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Clothing and Footwear Retail Market in Central Europe 2013 - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2013-2015

発行 PMR
出版日 ページ情報 英文 274 Pages
中欧(ブルガリア・チェコ・ハンガリー・ポーランド・ルーマニア・スロバキア)の衣料品・フットウェア小売市場:市場分析と発展予測 Clothing and Footwear Retail Market in Central Europe 2013 - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2013-2015
出版日: 2013年07月31日 ページ情報: 英文 274 Pages



第1章 調査手法

第2章 エグゼクティブサマリー

第3章 中欧における主なマクロ経済・人口動態指標

第4章 中欧における衣料品・フットウェア市場

第5章 衣料品・フットウェアの主要小売業者のプロファイル

第6章 ブルガリアにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第7章 チェコにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第8章 ハンガリーにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第9章 ポーランドにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第10章 ルーマニアにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第11章 スロバキアにおける衣料品・フットウェア市場

第12章 図の一覧

第13章 表の一覧

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This publication analyses conditions in the market for retail sale of clothing and footwear in Central Europe and in the countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

It explores prominent trends, highlights areas of opportunity and examines the size and structure of the market throughout the region.

Current C&F retail sales value and forecasts for the period 2013-2015 are presented, along with vital information about the most successful retailers presently operating in the towns and cities of Central Europe.

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Our analysts have researched the clothing and footwear market in Central Europe and share their insights on significant trends, key market players and prospects for this market for the years to come.


This report examines all facets of the market, including

  • Value and structure of the Central European C&F markets
  • Value of key clothing and footwear market segments
  • Brief consumer profile
  • Merchandise segments categorised by price brackets
  • Demographic and macroeconomic statistics for each of the six countries included in this document
  • Distribution network structure and value of specific channels
  • Central European C&F market news: emerging companies, merger and acquisition activity and liquidations
  • Shopping centre development strategies underway in Central Europe
  • Trends in retail practices and consumer behaviour
  • Assets and operations of foremost retailers of both domestic and international origin
  • Market growth scenarios and possible impediments likely to be present during the next two years.

Now is the time to gain access to this innovative publication, because

  • There is plenty of room for growth in clothing and footwear retail in the Central European countries of Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia
  • This market is especially receptive to new business ventures - there are many promising opportunities available
  • Central European markets display low saturation as compared to Western Europe, offering currently engaged companies a solid opportunity to increase their market shares.

Perform business operations more efficiently and accurately withX

  • Vital market information - gathered and organized for convenient access into a single document
  • Complete data and forecasts for markets in six countries, along with analysis of conditions prepared by experienced professionals
  • All the important details on the most prominent retail companies in the region
  • Organizational structures of the leading Central European retail chains, including total store count
  • Market analysis backed by the latest macroeconomic and demographic information available for each of the six CE countries
  • Segment analysis of the clothing and footwear market
  • Clear and reliable forecasts for growth and direction of development of the C&F market over the period to 2015.

This report answers all your questions aboutX

  • Challenging aspects of the C&F retail market in six key Central European countries - Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia
  • Sales value of the markets and of each main segment
  • Possibilities for expansion
  • The success of leading domestic and international C&F retailers operating in Central Europe
  • The future of C&F retail in Central Europe
  • Popular industry trends and their impact on market growth and development
  • The largest C&F retail chains in the region
  • Top selling segments, according to price brackets, in Central European C&F markets
  • Targeting the most promising areas in the region for new business opportunities
  • Current and planned shopping centre construction projects
  • Growth challenges faced by existing C&F retailers and producers in today's Central European markets.

Selected companies analysed in this report

4F, Adidas, Allegroup, Auchan, Bata, Benetton, Bershka, Bugatti, Burberry, C&A, Camaieu, CCC, Charles Voegele, Coccodrillo, Cropp, Debenhams, Decathlon, Deichmann, Desigual, Ecco, Ermenegildo Zegna, Esprit, Gant, GAP, GAS, Geox, Griff Gentlemen's, H&M, Heavy Tools, Hervis Sports, Hogl, Humanic, Inditex, Intersport, Jeans Club.

This complete market guide is a must-read document for business professionals who need toX

  • Assess the potential value of Central European retail markets for clothing and footwear
  • Locate new investment options in the region
  • Conduct competition research in the marketplace
  • Calculate growth potential of the market in the years ahead
  • Plan and beginning new business operations in Central European C&F
  • Chart a winning course for corporate expansion in this region.

Earlier editions of this publication have proven exceptionally valuable toX

  • Manufacturers and retailers of clothing and footwear
  • Retail and wholesale managers; sales and marketing professionals
  • Investment and financial services providers
  • Business consulting and research professionals
  • Logistics, IT and promotional merchandise and service providers catering to the C&F sector
  • Government agencies and trade organisations focused on Central European C&F retail promotion.

Extract from this report

  • Almost all the countries reported sales increases in 2012 that varied from 1.2% to 4.8%.
  • In the interval of 2012-2015, Bulgaria and Romania are predicted to record the highest growth dynamics, followed by Poland and Slovakia.
  • In all of the countries covered by the report, clothing sales account for the bulk of fashion sales. In most of these markets, footwear is purchased much less frequently than clothing. Overall, clothing sales have the most substantial share of the market in Hungary, whereas footwear has the highest share as a proportion of sales in Romania.
  • As per our estimates, the ten largest clothing and footwear retailers generated over €4bn in 2012, i.e. nearly 17% over the 2011 figure, and as a result covered almost one third of the CE market, which indicates a further concentration of the market.

Table of Contents

  • I. Methodology
  • II. Executive Summary
  • III. Key macroeconomic and demographic indicators
  • IV. Clothing and footwear market in Central Europe
  • V. Profiles of selected regional clothing and footwear retailers
  • VI. Clothing and footwear retail market in Bulgaria
  • VII. Clothing and footwear retail market in the Czech Republic
  • VIII. Clothing and footwear retail market in Hungary
  • IX. Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland
  • X. Clothing and footwear retail market in Romania
  • XI. Clothing and footwear retail market in Slovakia
  • XII. List of graphs
  • XIII. List of tables
  • XIV. About PMR
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