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Rx Price Index Database

出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス | 発行: Black Swan Analysis | ページ情報: 英文

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出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス
発行: Black Swan Analysis
ページ情報: 英文
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  • 大半は保健機関や政府機関のデータベースです。


  • メーカー出荷価格は、製薬会社が製品を販売する際の価格です (付加価値税、利益、利掛けなどは含みません) 。
  • 計算はいずれも外部検証法と内部検証法を用いて確認されています。


  • データベース上で確実に調整できるよう、データは、すべて英語に翻訳され、標準化されています。
  • データの堅牢性を確保するため、強力なコンテンツ管理が導入されています。


  • ゲートキーパーのリスト
  • 無作為抽出チェックを定期的に実施
  • データ監査


Rx Price Indexを活用することでデータに裏付けられた意思決定が可能になります。














Rx Price Indexは、ユーザーを念頭に置いて設計されており、直感的なユーザーインタフェースでデータベース内をスムーズに移動しながら必要な価格データを素早く見つけ出すことができます。




分野疑問点Rx Price Indexのソリューション
各社の勢力図 欧州市場で販売されている競合企業各社の医薬品にはどのようなものがありますか。また、設定されている価格はいくらですか。市場の現状に関する総合的な情報を提供し、競争環境についての信頼性の高いビジョンを提示します。
製品投入計画の立案 データベースをどのように活用すれば、新製品を各国の市場に投入する最適な順序を判断することができますか。欧州での参考市場価格に基づき新製品を市場に投入するための最適な順序を判断する作業を支援します。
価格設定 自社の医薬品の価格をいくらに設定することができますか。市場で確定している価格に基づき透明性の高い価格戦略を策定するための基本的な作業を支援します。
カスタムアクセス 特定のデータにアクセスしたり、カスタムレポートを依頼したりすることはできますか。特定の国のデータにアクセスすることが可能であり、クライアントのニーズに合うカスタムレポートも提供することができます。


Rx Price Indexは、欧州25ヶ国の市場を網羅しており、調査対象となる国は今後さらに増える見通しです。



The Rx Price Index™ is an online database that pulls together pricing information for all licensed available pharmaceutical products across the European markets and other select countries.

The Rx Price Index™ platform is designed to support business decisions and business cases around value-based pricing by providing competitor price points, European launch orders and loss of exclusivity (LOE) driven price events. Furthermore, our pricing data can be used within commercial forecasts since it has been validated, can be referenced, and represents a harmonised dataset and price point that is equal and comparable regardless of the market. All margins and mark-ups are transparent and checked against individual market assumptions and insight.

Country Coverage

Extensive coverage of 32 global markets with additional countries added every month based on demand.

Intuitive User Interface

An easy to use interface makes it simple to conduct a rapid analysis of the European therapeutic landscape to understand the competitive environment and determine price points.

Prices from Ex-Factory to Retail

The platform displays ex-factory, wholesaler, pharmacy and retail prices calculated from country-specific margins and mark-ups. This includes consultation with local experts to validate the assumptions used in determining these price points.

Export to Excel

The database can export data queries to Excel, to allow easy integration of data into your analysis and forecasts.

Tailored to User Needs

The Rx Price Indexfacilitates seamless navigation across the database to find the prices you need in a matter of seconds.

Monthly Updates & Longitudinal Data

To enable regular monitoring of trends and events, monthly updates of the current pricing developments and new product launches are included along with longitudinal data from June 2015.

Geographic Coverage

The Rx Price Index™ covers 32 global markets with future expansions scheduled

This is a live database and is updated regularly.

Unlocking the Value in Your Business

One platform to oversee the pharmaceutical landscape

Download required information to Excel instantly and generate trends, spot launch order patterns and analyse LOE events based on price that can be used for business cases, commercial forecast inputs, market access models or early/late phase asset valuations.

The Rx Price Index™ provides an intuitive user interface to present; longitudinal pricing data from June 2015 to date, rolling monthly updates, four price types (ex-factory, wholesaler, pharmacy and retail) with margin and mark-up assumptions and an expanding country coverage of 32 global markets currently in the database, all with a single log-in.

Exhaustive data sources for robust data management

The platform combines both private and public sources of information to provide accurate and complete country coverage. Multiple sources per country are used to verify both accuracy and product coverage, providing an unparalleled comprehensive dataset for prescription medicines.

Directly compare drug prices across markets. All our information is translated and harmonised to an internal standard using a series of data libraries and algorithms to maintain high-quality data across the platform.

Reimbursed Price across multiple markets

Rx Price Index also displays the reimbursed price for prescription products across 14 European markets.

Accurate pricing across multiple price points

Country specific margins, fees and taxes are applied to the published price to generate pricing across the whole product value chain. Countries publish pharmaceutical product list prices; however, this may be different to the ex-factory price. By applying country specific margins and mark-ups and with a thorough understanding of the country's healthcare system the different price types are calculated.

Rx Price Index displays four price points:

  • Ex-Factory Price: Is the price established by the manufacturer, it may also be known as ex-manufacturer price. This price does not include any margins, mark-ups or tax.
  • Wholesaler Price: The price at which the wholesaler sells the product. May also be known as Pharmacy Purchase Price (PPP). It includes country-specific wholesaler margins.
  • Pharmacy Price: Does not include any taxes or additional fees such as the pharmacy dispensing fee (where applicable) but does include the margin between wholesaler and pharmacy. Both wholesaler and pharmacy margins are applied to the wholesaler price.
  • Retail Price: It includes the wholesaler and the pharmacy margins plus taxes such as VAT or a mandatory pharmacy dispensing fee.

Why use Ex-Factory Price?

  • Different countries have different margins, mark-ups and taxation levels and Ex-factory gives a consistent price point across any country regardless of these differences
  • Pharma companies base their forecasts on the ex-factory price, then apply gross to net factors locally. This ensures consistency and comparability between country forecasts.

Advanced analytics tools

Analytical tools are added to Rx Price Index™ to allow easy and effortless data manipulation and analysis directly on the platform. A variety of tools are being developed allowing for both product analysis, (price tracking, biosimilar launch tracking) and market analysis tools that will provide an initial assessment of the European market such as competitor analysis.

AreaQuestionRx Price Index™ Solution
Competitive LandscapeWhich competitor drugs are available in which European markets and what price are they set at?Providing a comprehensive snapshot of the market giving a reliable picture of the competitive terrain. You will be able to access product information down to the product pack size and strength.
Launch PlanningHow does the database enable me to determine the optimal launch sequence for new products?Determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points. Analyse your competitor's launch pattern and price setting and/or the impact that an LOE event will have on price erosion
PricingWhat price can I set for my drug?Lay the foundation for a transparent pricing strategy based on established price points in the market. All pricing information is sourced, and margins and mark-ups are documented therefore allowing you to build a robust and accurate pricing strategy.
Custom AccessCan I access the data partially or request custom reports? Should you not find the data that you are looking for or would require analysis of the data we can prepare ad-hoc client-based custom reports tailored to your needs. Drop us an email for more information
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