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Mega Trends In India

発行 Frost & Sullivan
出版日 ページ情報 英文 129 Pages
インドにおけるメガトレンド Mega Trends In India
出版日: 2012年03月28日 ページ情報: 英文 129 Pages





















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Macro to Micro Implications of Mega Trends to 2020

This study provides an insight into the key mega trends in India that will impact and shape the country's economy, society, and culture. Understanding these pertinent macroeconomic forces is important to identify the inherent future opportunities and the needs of the customer. For the purpose of this study, mega trends are categorized into urbanization, social, economy, technology, energy, e-mobility, infrastructure, business, health and wellness, political shift, e-governance, sports and industry-specific trends.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • Summary of Top Mega Trends
    • Research Team
    • Table of Content
    • Research Methodology
    • Summary of Key Findings

2. Introduction to Mega Trends In India

  • Introduction to Mega Trends
    • Definition of a Mega Trend
    • Top 10 Fast Forward Facts
    • Definitions used in the study
    • Abbreviations used in the study

3. Urbanisation in India

  • Future Urbanisation Trends in India
    • Mega Cities
    • Mega Regions
    • Mega Corridors
    • Sustainable Cities
    • Satellite Towns

4. Social Trends in India

  • Future Social Trends in India
    • Generation Y in India
    • Working Age Population in India
    • “She-conomy”
    • The Middle Bulge in India
    • Wealth Pyramid
    • Six Degrees Apart: Social Networking in India

5. Economy

  • Future Economy Trends in India
    • India's GDP Vs Population Levels
    • Top 10 States Contributing to India GDP in 2010 and 2020
    • Agrarian To Service Economy: Service Sector to Account for 57.7% of India's GDP in 2020
    • “Beyond Bangalore”: Emerging Outsourcing Hotsopts

6. Technology

  • Future Technology Trends in India
    • Space Jam
    • Connected India

7. Innovating to Zero

  • Future Innovating to Zero Trends in India
    • Snapshot of a “Zero Concept” World

8. Electric Mobility in India

  • Future Electric Mobility Trends in India
    • Electric Vehicles

9. Infrastructure Development in India

  • Future Infrastructure Development Trends in India
    • Infrastructure Investment Trends : Air; Water and Transport

10. Generational Political Shift in India

  • Future Political Trends in India
    • Generational Political Shift: Next-Gen Politics in India

11. Top Industries in the Future

  • Future Industries in India
    • Future of Indian Banking Industry
    • Future of Indian Retail Industry

12. Business Models of the Future

  • Future Business Models of India
    • “Value for Many” Business Models

13. Health; Wellness and Well Being in India

  • Future Health; Wellness and Well Being Trends in India
    • Healthcare industry in India

14. Future Energy Power Generation in India

  • Future Energy Power Generation Trends in India
    • Future of India's Energy Demand and Energy Generation

15. Game on!: Future of Sports Industry in India

  • Future Sports Industry Trends in India
    • Indian sports industry - segments and events
    • Sports Consumers in India
    • Macro to Micro: Indian Sports Industry and Impact on Retail and Entertainment
    • Macro to Micro: Indian Sports Industry and Impact on Real Estate and Tourism

16. E-Governance in India

  • Future Governance Trends in India
    • Emerging E-Governance Services in India
    • Government-On-The-Go: From e-Governance to M-Governance

17. Macro to Micro Analysis

  • Macro to Micro Analysis
    • Macro to Micro: Information to Strategy Implementation
    • Mega Trend Matrix: Impact on Economy
    • Macro to Micro: Impact of Mega Trends

18. Appendix

  • Appendix
    • Income Pyramid: Research Methodology
    • Urbanisation
    • Wealth Watchers
    • Innovating to Zero In India: Examples
    • Forecast of Electric Cars in India
    • Banking Industry in India
    • Retail Industry Appendix
    • Incidence of Lifestyle Related Diseases in India

19. The Frost and Sullivan Story

  • Frost & Sullivan Overview
    • About Frost & Sullivan
    • What Makes Us Unique
    • Global Client Base
    • Industry Coverage
    • Frost & Sullivan Research Methodology
    • Services
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