policy
  • Japanese Companies Likely to Win Orders from US
  • Local Production Could Be A Condition
  • Issues Remain in Terms of Funding
  • Current Spending Insufficient
  • US and Chinese Plans Are Ambitious But Both Carry Risks
  • Japan Likely to Compete with Six Countries in Overseas Projects
  • Shinkansen, TGV and ICE Differ
  • Shinkansen's Advantages
  • Punctuality
  • Inbound/Outbound Track Vs. Bi-directional Track in Europe
  • Departures
  • Safety
  • Natural Disasters
  • Geographical Conditions
  • Speed Issues
  • Countries Want Operating Speeds of 350km/h
  • Alstom's AGV
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries efSET
  • Raising Shinkansen Speed
  • International Technical Standardization for Railways
  • CER
  • UITP
  • UIC
  • WCRR
  • International Railway Organizations Are European Based
  • International Technical Standardization for Railways
  • What Does Standardization Mean
  • ISO and IEC Standards
  • Shift from UIC to ISO and IEC
  • Railway Systems Vs. Individual Hardware Standards
  • International Vs. European Standards Adoption
  • Japan Has Its Own Standards
  • Japan Uses Individual Hardware Standards
  • Japan Cannot Afford to Ignore International Standards
  • International Standards Needed When Exporting
  • Establishing European Technology as the Global Standard
  • Scramble for Leadership in Standardization
  • Competition Shifting from Technological Development to Capturing Market Share
  • Opportunity for Japanese Companies to Boost Earnings
  • Four Main Types of Railway Contract
  • Margins Highest on Type D Contracts
  • Most Contracts for Japanese Companies Are Type A
  • Requirements for Winning Type C and D Contracts
  • Three French Companies Join Forces Globally
  • Cooperation with Rail Operators Essential
  • Consulting Capabilities Importance
  • Public-Private Initiatives Needed
  • Some Progress Evident
  • STEP Scheme for ODA Loans
  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail Project
  • Dubai Metro Project
  • Brazilian High-Speed Rail Project
  • Indian Freight Rail Project
  • California High-Speed Rail Project
  • Rolling Stock Market Features and Overseas Competition
  • Diverse Components, Limited Production Runs
  • Steel Frames Giving Way to Aluminum Alloy
  • Average Carriage Prices
  • Five Main Rolling Stock Manufacturers in Japan
  • Japanese Manufacturers Vs. The Big 3
  • Japanese Manufacturers Difference
  • High-Speed Rolling Stock Market Shares
  • Operating Margins


  • Grow For At Least Next 8 Years
  • Ministry of Railroads Expansion Targets
  • Continuous Density Improvement
  • Chinese Rolling Stock Market
  • Chinese Rolling Stock Refurbishment Market
  • Chinese Multiple Units Market
  • Chinese Locomotive Market
  • Chinese Rapid Transit Vehicle Market
  • Chinese Overseas Expansion: Significant Long-Term Potential
  • Improvement in the Financial Situation
  • Medium-Term Outlook
  • 2011 Infrastructure Spending
  • Funding Gap for Completion of On-Going Projects
  • Downgrade of High-Speed Railway Lines in Favor of Cargo Lines
  • 12th Five-Year Plan
  • 2012 Infrastructure Spending
  • Potential Downside Risk to Margins for Railway Construction
  • Major Railway Projects Under Construction


  • Overview
  • Definition
  • History
  • Early Research
  • Breakthrough: The Shinkansen
  • Revival in Europe
  • High-Speed Rail Technology
  • Common Standards
  • High-Speed Lines
  • High-Speed Trains of World
  • High-Speed Rail by Country
  • Planned High-Speed Rail
  • Speed Record
  • Maximum Speed in Service
  • Target Areas for High-Speed Trains
  • Optimal Distance
  • High-Speed Rail in China
  • Technology Transfer Issues
  • Wenzhou Train Collision on the Yongtaiwen Railway Line
  • Suppliers for the Yongtaiwen Line
  • Wenzhou Outcome
  • Impact on Chinese High-Speed Rail Exports
  • Chinese High-Speed Rail Build-Out
  • Global High-Speed Rail Network Growth


