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市場調査レポート - 238149


Measuring Reload: ACH, Cards, Cash, and Checks

発行 Mercator Advisory Group, Inc.
出版日 ページ情報 英文 34 Pages
リロード型プリペイドカードの評価:ACH送金・カード・現金・小切手 Measuring Reload: ACH, Cards, Cash, and Checks
出版日: 2012年04月20日 ページ情報: 英文 34 Pages





  • 評価対象
  • リロードの総市場額は2,522億米ドル
  • 消費者のリロードペイメント選択はセグメントによって多様
  • モバイルデポジットキャプチャー
  • 開ループリロード環境に特有の性質

ワンステップ vs. ツーステップの小売りリロード

  • ツーステップのプロセス
  • ツーステップカード所有者の経験
  • ワンステップリロード
  • ワンステップカード所有者の経験
  • Starbucksのリロード経験

ACH(Automated Clearing House)送金のリロード型貯金

  • ACHカードホルダーの経験



  • 給与の口座振込み
  • 国庫の社会保障
  • 税金の還付
  • 州の失業手当
  • ACHカード所有者の経験


  • 現金ロード
  • ACHロード
  • 適正な顧客経験の創出




  • American Express
  • Banks
  • Transit
  • Fuze Network
  • PayNearMe


  • モバイル小切手デポジット(リモートデポジットキャプチャー)
  • 個人間のペイメント


  • ReCash
  • Paymobile
  • Euronet Worldwide





New research from Mercator Advisory Group identifies and details payment instruments consumers use to reload prepaid products.

Boston, MA -- Cardholders who reload prepaid accounts represent some of the most loyal and cost-effective card customers possible. These individuals have chosen to deposit funds into the prepaid account with the intent of using that product or service in the near future, and are willing to commit their funds in advance for that purpose. From an issuer or program manager's perspective, such customers are both loyal and cost effective to service since reloading accounts can lower costs associated with interchange and card reissuance.

Mercator Advisory Group's new research report, “Measuring Reload: ACH, Cards, Cash, and Checks”, details the current state of prepaid reload across all network types (open and closed), and across all payment types (cash, ACH, card, and check). The estimates provided in this report will prove to be a valuable industry guide, delivering interesting insights regarding reload as it is applied to different open and closed programs. For example, this report finds that program types vary significantly not only in the reload dollar volume but also by type of payment instrument used to implement the reload.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Sizing of the entire U.S. reload market, including all open- and closed-loop prepaid segments and products
  • Breakouts of reload volume for each open- and closed-loop segment
  • Top segments in consumer, government, and corporate reload volume
  • The top three segments receiving consumer funding through the use of cash, check, card, and ACH transactions
  • Reload issues specific to open-loop cards and the prepaid financial services segment
  • An overview of the reload value chain and its dominant players
  • Challenges consumers confront during the reload experience and the reason many of the difficulties in reload are systemic

“Until this report, reload was always evaluated as a function strictly associated with a particular product. Retailers, transit operators, payroll card suppliers, managers prepaid financial services program (general purpose reloadable cards) all looked at reloads as a unique service they offer. This research proves that reload implementations share many common attributes and that the lessons learned in one reload domain can be extremely valuable in other domains,” says Tim Sloane, Director of Mercator's Prepaid Advisory Service and author of the report. “The facts uncovered in this report suggest that many of the most common complaints seen on message boards regarding funding problems are actually driven by the operational limitations of the ACH.”

One of the eight exhibits in this report:

Source: Mercator Advisory Group
©Mercator Advisory Group

This report is 34 pages long with eight exhibits.

Companies mentioned in the report include: 7-Eleven, Ace Cash Express, Albertsons, Blackhawk, Cachet Financial, Cashland, CheckNGo, Chexar, Community Financial, CVS, Exxon, FirstView Financial, Green Dot, Hess, InComm, K-Mart, Kroger, MasterCard, Meijer, Moneygram, Murphy Oil, NACHA, Netspend, Radio Shack, Regions Bank, Rite Aid, SNAP, Social Security Administration, Speedway, Starbucks, The Check Cashing Store, U.S. Treasury, Visa, Walgreens, Walmart, and Western Union.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary


Reload Volumes: The Big Picture

  • What We Measured
  • The Total Reload Market Volume Is $252.2 Billion
  • Consumer Reload Payment Choice Varies by Segment
  • Mobile Deposit Capture
  • The Unique Nature of the Open-Loop Reload Environment

One-Step Versus Two-Step Retail Reload

  • The Two-Step Process
  • The Two-Step Cardholder Experience
  • One-Step Reload
  • The One-Step Cardholder Experience
  • The Starbucks Reload Experience

ACH Reload Deposits

  • The ACH Cardholder Experience

Retail Reload Market Players

ACH Load Markets

  • Payroll Direct Deposit ACH
  • Treasury Social Security ACH loads
  • Tax Refund ACH loads
  • State Unemployment Benefits ACH Loads
  • The ACH Cardholder Experience

Reload Cost Structure

  • Cash Loads
  • ACH Loads
  • Creating the Right Customer Experience

Regulatory Concerns

Funds Liability

Up and Coming Reload Players and Potential Participants

  • American Express
  • Banks
  • Transit
  • Fuze Network
  • PayNearMe

Emerging Solutions Offering Reload Potential

  • Mobile Check Deposit (Also Called Remote Deposit Capture)
  • Person-to-Person payments

Canadian Reload Networks

  • ReCash
  • Paymobile
  • Euronet Worldwide


  • Copyright Notice

Figures and Tables

  • Table 1: Share of Reload Dollars on Prepaid Products by Segment, 2010 (E)
  • Figure 1: The 24 Prepaid Market Segments with Reload Dollar Volume
  • Table 2: Segment Share of Reload Dollars, 2010 (E)
  • Figure 2: PFS vs. Mobile Reload by Payment Type
  • Table 3: PFS Segment Reload Summary Capturing Retail Reload Networks Dollar Volume Estimates
  • Figure 3: ACH Reload Value Chain
  • Table 4: Reload Provider List with Sample of Partners
  • Table 5: Survey of Card Programs and Load Fees
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