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Sponsored-Blogging: Opportunities for Pay-for-Post Marketing

発行 Mind Commerce Publishing LLC
出版日 ページ情報 英文 34 pages
スポンサー付きブログによるマーケティングの市場機会 Sponsored-Blogging: Opportunities for Pay-for-Post Marketing
出版日: 2008年07月01日 ページ情報: 英文 34 pages





  • ブログのルーツ
  • ブログの利用と理由
  • スポンサー付きブログの影響


  • ブログおよびブロガー数
  • 1投稿あたりのスポンサーによる平均支払金額


  • スポンサー付きブログ広告ネットワーク収益モデル
  • メカニクス
  • バリエーション


  • ディスクロージャ
  • "No Follow"
  • "Do Follow"
  • メトリクス
  • CPMボックス
  • 閲読率調査





The Internet continues to make it difficult for traditional newspapers to survive, and some analysts and pundits are predicting that we' ll see the last print newspaper go to bed for the last time within a generation. Web 2.0, Social Media and blogging - including citizen journalism - are quickly becoming the preferred way for many Americans to learn news, read commentary, and share opinions. It' s no surprise then that Internet advertising dollars are shifting into the blogosphere - opportunities abound for individuals to monetize their blogs not only through display ad and pay-per-click ad placement on their blogs, but also through posts directly sponsored by advertisers and temporal blog "buys" where a given blog is sponsored by an advertiser over time. This report investigates the nascent sponsored-blogging market, how sponsored-blogging works, who the players are and how it makes money.

Sponsored-Blogging: Opportunities for Pay-for-Post Marketing pulls together the most pressing issues and considerations into one concise report, providing key insights and specific recommendations that bloggers, advertisers and ad networks can put to use immediately. Issues considered in this unique report include: CPMs relative to other internet ad modes; disclosure and transparency; mechanics; advertiser/blogger matching networks; market size.

Key Findings

  • Sponsored blogging is a nascent, but growing, advertising vehicle with the potential to represent a substantial share of Internet advertising spending. It has the potential to be a $2 billion market - 5% of online ad spending - by 2011.
  • Sponsored blog posts are a unique online advertising vehicle in that they provide for more text and context than pay-per-click ads or banner ads.
  • Typical payments for sponsored blog posts are less than $10. But there are many things that bloggers and paid-blogging ad networks could do to increase that figure.
  • As bloggers invest more time and emotion in their blogs, they start to look ways to make money from blogging.
  • Bloggers walk a fine line between adhering to truth in advertising laws and maintaining a strong, trusting, readership base.

“Bloggers who reported spending 20 or more hours per week on blogging tend to be making money from their blog (75%) and tend to be getting paid for blog posts (75%).”

Table of Contents

  • Abstract
  • Overview
  • What is a Blog?
  • The Roots of Blogging
  • Who Blogs and Why?
  • What is Sponsored-blogging?
  • Impacts of Sponsored-blogging
  • The Market for Sponsored-blogging
  • Number of Blogs and Bloggers
  • Average Payment per Sponsored Post
  • Sponsored-blogging In-Depth
  • Sponsored-blog Ad Network Revenue Models
  • Mechanics
  • Variations
  • Issues
  • Disclosure
  • No-Follow
  • Do Follow
  • Metrics
  • The CPM Box
  • Readership Auditing
  • Conversation with a Retail Merchandiser
  • Recommendations
  • The Players
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