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市場調査レポート - 241082


Indoor Location Positioning Technology: Research, Solutions & Trends

発行 Grizzly Analytics LLC
出版日 ページ情報 英文 417 Pages
屋内ロケーションポジショニング技術:研究・ソリューション・動向 Indoor Location Positioning Technology: Research, Solutions & Trends
出版日: 2014年02月12日 ページ情報: 英文 417 Pages

当レポートでは、屋内ロケーションポジショニング研究開発の最新の分析および包括的概要を提供しており、Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Motorola など主要モバイル企業および新興企業の研究活動についての分析をまとめ、概略以下の構成でお届けいたします。


  • 2013年3月版以降の産業動向
  • 大手企業の屋内ロケーションR&Dにおけるサマリー&動向
  • 新興企業の屋内ロケーションR&Dにおけるサマリー&動向
  • Grizzly Analytics の屋内ポジショニング予測
  • 屋内ポジショニングの幅広いコマースの予測
  • ソースに関するメモ
  • 目次
  • 全分析対象企業のリスト


  • 屋内ポジショニング
  • 屋内ナビゲーション
  • 屋内ロケーションベースプロモーション
  • 労働力管理・資産追跡
  • 屋内ロケーションベースリマインダー
  • 屋内ロケーションシェアリング


  • 屋内ポジショニングへのアプローチの概要
  • Wi-Fiまたはその他の既存無線信号による位置検出
  • 無線信号法#1:三角測量
  • 無線信号法#2:指紋法
  • 移動検知センサーによる位置追跡
  • 専用ビーコンによる屋内ポジショニング
  • 複数の方法を統合する
  • 近接ビーコン


  • Googleの研究・システム
  • Appleの屋内ポジショニング研究
  • Microsoftの研究


  • Samsungの屋内ポジショニング研究
  • Nokiaによる研究・実証
  • Motorolaによる初期の研究
  • RIMの屋内ロケーションポジショニング研究
  • Sony Mobile の屋内ポジショニング研究


  • Qualcommの屋内ポジショニング・ロケーションサービスの研究
  • CSRの屋内ロケーションポジショニング研究
  • STMicroelectronics の屋内ポジショニング研究開発
  • Broadcomの屋内ロケーション研究開発
  • Invensense の屋内ロケーション研究開発


  • Ciscoの屋内ロケーションポジショニング研究・ソリューション
  • Arubaの屋内ロケーションポジショニング研究・ソリューション
  • Motorola Solutions and Networksによる研究開発
  • Ruckus Wireless による研究開発


  • IBM (USA)
  • IBMの Presence Zone 技術
  • IBM Presence Zones サービス
  • PayPal's BLE Beacons
  • Fraunhofer (ドイツ)
  • Fraunhoferの AWILOC
  • Fraunhoferの RedFIR ビーコンシステム
  • Fraunhoferの BlackFIR 次世代アプローチ
  • SK Telecom (韓国)
  • SK Telecom の技術
  • SK Telecom の分析
  • AINSI (フランス)
  • Palmによる研究 (前HP子会社)
  • BAE Systems による研究
  • CRS4 Research Center (イタリア)
  • Polaris ・ NTTドコモによる研究
  • BMWによる駐車場における車の台数の研究
  • その他の企業による研究










In December, 2011, Grizzly Analytics released our first comprehensive report on indoor location positioning technology, predicting that indoor location technologies were going to revolutionize the mobile industry. Our subsequent reports have tracked the growth and ongoing R&D by major companies and start-ups.

Now, in our 417-page fully-updated report, we see the technology advances that have reached market and grabbed the spotlight.

In this fully revised and updated 417-page report, Grizzly Analytics gives an up-to-date analysis and comprehensive overview of indoor location positioning R&D. Read about the research activity of all the major mobile companies - Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Apple, Nokia, RIM, Sony Mobile, Motorola & others - the major chip and network makers - Qualcomm, Broadcom, STMicroElectronics, CSR, Cisco, Aruba & others - other major technology vendors, and over one hundred start-up companies that are actively bringing indoor location services to market.

This updated report also explains the newest trends in the industry. What is the difference between proximity sensing and location positioning? Why are companies integrating multiple methods of indoor positioning instead of focusing on one? Why are many companies moving to network-centric approaches? What types of analysis are being done of user movement around a site? And perhaps most importantly, how are companies improving the accuracy of indoor positioning?