(Company Overview, Power Products, Power Systems, Discrete Automation and Motion, Low Voltage Products, Process Automation, Transmission & Distribution, How Cyclical Is ABB's T&D Business, Rail Infrastructure, Traction Power Supply Systems, Value Proposition, MV Frequency Converters for Rail Grid Interties, High Voltage Products & Systems, FACTS for Railway, Transformer Products, Traction Rectifiers, Medium-Voltage Products, Protection & Control)

Akebono Brake Industry Company Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Alstom SA
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products/Services, Rail Revenue by Segment and Region, Transport - Production, Transport - Financials, Transport - Financials, Transport - Market View, High-Speed Trains, Market Share, Increased Competition, Product Quality, Joint Ventures Strategy, Chinese Competition)

American Railcar Industries, Inc.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Operations, Manufacturing, Services, Subsidiaries, Manufacturing, Backlog, Margins, Outlook, Railcar Services)

AnsaldoAnsaldo STS SpA
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Operations, Outlook and Future Growth Opportunities, European Markets, Ex-Europe and Emerging Countries, Open Issues with Libya, Finmeccanica Restructuring Issues, Ansaldo STS and AnsaldoBreda Revenue and EBITA, Ansaldo STS Market Share, Possible AnsaldoBreda Sale, Impact of a Potential Acquisition of Ansaldo, Financial Impact on Alstom)

Balfour Beatty plc
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway Project, Crossrail, Eagle P3 Commuter Rail Project, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link, Other Projects, Public-Private Partnerships)

Baotou Beifang Chunangye Co., Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Baoye Group Co Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Bombardier, Inc.
(Company Overview, Market Leader, Revenues by Product Segment, Revenues by Geographic Region, Revenue Diversification by Country, Growth Opportunities in Emerging Economies, Products and Services Portfolio, Products/Services Offerings, New and Existing Products Opportunities, Market Position, Competitive Advantage, Chinese Competition, Chinese Strategy, Implications of Chinese Competition, Indian Opportunities, 2012 Outlook, Medium-Term Outlook, Long Term Outlook, Recent Large Orders, Immediate Opportunities, Very High-Speed Technologies, Customer Technology Needs)

(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Sales by Segment, Sales by Region, Operations, Products/Services, Backlog, Exports, SPC, Projects Worldwide, High-Speed Trains, Strategy)

Canadian National Railway Company
(Company Overview, Rail Operations, Grain and Fertilizers, Forest Products, Petroleum and Chemicals, Metals and Minerals, Automotive, Inter-Modal, Coal, Other, Recent Agreements, Capex)

Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Operations, Capex)

Central Japan Railway Company
(Company Overview, Rail Operations)

China CNR Corporation Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Highlights, History, Corporate Structure, Company Organization, Products, Sales Volume, Average Selling Price and Revenue by Segment, Product Mix, Revenue Structure by Customer Type, Cost Structure, Operations, Production Facilities and Products Produced, Business Unit Sales, Production Capacity, Safety Recalls, Export Growth and Opportunities, Strategic Investment Plans)

China Communications Construction Company Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

China Railway Construction Corp Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

China Railway Group Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

China South Locomotive & Rolling Stock
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Company History, Corporate Structure, Products, Sales Volume, Average Selling Price and Revenue by Segment, Product Mix, Revenue Structure by Customers Type, Cost Structure, Production Facilities and Products Produced, Comparisons to Chinese Competitors, Railway Exposure, Market Shares, Production Capacity, Backlog, Technology Edge, CRH6, Locomotive Technology, Wagon Technology, New Business Segment, Beyond 2012)

CSX Corporation
(Company Overview, Rail Operations, Capex, Update on the National Gateway)

Daido Signal CO., Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Daqin Railway Co., Ltd
(Company Overview, Railroad Operations, Capex)

Delachaux S.A.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

East Japan Railway Company
(Company Overview, Rail Operations)

Faiveley Transport SA
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products, Revenue by Product, Sales by Region, Major Contracts, Recent Activities, Backlog, Revenue Per Employee, Research and Development)

FreightCar America, Inc
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products, Railcar Outlook)

GATX Corporation
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Fleet, Operations, Suppliers, Investments)

General Electric Company
(Company Overview, Transportation Division, Rail Infrastructure, Rail Products, Locomotives, Locomotive Unit Sales, Locomotive Average Selling Price, Signaling & Communications, Operations Control Center, Rail Services)

