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Network Orchestration

発行 Analysys Mason 商品コード 294430
出版日 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報 英文 Subscription Program
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インフラストラクチャーソリューション Network Orchestration
出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報: 英文 Subscription Program



  • エレメント、ネットワーク、およびドメイン管理のためにCSPが利用するソフトウェアシステム
  • NEM、ISV、システムインテグレーター、およびITシステムサプライヤーの評価
  • 市場動向、ソリューションの比較、および投資に寄与する主要素が含まれます


  • マルチベンダー通信ソフトウェアソリューションおよび専門サービスを提供するサプライヤーの戦略
  • 次世代サービスの実現におけるネットワーク管理システム(NMS)の役割の変化
  • 多様な実現シナリオのための提供プロセス
  • NMS要件に新たな技術がもたらす影響
  • 提供するソリューションおよび専門サービス商品を拡充・強化するために、サプライヤーはどのような手順を踏んでいるのか


  • NEMのネットワーク管理システム:世界市場の予測
  • NEMのネットワーク管理システム:世界市場におけるシェア
  • NEC MS5000:ネットワーク管理システム
  • 通信ソフトウェア専門サービス:新たなサービスと仮想化はCSPとサプライヤー間のパートナーシップを促進
  • OracleがTekelecを買収、通信事業に対する強い拘りを実証
  • MWC 2013:ネットワーク機能の仮想化およびソフトウェア定義ネットワーキングはまだ明確ではないが、無視はできない
  • 統合およびイノベーションが、コスト削減および収益増のためのCSPの事業転換を促進
  • Ciena:ネットワーク管理システム
  • OracleがAcme Packetを買収、ワンストップショップ戦略の実現を継続
  • Cisco Live 2013にてCSPのニーズに対応可能な「新たな」Cisco Systemを発表
  • ケーススタディー:Telekom Malaysiaが固定事業の転換によって利益を得る
  • NEMのネットワーク管理システム:世界市場の予測
    • 地域別・サービス区分別5カ年予測
    • モバイル、ビジネスサービス、住宅ブロードバンド、PSTN
  • コメント:主要な業界の動きに関するアナリストの視点


  • 通信ソフトウェア専門サービス:世界の市場シェア、2012年(2013年第3四半期)
  • 通信ソフトウェア専門サービス:世界の市場予測、2012-2017年(2013年第4四半期)、データ付表付き

Analysys Mason's Telecoms Software research stream provides market share and forecast data, as well as in-depth analysis of trends in the global telecoms software market. Infrastructure Solutions is one of ten programmes in this research stream. It covers telecoms software professional services as well as the traditional network management systems (NMS) software used by communications service providers (CSPs). NMS are mature operations support systems (OSS) that operationalise and manage network equipment. We analyse the successes and failures of leading CSPs, compare leading software and solution suppliers, and identify the primary factors contributing to investments in this market segment.

Our industry analysts will help you to:

  • make informed strategic business decisions, based on the data we provide about the market's size and growth rate
  • identify the primary factors contributing to investments in these markets in different regions
  • establish a clear position for investments in technologies and services (TSPS), for mergers and acquisitions (for suppliers) and procurement (for CSPs).

Some of the issues we address include:

  • the strategies of suppliers that provide multi-vendor telecoms software solutions and professional services
  • the changing role of NMSs in enabling next-generation technologies and services
  • the delivery process for different implementation scenarios
  • how emerging technologies affect NMS requirements
  • what steps suppliers are taking to broaden and enhance their solutions and professional service offerings.


The service in detail

For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect the following.

    Market share reports: provide analysis of the TSPS and NMS segments overall, based on continuous briefings and market analysis. Include market shares of leading vendors, vendor comparisons, market definitions and recommendations.
  • Market forecast reports: provide analysis of the TSPS and NMS segments overall, based on continuous briefings and market analysis. Include five-year market forecasts for major TSPS and NMS sub-segments, analysis of the business environment, an examination of market drivers, and recommendations for clients.
  • Strategic report: a comprehensive overview of the latest strategic approaches to infrastructure solutions.
  • Viewpoint: cover a specific area in telecoms software or a new market opportunity relevant to our clients. It includes a market definition, analysis of the topic's importance and potential impact on the client, and a prediction of market development in the next three years.
  • Comments: include concrete examples of specific company approaches as well as pertinent commentary on trends and developments.
  • Company profiles: include financial data, details of main products and key customers, an analysis of market position and of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Access to experts: unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, providing practical advice in answer to ad hoc questions relating to our research.

Programme deliverables

Telecoms software market segments

Professional services sub-segments explained

  • Business consulting provides advisory services in the areas of business process, workflows, organisation issues and strategic planning, such as how to enter a market or how to package a service.
  • Design consulting provides advisory design services prior to a telecoms network, software and/or systems implementation in the areas of OSS, BSS and service delivery platform (SDP) architecture, network planning and optimisation and data or information models.
  • Product-related services are the installation, training and lifecycle management services related to a specific software deployment.
  • Systems integration concerns the services required to manage and deliver major telecoms software projects in the OSS, BSS and applications areas to meet CSPs' specific requirements.
  • Custom development refers to telecoms software that is written specifically for an individual CSP, typically as a result of their ownership of legacy and proprietary systems, software or interfaces.
  • Outsourced operations are the professional or specialist services provided by external suppliers' human resources to operate and maintain a CSP's assets, which can include all related operational responsibilities.
  • Hosted managed services are managed and provided by the supplier using its own infrastructure in its network operation centres.
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