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市場調査レポート - 235772


Strategic Trends and Insights in Health and Wellness

発行 Natural Marketing Institute
出版日 ページ情報 英文 123 Pages
健康と医療における戦略的動向と洞察 Strategic Trends and Insights in Health and Wellness
出版日: 2012年04月04日 ページ情報: 英文 123 Pages






  • 健康を維持する方法
  • 健康面の課題
  • 経済の影響


  • 健康的な選択
  • 自然と有機の動向
  • ラベルの監視
  • 人工甘味料、天然甘味料


  • 血糖値と糖尿病
  • 体重の問題
  • 体重、心臓、血糖値の動向
  • 消化器の健康


  • 代替医療の活用
  • 代替手段を求める行動


  • チャネルショッピング
  • ソーシャルネットワーク


  • サプリメント利用の動向
  • 調達の選好
  • 代替の形態





NMI's 2012 Strategic Trends and Insights in Health and Wellness report is a compilation of 13 years of trended consumer data since 1999 based on consumers in the U.S., and has now been expanded to include consumer data in over 20 countries. This research seeks to examine consumer attitudes and behaviors toward health; how these behaviors and attitudes have transformed, adjusted, and realigned over the past decade in response to the ever-changing and uncertain world.

The past few years have shaken consumers; they have had to deal with a turbulent economy, corporate mistrust and global political turmoil. Consumers are taking inventory and realizing that aspects of their previous way of life may be unsustainable which is prompting a reorganization of priorities and formation of innovative behaviors realigned with a more frugal, sustainable and healthier lifestyle. While it may appear that many healthy attitudes and even behaviors have flattened, it is more likely the case that consumers are re-grouping, rethinking, and making a more strategic plan for how best to traverse the health landscape.

This report seeks to provide insights into how today's consumer is confronting their own health and wellness, uncover factors that are creating health challenges, and reveal some underlying dynamics that may help to provide a glimpse into what lies ahead.

Some examples of the issues which are discussed....

  • The healthiest segment within the population, identified as the WELL-BEINGS by NMI's proprietary health and wellness segmentation model, continues to set the bar for healthy behaviors. They are considered a highly influential segment and the healthy standards they set provide the benchmarks for the more aspiring mainstream segments.
  • From continued expansion of functionality across food and beverage, to cosmeceuticals, to growth of comprehensive health and wellness centers, the whole anti-aging phenomenon will infiltrate the lifestyles of even the youngest generations as it moves from a niche opportunity to a mainstream way of life.
  • From the impact a product has on the planet to the impact it has on our own health, consumers are demanding more transparency and a clearer view of how a product or service truly fits with their value system. The brand relationship will undergo a metamorphosis from that of the typical brand icon to one which nourishes a deeper values experience, where the required return on investment is no longer one-dimensional, but multi-dimensional.
  • Consumers' lack of distinction between organic and non-organic is pushing the organic industry to develop a clearer understanding of how organic fits into the consumer lifestyle. The new “organic” will need to go beyond the organic definition and emphasize the quality and regulated benefits of organic under the umbrella of a healthier option for people and the planet.

Consumers believe in different paths to health and they are impacted by different challenges - from budgets to babies and even to being an aging Boomer. In effect, consumers are compartmentalizing information and taking the pieces that apply to their beliefs and lifestyles to formulate their individual plan towards health. Marketers will need to understand their desires and provide the features, benefits, and communications that have greatest relevance to their target. Come see what consumers are thinking and doing in the latest health and wellness trends report from NMI.

Table of Contents


Health & Wellness Database Overview

Health and Wellness Insights

Health and Wellness Overview

  • Methods of Maintaining Health
  • Health Challenges
  • Impact of Economy

Food and Beverage

  • Healthy Choices
  • Dynamics of Natural and Organic
  • Label Monitoring
  • Artificial and Natural Sweeteners

Condition Management

  • Blood Sugar and Diabetes
  • Weight Issues
  • Dynamics of Weight, Heart, Blood Sugar
  • Digestive Health


  • Use of Alternative Healthcare
  • Alternative Seeking Behavior

Influencers and Shopping

  • Channel Shopping
  • Social Networking

Supplement Trends

  • Trended Supplement Use
  • Sourcing Preferences
  • Alternative Formats

NMI's Health & Wellness Consumer Segmentation

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