Guodian Nanjing Automation Co., Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Hitachi, Ltd
(Company Overview, Social Infrastructure & Industrial Systems Segment, Rail Infrastructure, Revenues and Margins, Available Market, Market Share, Competitive Position, High-Speed Rail, History, Product Offerings, Series E5 Orders, Series E6 Orders, Overseas Expansion, Hitachi, KHI, MHI JVs, Merger of Operations with MHI, Strategic Synergies)

Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, High-Speed Rail, Subway Automation)

Hyundai Rotem Company
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products, Projects, Competitive Advantages, US Labor Problems)

Invensys plc
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Operations by Sector, Rail Revenue, Rail Profits, Rail Backlog by Region, Outlook, CSR Agreement, Products, Control Systems & Communications, Interlockings & Protection Systems, CBTC & Driverless Solutions, Trackside Equipment, Maintenance & Service, Crossings, Locomotive Equipment, Project & System Engineering & Design, Recent Contract Wins, Recent Projects)

Jinxi Axle Company Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Kalindee Rail Nirman (Engineers) Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, US Subway Car Market, KHI Market Position, North American Subway Projects, Aging Subway Fleet, Asia Market, DORTS, India and Vietnam)

KI Holdings Co Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Sales/Profits, Products, Vehicle Monitoring System, Destination Signs, Interior Information Signs, Under Floor Systems, Passenger Seats, Station Information Systems, Railway Cars, New Technologies)

Leighton Holdings Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Lem Holding SA
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Projects, EDSA Rail Transit System, Line 3 (LRT), New Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) Development, Maglev System (HSST), Hitachi JV)

Midas Holdings Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Aluminium Alloy Division, Alstom, Siemens, Bombardier, Manufacturing, Projects, China, Outlook)

Nabtesco Corporation
(Company Overview, History, Rail Infrastructure)

Nippon Rietec Company Limited
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products, Orders, Outlook)

Norfolk Southern Corp.
(Company Overview, Rail Operations, Triple Crown Services, Coal Traffic, General Merchandise Traffic, Intermodal Traffic, Passenger Operations, Noncarrier Operations, Capex, Capital Projects, Update on Key Corridor Projects)

Siemens AG
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Mobility, Revenue by Product/Service, Margins, Products/Services, Rail Automation, Level Crossing Protection Systems, Electronic Interlockings, Operations Control Systems, Track Vacancy Detection, Cargo, Rail Communication, Automatic Train Control, Signaling Components, Trainguard - ETCS Solution, ETCS Trackside Equipment, System Components of Lineside Equipment for ETCS Level 1, System Components of Lineside Equipment for ETCS Level 2, Commuter and Regional Trains, High-Speed and Intercity Trains, Locomotives, Test and Validation Center Wegberg-Wildenrath, Trams and Light Rail Transits, Railway Electrification, Traction Power Supply, System Design, Contact Line, Complete Rail Solutions, Components and Systems, Metros, Service, Major Customers, Rolling Stock Products and Customers, Production Sites)

SNC-Lavalin Group Inc
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Recent Projects, Recent Awards, Other Canadian Transit Project Opportunities)

Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Market Position, Sales, Profits, Strengths, Manufacturing, Orders)

Telvent Git, S.A.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, SmartMobility Rail Suite, Independent Modules, SmartMobility Rail Traffic, SmartMobility Rail Station, SmartMobility Fare Collection, SmartMobility Light Rail)

Thales SA
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Ground Transportation Business, Ground Transportation Revenue, Rail Served Market, Products, Train Control ETCS (European Train Control System, AlTrac, Customer Services, Recent Projects)

The Greenbrier Companies
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Products, Manufacturing, Wheel Services, Refurbishment and Parts, Leasing and Services, Management Services, Customers)

(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

The Nippon Signal Co., Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Sales/Earnings, Overseas Experience, Products)

Trakcja Polska S.A.
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

Trinity Industries, Inc
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Railcar Leasing and Management Services Group)

Union Pacific Corporation
(Company Overview, Rail Operations, Agricultural, Automotive, Chemicals, Energy, Industrial Products, Intermodal, Capex, Proposed West Coast Coal Export Terminals)

Voestalpine AG
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure)

VTG Aktiengesellschaft
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Offering, Focus on Wagon Hire, Quality Basis, Competitive Landscape, Oligopolistic Market Structure, High Barriers to Entry, Competitive Differentiation, Group Synergistic Potential, Business Quality and Earnings Resilience, Market Growth, Wagon Hire Structural Growth, Moderate Growth in Cars, Limited Room for Price Increases, Utilization Rates, Logistics Division Sales)

