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市場調査レポート - 115640


Private healthcare market in Romania 2010 - Development forecasts for 2010-2012

発行 PMR
出版日 ページ情報 英文 97 pages
ルーマニアの民間医療市場:2010〜2012年の発展予測 Private healthcare market in Romania 2010 - Development forecasts for 2010-2012
出版日: 2010年03月10日 ページ情報: 英文 97 pages





  • ルーマニアの民間医療業界における主な動向とイベント:2008〜2010年
  • 2010〜2012年の予測と動向
  • 2005〜2012年の市場概要と予測
  • ブカレストにおける民間医療


  • 概要
  • 参入企業
  • 企業プロファイル


  • 概要
  • ルーマニアの民間医療保険市場の成長見通し
  • 医療保険の特徴
  • 保険会社


  • 病院
  • 診療所
  • 透析センター
  • 民間試験所
  • 民間歯科サービス
  • 民間救急サービス


  • 医療制度に関する全般的意見
  • 民間医療保険に対する姿勢
  • 民間医療定期購読
  • 医療関連企業の認知度


  • 医療制度資金
  • 民間医療費
  • 医療費の配分:官と民





Report provides a comprehensive assessment of the private healthcare market in Romania, comprising a wealth of data on major players in the market (medical companies and insurers) and the structure of available services and their financial data. Additionally, it analyses private health insurance and medical subscriptions market along with consumer habits and motivations of Romanians who use private healthcare services. The report includes forecasts for the market value for 2010-2012, taking into account the upcoming legal changes, world' s economic crisis and their projected influence on the market in the coming years.

If you are looking for:

  • overview of the private healthcare market in Romania
  • key trends and events on the market
  • information on:
    • private health insurance market
    • key features of health insurance
    • private medical companies
  • private healthcare facilities
  • major players on the market along with legal environment
  • detailed analysis of future prospects and developments until 2012

...this report is for you!

PMR MarketInsight Methodology

This report was prepared using PMR MarketInsight methodology developed by PMR which assists in the complex preparation of industry reports.

Word from the coordinator:

“The Romanian private medical services market is one of the fastest developing markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The segment have been booming in the recent years thanks to increasing purchasing power of Romanians. Shortcomings in the quality of the public health service have been also an additional growth driver. On the other hand the lack of the basket of guaranteed health services as well as limited possibility of competition between public and private payers are the main barriers of the market growth. In the presented report we analyse all market drivers and restraints in order to project the most reliable forecasts for market players: medical companies, insurance firms and other private services providers as well as companies interested in this segment.” Monika Stefanczyk, Head Pharmaceutical Market Analyst

Table of Contents

Report methodology

Executive summary

Overview of private healthcare market in Romania

  • Major trends and events in the Romanian private healthcare industry, 2008-2010
  • Forecast events and trends in 2010-2012
  • Market overview and forecasts 2005-2012
  • Private healthcare in Bucharest

Medical subscription market in Romania

  • General overview
  • Main players
  • Company profiles

Private health insurance market

  • Overview
    • Main characteristics
    • Clients
  • Growth prospects of health insurance market in Romania
  • Key features of health insurance
  • Insurance companies
    • Profiles of the main players

Healthcare facilities in Romania

  • Hospitals
    • State hospitals
    • Private hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Dialysis centres
  • Private laboratory services
  • Private dental services
  • Private ambulance services

Romanian attitudes to private healthcare

  • General opinions about healthcare system
  • Attitudes to private health insurance
  • Private medical subscriptions
  • Familiarity with medical companies

Economic trends

  • Breakdown of healthcare system funding
  • Public spending on healthcare
  • Distribution of healthcare spending:
  • public and private

List of graphs

List of tables

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