Only Grizzly Analytics reports give you the hard facts about R&D in progress.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  • Industry Trends since the March 2013 Report Update
  • Summary & Trends in Major Company Indoor Location R&D
  • Summary & Trends in Start-Up Companies in Indoor Location
  • Grizzly Analytics Predictions for Indoor Positioning
  • Broader Commerce Implications of Indoor Positioning
  • A Note on Sources
  • Table of Contents
  • Complete Company List

The Push for Indoor Location Positioning

  • Indoor Positioning
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Indoor Location-Based Promotions
  • Workforce Management and Asset Tracking
  • Indoor Location-Based Reminders
  • Indoor Location Sharing

Overview of Methods of Indoor Positioning

  • Overview of Approaches to Indoor Positioning
  • Location Positioning by Wi-Fi or Other Existing Radio Signals
  • Radio Signal Method #1: Triangulation
  • Radio Signal Method #2: Fingerprinting
  • Tracking Location by Sensors Detecting Movements
  • Indoor Positioning by Dedicated Beacons
  • Integrating Multiple Methods
  • Proximity Beacons

Research & Development by Mobile Software Companies

Research and Systems by Google

  • Google Activity in Indoor Location Positioning
  • Google Location Services Moving Indoors
  • Uploading Indoor Maps to Google
  • Google Enabling Site Owners to Refine Location Positioning
  • Technology Underlying Google Indoor Positioning
  • Collecting Wi-Fi Locations and Using Them for Positioning
  • Google Maps using Device Sensors
  • Google Research on Positioning by Motion Sensing
  • Research in Integrating Multiple Positioning Methods
  • Additional Google Research in Indoor Location Positioning
  • Google Funding Academic Research in Indoor Positioning
  • Refining Location Positions by User Profiles

Apple Research in Indoor Positioning

  • Apple Research in Indoor Positioning
  • Apple Withholding Wi-Fi RSSI Data from Applications
  • WiFiSLAM
  • WiFiSLAM Technology
  • WiFiSLAM Bootstrap Applications
  • Apple's iBeacon Specification
  • Apple Research in Multi-Tiered Beacon Proximity Sensing
  • Apple's Early Patent for Beacon-Based Positioning
  • Apple Research & Activity in Wi-Fi Network Location Logging
  • Using Access Point Location Estimates for Positioning
  • Location Positioning by Signal Fingerprinting
  • Location Positioning in Indoor Parking
  • Apple Research in Indoor Positioning by Radio Reception

Research by Microsoft

  • Indoor Positioning Research at Microsoft
  • The Radar Project
  • Core Location Service Team
  • Using Wireless Access Point Location Tables
  • Gathering Access Point Locations
  • Microsoft R&D and Partnerships in Sensor Fusion
  • Microsoft Research in Positioning by Fingerprinting
  • Location Positioning by Path Analysis
  • Network-level Location Positioning
  • Location Positioning by Image Analysis
  • Tracking Movement Away from Known Locations
  • Using Other Radio Signals to Determine Location
  • Using Audio Signals for Location Positioning
  • Using Radio Beacons in a Building to Determine Location

Research & Development by Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Samsung Research in Indoor Positioning

  • Location Triangulation based on Collected Antenna Locations
  • Tracking Motion from Initial Known Locations (Doors)
  • Calibrating Motion Sensing for Indoor Positioning
  • Beacons Transmitting Locations
  • Combining Signals and Movement Sensors
  • Compensating for Indoor Positioning Errors
  • Licensing CSR's Technology for Positioning in Chips
  • Positioning by Communicating with Nearby Devices
  • Location Positioning from Light Transmissions
  • Robots Generating Indoor Maps

Research and Demonstrations by Nokia

  • Nokia's Long History of Research in Indoor Positioning
  • In-Location Alliance
  • Indoor Location Positioning Demo by Nokia
  • Nokia's Use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Nokia Vision of Indoor Positioning
  • Nokia Research: Details from a 2009 Research Presentation
  • More from Nokia's Research Presentation
  • More from Nokia's Research Presentation
  • Nokia's Patents on Indoor Positioning
  • Nokia's Past Demos and Videos on Indoor Positioning
  • Other Nokia Research on Indoor Location

Early Research by Motorola

  • Motorola's Early Research in Indoor Positioning
  • Bluetooth-Based Indoor Positioning
  • Using Wi-Fi Signals and other Mobile Device Signals
  • Inertial Navigation
  • Other Motorola Research in Indoor Positioning