Wabtec Corporation
(Company Overview, Diversification Efforts, Ongoing Cost-Reduction Initiatives, Rail Infrastructure, Business Segments, Products, Revenue by Product, Revenue by Region, Revenue by OEM Vs. Aftermarket, The Freight Group, Products, Freight Group Sales by Segment and Region, North American Freight Rail Car Fleet, North American Freight Locomotive Flee, Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Braking, Freight Group International Markets, China JVs, Cooling Systems, The Transit Group, Transit Revenue by Segment, Type, Region, Commuter Locomotives/Transit Cars, Component Prices, US Transit Car Outlook, European/Asian Presence, Rail Safety Act of 2008, Positive Train Control, PTC Opportunity, New Technology Adoption Problems, PTC Revenue, New Products and Technologies, Backlog, Acquisitions, Rationale for Xorail Acquisition)

Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd
(Company Overview, Rail Infrastructure, Milestones, Core Products, Electrical Components Also Growth Driver, Market Position, Competitive Strengths, Business Mix and Growth, Cost Structure, Product Offerings, Sales Volume, Average Selling Price, Revenue and Growth by Product Segment, New 9,600 KW Locomotive,


  • Rapid Urbanization in Emerging Economies
  • Rapid Increase in Megacities in Emerging Economies
  • Population and Particulate Matter Levels in World's Major Cities: 2007
  • Trains Capacity to Transport Vs. Other Modes of Transport
  • Railway Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions Vs. Other Modes of Transport
  • Planned Infrastructure Investment in G20 Stimulus Measures: 2009-2010
  • Major Countries and Regions That Have Announced Investment In Railway Infrastructure
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Total Market: 2007
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Accessible Market: 2007-2016
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Accessible Market by Segment: Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Control Systems, Services: 2007-2016
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Market Growth by Segment: 2007-2016
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Market by Region (China, Asia ex-China, Latin America, North America, CIS, Europe): 2005-2010, 2011-2016
  • Global Railway Infrastructure Market Shares by Company: 2002 Vs. 2010
  • Classification of Railways by Purpose of Transport
  • Types of Urban Railways
  • Subways in Major Cities in Industrialized Countries (Population, Passengers): 2007, 2025
  • Transportation Market Breakdowns for Major Cities in East Asia by Mode
  • Length of High-Speed Railway Lines Worldwide
  • Chinese Freight and Passenger Volumes: 1952-2008
  • China's High-Speed Rail Network Plan
  • Chinese Government Spending on Railways: 1998-2010
  • US and Other Developed Countries Passenger Vs. Freight Traffic: 2006
  • Passenger Volume in Various Countries by Mode of Transport
  • US High-Speed Rail Development Plan
  • High-Speed Rail Trend for Maximum Speed in Service: 1960-2010
  • Four Types of Railway Contracts
  • International Rail Infrastructure Business Models Vary in France and Japan
  • Taiwan High-Speed Rail Project Details
  • Dubai Metro Project Details
  • Major Projects in Brazil, India, and the US
  • Projected Schedule and Details for Major Rail Projects: 2009-2016
  • Indian Dedicated Freight Corridor Project
  • Indian Dedicated Freight Corridor Project Cost Calculations (2007) for Rolling Stock and Signaling/Communications Systems
  • California High-Speed Rail Project and Cost Calculations
  • Rolling Stock Production Company Market Shares: 2001 - 2006
  • Company Shares of Rolling Stock Production for High-Speed Railways: 2004 - 2008
  • China Railway Network (000 KM): 2007-2020
  • China Railway High-Speed Railway Network (000 KM): 2007-2020
  • China Urban Railway Network (000 KM): 2007-2020
