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Digital Economy Platform

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出版日 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報 英文 Subscription Program
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デジタルエコノミー Digital Economy Platform
出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報: 英文 Subscription Program



Anamysys Masonが提供する本年間情報サービスの調査プログラムは、通信事業者が行う投資の内容とその根拠に焦点を絞り込んだものであり、ベンダーや通信事業者がデジタルエコノミー市場のビジネスチャンスを最大限活かそうとするうえで避けて通ることのできないさまざまな重要課題について考えます。


  • 本調査プログラムは、新たな市場を中心に芽生えつつある通信サービスのプロバイダーやベンダーにとっての新たなビジネスチャンスに焦点を絞り込んだものです。
  • 本調査プログラムで当初取り上げる主なトピックは、健康、決済、広告、ホームオートメーション、セキュリティです。
  • 本調査プログラムの主な要素は、潜在的なビジネスチャンスの評価、通信事業者やベンダーがデジタルエコノミーのバリューチェーンで演じることが可能な役割の明確化、FacebookやGoogleなど、バリューチェーンのなかで顕著な業績を上げている企業のポジショニング分析です。
  • 本調査プログラムは、ソフトウェアと事業部門体制の導入に焦点を絞り込んだ調査プログラム「Digital Economy Software Strategies」を補完するもので、通信事業者が行う投資の内容とその根拠が焦点となります。


  • 健康、決済/お金、商取引、ホームオートメーション、セキュリティ、広告
  • 新たなビジネスモデル(提携を含む)と基本的な技術




  • デジタルエコノミー:2014〜2019年の世界市場の予測
    • 世界8地域における各種デジタルエコノミー関連サービス(モバイル決済、モバイルヘルス、モバイル広告など)の市場におけるビジネスチャンスの評価と予測
  • デジタルエコノミースコアカード:通信事業者が推進するデジタルエコノミー戦略の実績の明確化と評価
  • デジタルエコノミーの分野における消費者向けアプリの進化、コンテンツの利用、行動、選好度についての理解と将来に向けての準備
  • デジタルエコノミー関連の企業:各社が推進している戦略の概要(Amazon、Apple、Facebook、Googleなど)−デジタルエコノミーのバリューチェーンにおける継続的な進化
  • デジタルエコノミーのビジネスモデル:各種提携モデルと収益モデルのケーススタディと分析
  • モバイル決済とモバイルコマースの戦略−アジア太平洋、欧州、世界各地域における展開:ビジネスモデル、収益機会、バリューチェーンにおける通信事業者のポジショニング


  • 2014年のネットワーク接続サービス利用に関する消費者調査:デジタルエコノミー関連のサービス
    • 欧州5ヶ国と米国の市場におけるデジタルエコノミー関連の各種サービスに対する消費者の態度、選好度、購入意思
  • 消費者のスマートフォン利用状況調査:デバイス利用状況追跡アプリを使った調査−デジタルエコノミー関連のサービスやモバイルコマースアプリケーションの利用状況の分析
    • 欧州3ヶ国と米国におけるデジタルエコノミー関連アプリについての識見を提供する一次調査(デバイス上で稼動するArbitron Mobileのアプリから得られる計測データをベースにした調査)


  • デジタルエコノミーに関するKPIの追跡調査(四半期ごとに最新版を発行)
    • FacebookやGoogleなど主なインターネット企業のKPIを追跡調査し、四半期ごとにレポートを発行

Operators need to look at new long-term revenue opportunities in the face of declining voice and messaging revenue. New verticals such as mobile payments, mobile health, mobile advertising, and home automation and security require some level of business transformation, as operators expand into the B2B and B2B2C space and create an entirely new competitive landscape. Operators and vendors still have much to learn from the leaders of the digital economy, such as soon-to-be ‘co-opetitors' Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.

