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The Future for China's Aluminium Fluoride Industry

発行 Metal Bulletin Research
出版日 ページ情報 英文
中国のフッ化アルミニウム産業の将来 The Future for China's Aluminium Fluoride Industry
出版日: 2011年09月30日 ページ情報: 英文



第1章 イントロダクション

第2章 エグゼクティブサマリー

第3章 背景

  • 中国におけるフッ化アルミニウム産業の略史

第4章 フッ化アルミニウムおよびアルミニウムの製造

  • 一次アルミニウムの製造プロセス
  • ホールエルー法
  • 製錬におけるフッ化アルミニウムの役割

第5章 世界のアルミニウム産業

第6章 世界のフッ化アルミニウム産業

第7章 中国のフッ化アルミニウム産業

  • 中国のフッ化アルミニウム産業の企業構造
  • フッ化アルミニウムの生産コスト
  • 輸出貿易
  • 分析:地域別
  • 分析:技術別

第8章 蛍石

  • 組成・鉱物学
  • 鉱床
  • 中国国外の鉱床・産出地
  • 詳細
  • 用途
  • 採鉱
  • 加工
  • 世界の蛍石生産
  • 蛍石生産の歴史
  • 世界の蛍石貿易
  • 中国の蛍石輸出
  • 中国の国内蛍石

第9章 各種戦略

第10章 総論



To what extent is fluorspar really the dominant price driver?

What happened in the last few years that caused the Chinese to falter?

What strategies should you develop for the near future?

The Chinese aluminium fluoride industry took the aluminium fluoride (ALF3) world by storm at the start of this century, forcing traditional suppliers in Europe, USA and elsewhere to completely re-arrange their business strategies.

Since then however, the Chinese have failed take advantage of the leverage they built up over those years by undercutting competition. Metal Bulletin Research examines why, and looks at whether the Chinese will eventually cement their domination in this timely and on the ground research, The Future for China's Aluminium Fluoride Industry.

The comprehensive study provides detailed analysis on how China's aluminium fluoride industry is structured and offers a detailed economic overview. An insight into the impact China has on the global industry is also included.

Which producers are expanding and who is declining in the marketplace?

What strategies can buyers employ to achieve the most optimum price?

In recent years, there has been much discussion about rare earths and other materials that are not so plentiful for today's industry requirements. Fluorite, otherwise known as fluorspar, is on the borderline as a scarce material, but the Chinese authorities have bracketed it in the same category as rare earths.

What does this mean for future global supply?

More recently, one of the world's leading technology suppliers has commenced legal proceedings against the world's largest ALF3 producer, alleging failure to honour technology agreements.

How might this action cause the market to adjust?

These are just some of the many reasons why this study is an important document for those in the industry, right now.

This exclusive study from Metal Bulletin Research is the first of its kind providing detailed coverage of the Chinese aluminium fluoride market.

Key features of this study include:

  • Discussion of aluminium and aluminium fluoride production processes;
  • Analysis of the global aluminium and aluminium fluoride industry;
  • Analysis by province and technology of the Chinese aluminium fluoride industry;
  • Review of fluorspar including global deposits, uses and trade;
  • Unique access and independent insight into the opaque Chinese aluminium industry;
  • Developments with the Chinese government planning to introduce resource taxes and export duties affecting the global market - these factors are critically analysed in this study;
  • Profile of key aluminium fluoride producers in China - detailed and accurate plant and facility information;
  • Overview and trend analysis offering complete background history and examination of the Chinese aluminium fluoride industry;
  • Details of the market dynamics, competitive situation and limitations of the Chinese suppliers.

Aluminium Fluoride Capacity by Province (2011)

Source: Metal Bulletin Research

Biographies of authors

Mike O'Driscoll

Editor of Industrial Minerals, MSc (Mining Geology), BSc (Geology & Geography)

Mike has been analysing the non-metallic minerals industry for 24 years and has been Editor of Industrial Minerals since 1995. During his career, Mike has visited a wide range of mineral and end-user operations worldwide, and has regularly organised, chaired and presented papers at industry conferences. He was Associate Editor and contributing author to the 7th edition of Industrial Minerals & Rocks, published by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) in 2006. Mike was awarded the SME's prestigious 2011 Hal Williams Hardinge Award for services to the industrial minerals industry.

Paul Adkins

Paul Adkins is founder and managing director of AZ China Limited. Paul has more than 30 years experience in the aluminium industry, including almost 14 years in Alcoa, 4 years in Tomago Aluminium and 6 years in Alcan.

Brian Levich

Head of Metal Bulletin Research, MA (Economics), BA Hons. (Economics), Diploma (Russian economic policy)

Brian is the head of research at Metal Bulletin Research. He has undertaken numerous major studies on the global aluminium and raw materials industries and has done extensive consultancy and market research work for a number of major aluminium producers and consumers as well as for financial institutions. He has presented papers at leading industry events on developments in the global steel industry.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

  • For whom this report is written
  • About this report
  • Why this report is topical
  • Statement by the authors

2. Executive Summary

3. Background

  • A brief history of China's aluminium fluoride industry

4. Aluminium fluoride and aluminium production

  • Primary aluminium manufacturing process
  • Hall-heroult process
  • The role of aluminium fluoride in smelting

5. Global aluminium industry

6. Aluminium fluoride global industry

7. China's aluminium fluoride industry

  • Corporate structure in China's aluminium fluoride industry
  • Cost of producing aluminium fluoride
  • Export trade
  • Analysis by province
  • Analysis by technology

8. Fluorspar

  • Composition and mineralogy
  • Deposits
  • Deposits/producers outside China
  • Specification
  • Uses
  • Mining
  • Processing
  • World production of fluorspar
  • History of fluorspar production
  • World trade of fluorspar
  • China fluorspar export
  • Chinese domestic fluorspar

9. Strategies

10. Conclusion

MBR summarises the report's key findings, conclusions and unique insights utilising the combined experience of both Industrial Minerals and AZ China in looking at this important and ever-changing market.

Selected table of tables/figures include detailed information on the following:

  • Figure 1: History of Chinese ALF3 production 1995 - 2001
  • Figure 2: History of Chinese ALF3 production 2002 - 2010
  • Figure 3: Aluminium production process
  • Figure 4: Three processes for producing ALF3
  • Figure 5: China aluminium fluoride standard GB/T 4292 - 2007
  • Figure 6: Production and capacity by country
  • Figure 7: Global manufacturers of ALF3
  • Figure 8: China ALF3 manufacturers
  • Figure 9: Corporate structure of ALF3 capacity in China
  • Figure 10: China's ALF3 capacity by province 2011
  • Figure 11: China aluminium fluoride capacity by technology type
  • Figure 12: Capital cost of recent China ALF3 projects
  • Figure 13: Table of new projects in China
  • Figure 14: Cost structures for ALF3 production
  • Figure 15: China's ALF3 exports - volume and price
  • Figure 16: China's primary aluminium production outlook 2011 - 2015
  • Figure 17: Consumption of fluorspar by sector
  • Figure 18: Fluorspar flowchart
  • Figure 19: World production of fluorspar
  • Figure 20: 2010 estimated production by country
  • Figure 21: Historical fluorspar production
  • Figure 22: World production and consumption of HF
  • Figure 23: Major fluorspar producers in China
  • Figure 24: China's fluorspar reserves
  • Figure 25: Estimated demand for fluorspar in China
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