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Tackling Enterprise Application Consolidation - The Telstra Story

発行 IDC
出版日 ページ情報 英文 12 Pages
エンタープライズアプリケーションの統合:Telstra Tackling Enterprise Application Consolidation - The Telstra Story
出版日: 2012年05月24日 ページ情報: 英文 12 Pages

当レポートでは、オーストラリアの通信会社、Telstra Corporation Limited(Telstra)に焦点を当てて、IaaSを利用したSAPのCRM(顧客関係管理)アプリケーションの統合について取り上げ、現行プロジェクトにおけるビジネス状況、促進要因、メトリクス、実装目的、導入結果などを検証し、概略以下の構成でお届けいたします。




  • 組織概要
  • プロジェクトの背景
    • エグゼクティブガバナンス
    • パートナー
  • 課題とソリューション
    • 調査手法
  • 結果




  • 関連調査




This IDC Buyer Case Study discusses the consolidation of the Telstra SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application in the office of finance, with a view to delivering it via the Telstra IaaS or "Silver Lining" environment. This case study is designed to capture the business situation, drivers and metrics, as well as intended implementation and adoption outcomes in the current project outline. IDC interviewed Robert Houghton, Head of Information Technology at Telstra, in February 2012 to gain insight based on his experience.

IDC is conducting a series of buyer case studies to highlight end-user challenges, the solution evaluation process, the implementation process, as well as perceived and realised benefits associated to the transition of existing enterprise software into cloud infrastructure. The main aim is to help other organisations evaluating software and solutions to be deployed in the Telstra infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) environment.

Table of Contents

IDC Opinion

In This Buyer Case Study

Situation Overview

  • Organization Overview

  • Project Context

    • Executive Governance

    • Partners

  • Challenges and Solution

    • Methodology

  • Results

Future Outlook

Essential Guidance

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Figure: Business Concerns that Will Take Priority in the Next 12 Months

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