Research in Motion (RIM) Research in Indoor Location

  • RIM Research in Indoor Positioning
  • Probabilistically Tracking Movement by Wi-Fi Signals
  • Logging Network Locations for Use in Indoor Positioning
  • Determining Location in Stages
  • Reminders Based on Location Derived from Cell Tower Overlap
  • Controlling Device Features Based on Indoor Location

Sony Mobile Research in Indoor Positioning

  • Retransmitting GPS Signals Indoors
  • Wireless Devices in Rooms in a Home
  • Positioning Using Beacons
  • Distributing Indoor Maps
  • Positioning by Rake Receivers
  • Determining Position by Modulated Light

Research & Development by Chip Makers

  • Chip Companies and Indoor Location Positioning

Qualcomm Research in Indoor Positioning & Location Services

  • Qualcomm's Parallel Initiatives in Indoor Positioning and Services
  • Qualcomm's IZAT Chipsets
  • Qualcomm's Gimbal Solution
  • Gimbal's Services
  • Qualcomm's View of Indoor Positioning
  • Qualcomm Research in Wi-Fi Based Positioning
  • Research Underlying Positioning using Heat Maps
  • Research in Estimating Access Point Locations
  • Trajectory-Based Location Positioning
  • Positioning in an Area with Walls and Furniture
  • Research in Network-Centric Positioning
  • Research in Proximity Detection
  • Research in Collaborative Positioning & Navigation
  • Positioning via Environmental Information
  • Positioning based on Image Analysis
  • Positioning with Femtocells
  • Combining Multiple Positioning Methods
  • Research by Qualcomm: Indoor Navigation Services
  • Research by Qualcomm: Indoor Location Services

CSR Research & Development in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Development by Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  • Positioning with CSR Chips
  • CSR Indoor Location Services

STMicroelectronics R&D in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Indoor Location Positioning by STMicroElectronics

Broadcom R&D in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Broadcom Indoor Positioning
  • Broadcom Chips
  • Broadcom Positioning Methods
  • Indoor Location Positioning Support by Broadcom

Invensense Research and Solutions in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Indoor Location Technology by InvenSense
  • Research & Development by Network Companies

Network Companies and Indoor Location

Cisco Research and Solutions in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Cisco R&D in Indoor Location Positioning
  • Cisco Wireless Location Appliance
  • Network-Level Location Positioning
  • Navigation to Local Locations
  • Locations of Rogue Devices or Access Points
  • Location-Based Permissions

Aruba Research and Solutions in Indoor Location Positioning

  • Aruba Networks
  • Aruba's Location Positioning Research
  • Meridian - Aruba Subsidiary
  • Meridian Features & Services
  • Meridian in the Market

Research & Development by Motorola Solutions and Networks

  • Motorola Networks
  • Motorola Solutions Partnering with TRX
  • Network Location Positioning

Research & Development by Ruckus Wireless

  • Ruckus Wireless Acquired YFind
  • YFind Technology now Part of Ruckus Wireless

Research & Development by Other Major Technology Companies

  • IBM (USA)
  • IBM's Presence Zone Technology
  • IBM Presence Zones Services
  • PayPal's BLE Beacons
  • Fraunhofer (Germany)
  • Fraunhofer's AWILOC
  • Fraunhofer's RedFIR Beacon System
  • Fraunhofer's BlackFIR Next-Generation Approach
  • SK Telecom (Korea)
  • SK Telecom Technology
  • SK Telecom Analytics
  • AINSI (France)
  • Research by Palm (former HP subsidiary)
  • Research by BAE Systems
  • CRS4 Research Center (Italy)
  • Research by Polaris and NTT DoCoMo
  • Research by BMW for Cars in Parking Lots
  • Research by Other Companies

Start-up Companies Deploying Solutions

  • (118 pages covering 46 companies)

Companies Developing and Selling Proximity Beacons

  • (19 pages covering 7 companies)

Start-up Companies With Location Solutions Built on Others' Technology

  • (4 pages covering 3 companies)

Companies Developing Pure Technology

  • (26 pages covering 13 companies)

Companies Delivering Technology to the Mobile Industry

  • 8 pages covering 6 companies)

Companies Delivering Industrial Indoor Positioning Solutions

  • (35 pages covering 23 companies)

Non-Commercialized R&D Projects

  • (7 pages covering 7 projects)
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