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市場調査レポート - 217740


Survey of HIS in India

発行 Guangzhou CCM Information Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
出版日 ページ情報 英文 15 Pages
インドの高甘味度甘味料市場の分析 Survey of HIS in India
出版日: 2011年02月01日 ページ情報: 英文 15 Pages

近年の製造コスト低下に伴い、高甘味度甘味料(HIS: High Intensity Sweeteners)の市場は拡大し、蔗糖を徐々に代替するようになりました。安全性に関する認識の高まりや、公的機関の認証の拡大も市場の成長を促進しています。インドは世界でも有数の高甘味度甘味料の生産国の1つで、世界市場で大きな役割を果たしています。



  • 概略
  • 政策と主な影響要素
  • 生産状況およびメーカー情報
    • サッカリン
    • スクラロース
    • ステビア甘味料
    • グリシルリジン
    • アリテームおよびネオテーム
  • 需要状況およびエンドユース市場
    • サッカリン
    • アセスルファムK
    • ステビア甘味料
    • アスパルテーム
    • スクラロース
    • グリシルリジン
  • 貿易状況
    • サッカリン
    • アセスルファムK
    • ステビア甘味料
    • アスパルテーム
    • スクラロース
    • グリシルリジン
  • 高甘味度甘味料の需要の予測
    • 影響要素
    • 障害
    • インドにおける将来の高甘味度甘味料の需要

CCM has finished a market report named Survey of High Intensity Sweeteners in Asia Pacific in Feb. 2011. In order to meet clients'different demands and provide more low-price products, we separated it into many sub-reports with different specific themes. Survey of High Intensity Sweetener in India is one of the sub-reports.

High Intensity Sweeteners (HIS), have been popular since the production cost decrease in recent years and sucrose gradually substituted by HIS in the production of end-use products, for instance, stevioside as nature-sweetener which is regarded as one of the most safest sugar-substitute has been rapidly promoted in the worldwide in 2009, approval of rebaudioside A by the French Food Safety Authority (AFFSA), which is deemed as the opportunity to explore the whole European market. India is one of the most important HIS suppliers, playing a significant role in global market, thus the situations of this region are most concerned.

This sub-report will penetrate six main aspects for India HIS situation: production and producers, demand and end-use segments, trade situation, etc. For example, production and producer sector will include data as below: output, producer basic information, producer capacity and output volume price of HIS 2009-2010.

You will benefit intelligence from this sub-report as follows:

  • 1 Acquire overview of India's high intensity sweetener market intelligence
  • 2 Get environment of industrial development, like policies, other substitutes, consumption habits, etc.
  • 3 Acquaintance about market of major 6 categories of HIS: stevia sweetener, sucralose, aspartame, saccharin, etc.
  • 4 Find out where India market will go next and how your business can be involved in
  • 5 Better understanding of Indian market dynamic: production, end-use segment, trade situation, demand, etc.

Table of Contents

I. India

  • I-1. Brief introduction
  • I-2. Policies and key influencing factors
  • I-3. Production and producers
    • I-3.1. Saccharin
    • I-3.2. Sucralose
    • I-3.3. Stevia sweetener
    • I-3.4. Glycyrrhizin
    • I-3.5. Alitame and Neotame
  • I-4. Demand and end-use segments
    • I-4.1. Saccharin
    • I-4.2. Acesulfame-K
    • I-4.3. Stevia sweetener
    • I-4.4. Aspartame
    • I-4.5. Sucralose
    • I-4.6. Glycyrrhizin
  • I-5. Trade situation
    • I-5.1. Saccharin
    • I-5.2. Acesulfame-K
    • I-5.3. Aspartame
    • I-5.4. Stevia sweetener
    • I-5.5. Sucralose
    • I-5.6. Glycyrrhizin
  • I-6. Forecast on demand for HIS
    • I-6.1. Influencing factors
    • I-6.2. Barriers
    • I-6.3. Future on demand for HIS in India
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