  • China's Rapid and Sustainable Urbanization Ratio: 1955-2020
  • China Rolling Stock Market (Rmb Billion): 2005-2020
  • China Rolling Stock Refurbishment and Growth (Rmb Billion): 2009-2020
  • China Rolling Stock Industry Market Share (%) by Product Type (Multiple Units, RTVs, Locomotives, Freight Wagons, Passenger Carriages): 2009-2020
  • Chinese Multiple Units in Use (Volume) and Density (Unit/Km Railway); 2011-2020
  • China MU Demand (Rmb Billion) and Growth (%), OEM Vs. Refurbishment: 2009-2020
  • Chinese High-Power Locomotives in Use (Units) and Growth Rate (%): 2009-2020
  • Chinese Electrified Lines in Use (Units) and Electrification Ratio (%): 2008-2020
  • Chinese Rapid Transit Vehicle Market-OEM Vs. Refurbishment (Rmb Billion) and Growth Rate (%): 2009-2020
  • CSR & CNR: Large Overseas Expansion Potential (Rmb Billion): 2009-2020
  • MoR's Investments in the Procurement of Railway Vehicles, 2008-2015
  • Top 3 Chinese EPC Companies' Market Shares For Railway Projects Awarded by MoR: 2006-2011
  • High-Speed Rail Lines Europe: 2011
  • High-Speed Rail Lines Asia: 2011
  • Global Growth in High-Speed Rail Networks by Region (Km): 1980-2010
  • Alstom Transport Revenues by Segment: 2010
  • Alstom Transport Revenues by Region: 2010
  • Ansaldo STS Revenue & Margin History: 2004-2013
  • Ansaldo Breda Revenue & Margin History: 2004-2013
  • Global Rail Signalling Market Share by Company (%): 2010
  • ERTMS Wayside Market Share by Company (%): 2010
  • ERTMS Onboard Market Share by Company (%): 2010
  • China Subway Signalling Market Share by Company (%): 2010
  • Length Planned for Rapid Transit System in China (KM)
  • Bombardier Transportation Revenues by Product Segment (US$ Billion): 2007-2011
  • Bombardier Revenue Diversification by Selected Developed and BRIC Countries
  • Bombardier Transportation Product Portfolio: 2011
  • Bombardier Transportation Revenues by Product Segment (US$ Billion): 2007-2011
  • Bombardier New and Existing Product Opportunities in Emerging Markets
  • Global Rail Equipment Market Shares by Company: 2008-2010 and 2007-2009
  • Bombardier Transportation Market Position by Product
  • Main Rolling Stock Export Contracts Awarded to China's Two Leading Train Manufacturers by Country, Product, Supplier and Value: 2010-2011
  • EBIT Targets (%, $) for Bombardier Transportation: 2003-2011
  • Large Bombardier Transportation Orders by Purchase Type and Value: 2010-2011
  • CNR Revenue Breakdown by Product Segment (%): 2006-2009
  • CNR Revenue Structure by Customer Type: 2006-2009
  • CNR Cost Structure by Input (%): 2010
  • CNR Production Facilities and Products Produced
  • Leading Railway Rolling Stock Producers Sales and Market Shares ($ Billion): 2009
  • CSR Revenue Breakdown by Product Segment (%): 2009-2012
  • CSR Revenue Structure by Customer Type: 2005-2009
  • CSR Cost Structure by Input (%): 2010
  • CSR Railway and Urban Rail Exposure Compared to Its Peers (Percent of Total Revenue): 2009
  • CRS vs. CNR Market Share by Rolling Stock Product Category: 2009
  • CSR vs. CNR Production Capacity by Rolling Stock Product Category (Units): 2009
  • GE Locomotive Deliveries (Units): 2005-2010
  • Market Share by Supplier of Subway Cars Owned by NYCTA: 2010
  • Subway Cars Owned by NYCTA by Years in Service: Spring 2010
  • US Rail Passenger Volume Growth Vs. US Population Growth: 1995-2010
  • NYC Rail Passenger Volume and Growth Trend (Million): 2001-2009
  • Siemens Mobility Main Production Sites, Location, Market Segments, Employees Per Site, Products and Activities
  • Rail Cars and Services Companies Market Shares in Europe: 2010, Wabtec OEM Vs. Aftermarket Sales by Segment: 2003-2010
  • Times Electric Leading Products Market Shares in China: 2011
  • Times Electric Revenue Structure by Product Segment (%): 2003-2009
  • Times Electric Cost Structure by Component: 2010


