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Why operators need CEM, customer intelligence and analytics

発行 Ovum, Ltd.
出版日 ページ情報 英文
オペレーターがCEM、顧客インテリジェンスおよび分析を必要とする理由 Why operators need CEM, customer intelligence and analytics
出版日: 2012年07月02日 ページ情報: 英文




  • 図1:オペレーター顧客:全体論、組織にわたる見解
  • 図2:CEM分析市場参入ベンダーのカテゴリーおよび主要企業
  • 図3:eTOMビジネス−プロセスの枠組み
  • 図4:顧客ライフサイクルにわたるCEM
  • 図5:CEM/データマネジメント機会
  • 図6:CEMインテリジェンスのマルチソース
  • 図7:Ericsson:情報の異なるソースをまとめる
  • 図8:NSNのオンデマンドポータルCEM
  • 図9:CEMのデリバリーモデル
  • 図10:マネージドサービスの背景におけるCEM

“Communications service providers are beginning to recognize that the lack of an integrated view of their customer data is a major drawback and that they need to invest in data management, business intelligence and analytics.” Kris Szaniawski, Principal Analyst, Networks, Informa Telecoms & Media.

Informa Telecoms & Media's new report on Customer Experience Management focuses on CEM analytics and the need to harness data from a wide variety of sources in order to achieve an integrated view of the customer and deliver additional value.


Measuring and managing the end-user experience has become of key importance to operators as they struggle to correlate real-time data and KPIs with actual customer experience. Furthermore, communications service providers (CSPs) are failing to make adequate use of their own extensive data sources to support business decisions and are lagging behind other sectors and Internet company competitors such as Amazon and Google in their use of customer-centric information.

This report looks at what CSPs can do to make better use of their existing data sources as well as to create an integrated view of the customer.

A broad array of vendors are seeking to position themselves in the CEM field, including: major IT companies, such as IBM and HP; network equipment providers, such as NSN, Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent: and major OSS/BSS players and niche vendors.

To win over CSPs, vendors are seeking to build simple, easy-to-use dashboards and empower CSP employees with relevant and real-time insights into consumer behavior that can be translated into action. The report also looks at the benefits of the CEM-labeled solutions increasingly coming onto the market.

Table of Contents

Why operators need CEM, customer intelligence and analytics

  • Fig. 1: Operator customers: a holistic, cross-organizational view
  • Fig. 2: Categories of vendors entering the CEM-analytics market and selected companies
  • Fig. 3: eTOM business-process framework
  • Fig. 4: CEM across the customer lifecycle
  • Fig. 5: CEM/data-management opportunities
  • Fig. 6: Multiple sources of CEM intelligence
  • Fig. 7: Ericsson: Bringing together different sources of information
  • Fig. 8: NSN's CEM on Demand portal
  • Fig. 9: Delivery models for CEM
  • Fig. 10: CEM in a managed-services context
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