Competitor Intelligence Report

発行 Tarifica 商品コード 278024
出版日 年4回 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報 英文
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移動体通信事業者競合情報レポート Competitor Intelligence Report
出版日: 年4回 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報: 英文

Tarificaの年間契約型情報サービスCompetitor Intelligence Reportは、四半期ごとに発行される総合的なレポートを通じて、同社が追跡している世界各国の移動体通信事業者258社のサービスと料金戦略についての説得力ある明瞭な識見を提供するもので、各社のプラン、料金、サービスのトレンドを理解するための有効な指針となります。




  • 現在提供されている各種タイプのプランの数(消費者向け/企業向け、プリペイド/ポストペイド、機器代金込み/機器なし、データ通信なし/データ通信のみなど)とその変化
  • 現在提供されているすべてのプランやサービスに対する通信事業者の料金算定方法とその進化
  • 新たに提供が始まったサービスとその規模
  • 新たに設定/変更された特定機器向けプランの数と対応機器(スマートフォン、タブレット、USBモデムなど)
  • データ通信のみのプランの設計
    • データ通信の使用割当量
    • 接続速度
    • 1GBあたりの料金
  • 考案されているバンドルのタイプと料金設定、その変化および変化を促している要因
  • 強調されている/強調されていないプランのタイプ





Tarifica's Competitor Intelligence Report is comprehensive quarterly report that provides powerful and clear insights into the offerings and pricing strategies of any of the 258 mobile operators Tarifica tracks around the world, serving as an invaluable guide to the trends in a mobile operator's plans, prices and offers.

The Competitor Intelligence Report tracks and graphs every consumer and business offer from the selected mobile operator, examining all of its plans by price, service features, device type and other metrics. In addition to the numerical and graphical data, each report includes an Executive Summary containing Tarifica's analysis of noteworthy trends and developments in the operator's offerings. These insights are combined with the data to provide a deeper understanding of the factors driving the numbers and the strategy/thinking of each operator.

Plans and prices are presented in local currency - so there is no need to perform any conversion. Subscribers receive four quarterly reports. Each report contains data from the previous four quarters, resulting in a trend analysis covering a total of seven quarters in an annual subscription.

Each Competitor Intelligence Report answers critical questions about a mobile operator, including:

  • How many plans of each type are offered (Consumer/Business, Prepaid/Postpaid, Device Included/No Device, No Data/Data Only, etc.) and how is this changing?
  • How does the operator price all of its current plans and services and how have these evolved?
  • What new services are being rolled out and how extensively?
  • How many device-specific plans are being created/modified and for which devices (e.g., Smartphone, Tablet, USB Modem)?
  • How is the operator designing data only plans? For instance:
    • Data Allowance
    • Connection Speeds
    • Price per GB
  • What types of bundles are being designed, how are they being priced, how has this changed and what is driving these changes?
  • What types of plans are being emphasized/deemphasized?

Each subscription includes access to the Tarifica Analyst responsible for producing the report. This analyst is available to interpret the data and to answer any follow-up questions. In addition, every report is accompanied by Tarifica's current rate file for the operator, which provides in-depth details on each of its plans and can be used to dig deeper into the data for more analysis.

In total, subscribers receive an annual subscription that includes four quarterly Competitor Intelligence Reports (covering a total of seven quarters of data), four corresponding Tarifica rate files and direct analyst support. Furthermore, if you are interested in following all of the competition in your home market or region, volume discounts are available.

Each Competitor Intelligence Report is an exhaustive study that covers the full scope and evolution of a mobile operator's consumer and business offers, providing operators, regulators and other industry participants with actionable intelligence on the competition.

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