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The Middle East and Africa

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出版日 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報 英文 Subscription Program
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中東・アフリカ(MEA)の通信市場 The Middle East and Africa
出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報: 英文 Subscription Program

Anamysys Mason の中東・アフリカ地域調査プログラムは、重要なデータと、この通信市場における市場機会および課題に関する洞察、ならびにドバイにおける弊社事務所がもたらす現場のサポートおよび資源を活用した成果をクライアントに提供します。


  • サービス、加入者数、売上、投資機会およびネットワーク技術戦略を含む、中東およびアフリカの通信市場
  • 調査対象地域:中東およびアフリカ、その内訳としての15カ国(リストは次のスライド参照)


  • モバイル利用動向とデータの収益化: MEAにおけるデバイスおよびサービスの動向、データ収益化、価格設定、バンドリング、およびマーケティングの戦略;携帯端末戦略および予測
  • OTTサービスの革新:OTT音声、メッセージングおよびメディア;優良事例、オペレーター戦略および市場チャレンジャー(挑戦者);消費者の行動と収益への影響
  • ワイヤレス技術戦略:LTE、2Gから3Gへの移行戦略、Wi-Fi統合およびビジネスモデル、トラフィックの拡大および動向、ならびにインフラ共有、アウトソーシングを含むコスト節約戦略
  • 接続性の拡張:域内におけるブロードバンド(モバイルおよび固定)へのアクセスの促進
  • 域内における新たなデジタルサービスの機会:B2CおよびB2B市場とバリューチェーン;M2M/モノのインターネット、モバイルマネーおよびモバイル決済、モバイルヘルス(m-health)、モバイル教育


データレポートおよび追跡調査 取り上げる予定のトピック


  • 中東・北アフリカ地域の通信市場
  • サハラ砂漠以南のアフリカ地域の通信市場
  • スマートフォンの動向と予測
    Smartphone trends and forecasts:


  • 消費者のモバイルインターネット利用、モバイルサービス支出および選好、タブレットに関する地域における一次調査
  • モバイルデータの収益化戦略:価格設定、バンドリング、VAS、2Gから3Gおよび3Gから4Gへの移行戦略
  • デバイスの値ごろ感の促進:融資、補助金、初歩レベルのスマートフォン、OSの影響


  • 革新的な取り組み、売上機会、ビジネスモデルおよび優良事例(例:モバイルマネー、モバイルヘルス:m-health)
  • MEAにおけるOTTサービス提供品、パートナーシップ、およびその影響
  • MEAにおけるM2M市場、機会、産業
  • ネットワークとインフラ
  • 中東・北アフリカにおけるLTEの展望
  • MENA(中東・北アフリカ)およびSSA(サハラ以南アフリカ)におけるワイヤレスおよび固定トラフィックの予測
  • MEA地域におけるインフラ共有:戦略、発展促進要因、影響
  • 中東における高速ブロードバンドの需要促進要因-用途、サービス(例:IPTV、バックホール、VoIP)、売上機会、基本的な接続性


  • 中東・北アフリカ地域:アルジェリア、エジプト、イスラエル、モロッコ、サウジアラビアスーダン、アラブ首長国連邦、カタール、クウェート
  • サハラ砂漠以南のアフリカ地域:ガーナ、ケニヤ、ナイジェリア、南アフリカ、タンザニア、ウガンダ



Telecoms markets in the Middle East and Africa present a dynamic combination of mature and developing environments. Operators in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are considering next-generation infrastructure investments while facing increasingly competitive mobile markets - many of which are already saturated. Effective customer segmentation, ARPU growth and the introduction of new content and media services are critical issues for service providers.

In the rapidly growing telecoms market in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), mobile is king - mobile services will replace fixed in most countries, and operators and vendors must plan investment and product development accordingly.

