IoE (Internet of Everything) 向け半導体に関する情報サービス

IoE Semiconductors

発行 ABI Research 商品コード 315577
出版日 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報 英文
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IoE (Internet of Everything) 向け半導体に関する情報サービス IoE Semiconductors
出版日: 年間契約型情報サービス ページ情報: 英文

ABI社では、IoE (Internet of Everything) 向け半導体に関する情報サービスに関する情報を一括してご利用できる年間契約型情報サービスを取り扱っております。MS Excelによる詳細なマーケットシェア分析、ならびにPDF形式の既刊・新刊関連レポートに加え、当サービスのご購読者様限定の特典をご利用いただける大変お得なパッケージです。

【具体例】 各サービスに含まれる資料のタイトル例


毎年更新されるMS Excel形式の詳細な定量データ、継続的な情報収集に最適です。

  • 【商品ID:309716】
  • スマート照明市場分析
  • Smart Lighting
  • 【商品ID:290403】
  • 802.15.4ワイヤレスセンサーネットワーク
  • 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks (Data Tables)
  • 【商品ID:325149】
  • CE製品・モバイル機器用センサーおよびMEMSの市場
  • Sensors and MEMS for Consumer Electronics and Mobile Devices



  • 【商品ID:345211】
  • IoTにおけるMCU/MPUの市場機会
  • Market Opportunities for MCUs / MPUs in IOT
  • 【商品ID:341844】
  • 低消費電力Wi-Fi規格802.11ahの市場機会
  • Market Opportunities for Low Power Wi-Fi and 802.11ah
  • 【商品ID:318870】
  • 802.15.4無線センサー・ネットワーク
  • 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks
  • 【商品ID:308453】
  • 世界のBluetooth IC市場:携帯電話以外の市場機会・課題
  • Bluetooth ICs, Opportunities, and Challenges Beyond the Mobile Phone Market



  • IoTモジュール/リファレンスプラットフォーム
  • Modules/reference Platforms for IOT
  • IoT向けエネルギーハーベスティングの電力管理
  • Power management and enrgy harversting for IOT
  • IoT向け5Gの必要性
  • Do we need 5G for IOT?
  • サブGHz IoT:機会と課題
  • Sub GHz IOT: Opportunities and Challenges
  • IOT向けセキュリティハードウェア:センサー、MCU、MDSへの追加
  • "Security Hardware for IOT with forecasts (to be added to the Sensor and MCU MDS)"




  • センサー技術の新機軸
  • Innovation Edge on Sensor Technologies
  • Beaconsの新機軸
  • Innovation Edge: Beacons
  • 無線接続PTアップデート
  • PT Update - Wireless Connectivity
  • IOT向けスマートビジョンの新機軸
  • Innovation Edge on Smart Vision for IOT
  • 無線接続四半期アップデート(WCWiFi、BT、NFC含む)
  • Wireless Connectivity Update (covering WC Wi-Fi, BT, NFC)


専門化の視点から特定のテーマを簡潔にお届け、発行目安 年20回ほど

  • ZigBee 3.0による規格統合がよりよいポジショニングにつながる
  • "ZigBee 3.0 Ratification Combines with Additional Strategies to Better Position ZigBee"
  • 欧州のBluetooth、主要なテーマ、機会、課題
  • Bluetooth Europe ? Key Themes, Opportunities and Challenges
  • IEEE 802.11ah低電力Wi-Fi、潮流に乗り遅れたか?
  • IEEE 802.11ah Low Power Wi-Fi ? Too Late to the Party?
  • OnHub:Googleのスマートホーム戦略の一翼を担う
  • "OnHub: Another Key Strategic Step of Google in The Smart-Home Market"
  • 次世代ICアプリケーション
  • Emerging IC Applications ? The Next Generation


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Product Code: SE-IOES

Driven by the technological advancements inside and outside of its own realm, the telecommunications industry is now entering an exciting phase of development many refer to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The objective here is to bring more “smartness” to the way humans and machines communicate. Under this approach, things - be it machines, humans, or infrastructures - will be able to interact and exchange information with other things, with the ultimate goals of improving consumer lifestyle, increasing productivity, and reducing the human impact on the environment.

However, in order for this vision to materialize, enabling technologies must be harmonized under a common paradigm so they can enable seamless experiences across various verticals. There are five key technologies upon which the IoT world will be built, namely sensor networks, connectivity, processing, software platforms, and big data and machine learning.

Based on these building blocks, the IoE Semiconductors Service looks at the technology deployment across various IoT verticals, with a particular focus on the smart home and wearables. The service will be extended progressively to cover other verticals including smart cities, industrial automation, healthcare, and more. One of the aims of the service is to evaluate the market potential for the various hardware technologies involved, including sensory solutions, wireless connectivity, and processing/MCU units.

This service covers the following technology and market issues:

  • Mapping the IoT hardware supply chain and identifying players that are best placed to lead the market
  • Evolution of sensors from unconnected components to Combo sensors
  • Assessment of the addressable market and opportunities for key wireless connectivity solutions by IoT segment
  • The role of MCUs and computing technologies in making the IoT world smarter
  • Assessment of key enabling technologies, with particular interest towards standalone vs. integrated SoCs
  • The cost associated with implementing enabling technologies
  • The role of standard and industry consortiums in harmonizing IoT technologies across various verticals
  • Competitive analysis and assessment of key chipset suppliers likely to succeed in the heterogeneous environment of IoT
  • The impact of technology disruption on legacy business models

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