  • Trams and LRT Vs. Subways by Region (Number): 2005-2008
  • High-Speed Railways Line Development in Japan and Europe (Year Opened, Country, Route, Length): 1964-2002
  • Countries and Regions with High-Speed Railways (Year Opened, Country, Number of Trains and Cars, Type of Cars, Top Speed, Maker): 1964-2008
  • High-Speed Railway Lines Currently Being Planned (excluding China)
  • Comparison of the Shinkansen, TGV and ICE
  • AGV and efSET Comparison
  • Big Three Market Positions Vs. Competitors for Rolling Stock by Type, Signaling Equipment, Systems and Service
  • Railway Freight and Passenger Traffic Density by Major Country in 2005
  • China Freight and Passenger Traffic Density Projections to 2020
  • China Rolling Stock Market-Locomotives, Multiple Units, Passenger Carriages, Freight Wagons, RTVs, OEM Vs. Refurbishment, (Volume, Rmb Billion, CAGR): 2009-2020
  • Ministry of Railways Funding Support for Railway Sector: 3Q 2011
  • Chinese Railway Outlook (Length, High-Speed, Non-High-Speed): 2007-2015
  • Assumptions on Chinese Railway Equipment Investment: 2011-2015
  • Major Chinese Railway Projects Under Construction (Km, Km/hr, Capex (Rmb Billion), Construction Period: 2007-2016
  • Hong Kong's Rail/Subway Projects Status
  • High-Speed Rail Standards
  • High-Speed Trains of World by Name, Operator, Family, Manufacturer, Operating Speed, Design Speed, Service, Picture: 2011
  • High-Speed Rail Networks of the World by Country, Region, In Operation (Km), Under Construction (Km), Total Country (Km), Electrification
  • China High-Speed Rail Build-Out by Line, Length (km) Investment (Rmb Billion), Status: 2011
  • Alstom Sales, Orders, Book-Bill, Organic Growth, Operating Income, Margins by Operating Segment (€ Million): 2009-2013
  • Alstom Transport Orders by Country, Value, Contract, In-Service: July 2010-October 2011
  • Bombardier's Chinese Strategy
  • Bombardier's Position in India
  • Bombardier Key Projects to be Awarded
  • Bombardier Innovative Very High-Speed Train Technologies
  • Bombardier Customer Technology Needs
  • Most Important Contracts Obtained by CAF (€ Million, Product, Units, Cars, Customer, Year Awarded): 2005-2011
  • CNR Sales Volume (Units), Revenue (Rmb Million), Average Selling Price (Rmb/Unit) and Growth by Segment (Locomotives, Passenger Carriages, Freight Wagons, MUs, RTVs): 2005-2009
  • CSR Major Subsidiaries
  • CSR Sales Volume (Units), Revenue (Rmb Million), Average Selling Price (Rmb/Unit) and Growth by Segment (Locomotives, Passenger Carriages, Freight Wagons, MUs, RTVs): 2005-2009
  • CSR New Orders and Order Backlog by Product Segment (Rmb billion): 2009-2012
  • CSR's New Products Using Rolling Stock Technology
  • Subway Car Rolling Stock Projects in North America (Period, Project, Order Value, Delivery Schedule): 2005-2016
  • Subway Car Rolling Stock Projects in Asia (Period, Project, Order Value, Delivery Schedule): 2003-2017
  • Norfolk Southern Major Capital Projects
  • Norfolk Southern Intermodal Terminal Expansion Projects: 2010-2013
  • Siemens Divisional and Industry Revenue, Revenue Growth (EUR Million): 2007-2013
  • Siemens Divisional and Industry Profits, Profit Growth (EUR Million): 2007-2013
  • Siemens Mobility Selected Rolling Stock Sales by Model, Description and Customer
  • Siemens Mobility Selected Rolling Stock Sales by Model, Description and Customer
  • Siemens Mobility Main Production Sites, Location, Market Segments, Employees Per Site, Products and Activities
  • New Subway and LRT Projects In Canada
  • Kinki Sharyo Trains
  • Proposed West Coast Coal Export Terminals
  • VTG at Glance (Products, Sales, Market Share, Customers/Industries, Competitors, Sales by Region, Capacity Utilization, EBITA, Margins, ROA)
  • VTG at Glance (Number of Wagons, Consolidated Wagons, Utilization Rate, Daily Rate, Sales Per Consolidated): 2009-2011
  • Wabtec Revenue by Region: 2005-2010
  • Wabtec PTC Contracts: 2006-2011
  • Wabtec Acquisition History by Deal Details: 2006-2011
  • Times Electric Product Summary (Product Categories, Products, Functions, Share of Revenue, Market Share)
  • Times Electric Sales Volume, Average Selling Price, Revenue and Growth by Segment (Train Power Converters and Control Systems (By Type), Operation Safety Equipment, Electrical Control Systems, Power Semiconductor Devices): 2005-2009
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