Key issues for the Middle East and Africa include:

  • consumer mobile usage trends and innovation: device and service trends in the Middle East and Africa - particularly in emerging markets - which will we cover through consumer surveys, analysis of handset strategies and forecasts of take-up, and an examination of the mobile money and payments markets
  • enterprise services: supply - and demand-side views and key market drivers
  • extending connectivity: international, national and access-level fibre connectivity in the region
  • cost-reduction and network expansion strategies: infrastructure sharing and outsourcing
  • customer retention and acquisition in high-churn, low ARPU-markets.

    Analysys Mason's The Middle East and Africa regional research programme offers clients critical data and insight into the opportunities and challenges of this telecoms market, and benefits from the on-the-ground support and resources of our office in Dubai.

    Market commentary by lead analyst

    “Service providers and vendors in the Middle East and North Africa must focus on maximising subscriber value and loyalty, driving mobile data usage and understanding requirements for next-generation services, while Sub-Saharan Africa offers a significant opportunity for service providers to drive mobile and fixed penetration affordably.” Karim Yaici, Analyst.

    The service in detail

    For a typical 12-month subscription, our clients can expect:

    • strategic impact reports and regular market commentary: thought leadership delivered via in-depth reports and commentary on developments and strategies for success in the telecoms market in the Middle East and Africa
    • five-year forecasts for key regional telecoms markets: mobile and fixed KPIs for MENA, SSA and 15 individual countries (listed below). Forecast KPIs include connections, ARPU and revenue, technology, usage and traffic
    • country reports: 15 detailed profiles that identify key market issues, discuss the strategies and market shares of major players, evaluate the regulatory environment and provide comprehensive KPIs. Country profiles support competitive analysis, market prioritisation and entry strategies, benchmarking and investment decisions
    • access to experts: unmetered access to our subject matter experts and thought leaders for additional insight and opinion, in response to ad hoc questions relating to our research.

    Programme highlights

    Analysys Mason provides comprehensive analysis of the key issues affecting all parts of the telecoms value chain in the Middle East and Africa. We will be covering critical industry issues, including:

    • content and apps strategies in the MEA region: innovative approaches and impact on operator success
    • building customer loyalty in prepaid/emerging markets: operator strategies for building loyalty in heavily prepaid and multiple-SIM environments, including segmentation, promotions and bundling
    • enterprise connectivity services in Africa: competitive landscape, end-user demand drivers, key challenges and market outlook
    • consumer mobile Internet usage, mobile services spending and preferences
    • infrastructure sharing: the impact of, and strategies for, infrastructure sharing for operators in the MEA region
    • fibre connectivity: overview of fibre buildout in the region, including drivers for expanding capacity requirements, the impact of increased connectivity on pricing, and services and adoption.

    Programme deliverables

    Geographical coverage

    Analysys Mason's The Middle East and Africa regional research programme provides operational KPIs for fixed, mobile and broadband players in, as well as country reports for 15 key countries:

    • Algeria
    • Egypt
    • Ghana
    • Israel
    • Kenya
    • Kuwait
    • Morocco
    • Nigeria
    • Qatar
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania
    • UAE
    • Uganda.

    Regional-level forecasts are provided for two sub-regions:

    • the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
    • Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

    Market data

    Analysys Mason's The Middle East and Africa regional research programme provides the following key data and five-year market forecasts, which are updated on an annual basis:

    • Subscribers and mobile penetration split by:
      • contract type (prepaid/contract) and technology generation
      • connection type (handset, mobile broadband and M2M).
    • Handsets:
      • split by type (smartphone and non-smartphone)
      • penetration rate.
    • Service and retail revenue:
      • split by contract type (prepaid/contract)
      • split by service type (voice, messaging data, mobile broadband, M2M, handset data and interconnect)
      • as a percentage of GDP
      • per capita.
    • Service ARPU split by:
      • contract type
      • service type (handset voice and handset non-voice).
    • Traffic - total network voice traffic, outgoing voice traffic.
    • Connections by technology (DSL, cable, fibre and other)
    • Retail revenue by technology (DSL, cable, fibre and other).
    • Connections by service type (voice, dial-up and IPTV)
    • Service and retail revenue by service type (voice, dial-up, broadband, IPTV and business network services)
    • Outgoing voice traffic.
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