For vendors and operators, Analysys Mason's Digital Economy research programme addresses the key issues around maximising the opportunities in digital economy markets, such as:

  • opportunity sizing : assessing operator and vendor opportunity in new verticals, such as m-commerce, mobile health, mobile marketing and smart homes
  • players in the value chain : analysing the positioning of Internet players (for example, Facebook and Google), vendors (such as Apple and Samsung), developers, content players and mobile operators, and corresponding business models
  • market state of play : tracking the latest market developments via case studies and best practices among operators and their competitors in various regions of the world
  • mobile content and apps usage : quantifying usage and adoption of different categories of app, and the impact it has on operators' digital business.

This programme complements our Digital Economy Software Strategies programme, which focuses on software and business unit implementation, whereas Digital Economy will focus on the ‘what' and ‘why' of telco involvement.

Programme highlights

Analysys Mason provides comprehensive analysis of the key issues affecting the digital economy market, including:

  • profiling and assessing the performance of operators' digital economy strategies
  • understanding and preparing for evolving consumer apps and content usage , behaviour and preferences in the digital economy sector
  • quantifying the take-up and impact of disruptive apps and technologies
  • assessing digital economy players and services - their continued evolution, role in the value chain, revenue generation and acquisition strategies
  • examining customer segmentation and analytics as a key tool - best practice, turning data into changed practices and service offerings
  • analysing digital economy business models - case studies and analysis of various partnership and revenue models
  • providing insight into the new vertical apps market - focusing on five key areas: m-commerce, m-health, mobile marketing, operator apps and utilities
  • reviewing operators' network APIs and the dynamics of over-the-top (OTT) partnerships .

Market commentary by lead analyst

“The future of the telco economy is digital. The revenue growth patterns experienced by Facebook and Google in recent quarters demonstrate significant monetisation potential for value-added services via advertising and digital commerce initiatives. Communications service providers (CSPs) can act as enablers and form partnerships with those companies, or can deploy digital economy services themselves. The telco-based digital economy market is still not fully developed and is quite experimental. It is therefore critical to identify best practices at an early stage and base business plans on realistic industry predictions.” Ronan de Renesse, Principal Analyst.

The service in detail

For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect:

  • expert analysis of digital economy markets and business models : based on Analysys Mason's expertise in and understanding of operator business models and using primary consumer research data to inform our thinking, our analysts examine the dynamics in the digital economy market and advise on strategies
  • strategic impact reports and regular market commentary : thought leadership delivered via in-depth reports and regular commentary on digital economy market developments and strategies
  • 5-year forecasts for KPIs : clients gain access to regional-level digital economy forecasts for mobile payments, mobile health, mobile advertising, and home automation and security (‘smart homes'), including KPIs such as usage and revenue
  • primary research on consumer behaviour and spending : a passive on-device monitoring app tracks a wide range of smartphone users in Europe and the USA. From this data, a series of consumer smartphone usage reports are generated that detail the day-to-day ‘realities' of how people use their smartphones - particularly in terms of app usage and mobile content integration
  • access to experts : unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, in response to ad hoc questions relating to our research.

Programme deliverables


Analysys Mason's Digital Economy research programme provides 5-year forecasts of the following KPIs for all regions of the world:

  • mobile payments: users, transaction volume and revenue by service (remittance, airtime top-ups, bill payments and merchant payments)
  • mobile health: precise metrics to be determined
  • mobile advertising: precise metrics to be determined
  • home automation and security (‘smart homes'): precise metrics to be determined.


The Digital economy KPI tracker provides an overview of historical KPIs for the top-five digital economy companies: Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google and Twitter. The KPIs include:

  • revenue
  • EBITDA margin
  • R&D expenditure
  • capex.

Geographical coverage

Analysys Mason's Digital Economy research programme provides 5-year worldwide market forecasts split into the following eight regions:

  • North America
  • Western Europe
  • Central and Eastern Europe
  • Developed Asia-Pacific
  • Emerging Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
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