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Advertising to Life Scientists: Resolving the Print vs. Online Dilemma

発行 BioInformatics, LLC
出版日 ページ情報 英文 105 pages
ライフサイエンス業界向け広告:印刷物とオンラインとの間のジレンマ Advertising to Life Scientists: Resolving the Print vs. Online Dilemma
出版日: 2008年02月12日 ページ情報: 英文 105 pages



  • インターネットおよびテクノロジー利用グループの概要
  • 当報告書の目標
  • 重要な調査結果と分析:オンラインと印刷物


  • ライフサイエンス向け広告に対する反応
  • 印刷物およびオンライン広告
  • 効果的なオンライン広告キャンペーンのデザイン
  • 印刷物による広告活動の最適化
  • 人口統計


  • オンライン広告動向
  • オンライン広告予算
  • オンライン広告の購入
  • オンライン広告を成功裏に用いる上での課題
  • 調査方法と人口統計



You know the buzzwords: click-through rates, impressions, SEO. But do you really know the true value of your online advertising? Should your online advertising supplant your print placement strategy? Or complement it? Understanding your customers' preferences and knowing what publications and Web sites that they read and trust can help you achieve the right mix and optimize your ad buy. Seeing how your brand carries through the different media helps you position your messages for maximum impact. Before launching your new advertising campaign or committing to the next media buy, find out what' s really going on inside your buyers' heads with BioInformatics' in depth exploration of how to successfully advertise to life scientists.

Based upon the opinions of 1,000+ life scientists, the primary objectives of this report are as follows:

  • Assess the level of Internet use and sophistication of life scientists
  • Rank the usefulness of electronic sources of information for obtaining product-related information
  • Determine scientists attitudes toward online advertising
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the most common types of online ads
  • Categorize the most common types of key word searches
  • Ascertain the reach of leading life science publications and which are the most likely to be the most effective for ad placement
  • Identify novel means of reaching scientific audiences through advertising
  • Compare scientists' perceptions of print versus online advertising
  • Measure the overall receptivity to online advertising in the life sciences

The report also features a best practices guide to online advertising in the life science industry based upon the perspectives of leading life science vendors. Specifically, this best practices guide benchmarks Internet advertising trends and focuses on the following:

  • Benefits of online advertising
  • Successful components of an online ad
  • Types of online ads that attract scientists' attention
  • Challenges for increasing the use and effectives of online ads
  • Internet advertising success metrics

Table of Contents


  • Overview of the Internet & Technology Utilization Groups
  • Goals of this Report
  • Significant Findings and Analysis: Online vs. Print

The Scientist Perspective

Scientists' Reaction to Life Science Ads

  • General perceptions of life science advertising
  • How scientists obtain more information after viewing an interesting ad

Print versus Online Advertising

  • Overall effectiveness of print and online advertisements
  • Perceived purpose from the scientist' s perspective of online and print advertising
  • Life science vendors with the most memorable ads in 2007

Designing Effective Online Ad Campaigns

  • Time spent obtaining product information online
  • Usefulness of online tools for obtaining product information
  • Search engines used to find Web content related to scientists' research
  • Common Internet search term combinations
  • Functions of an online ad from the scientist' s perspective
  • Most effective types of online ads
  • Most annoying attributes of online ads
  • Scientists' use of ad-blocking software

Optimizing the Use of Print Advertising

  • Time spent obtaining product information in print publications
  • Relative amount of time spent reading different content from print publications
  • How scientists typically read their print publications
  • Durability and reach of print publications
  • Print publications in which scientists spend the most time viewing ads
    • American Biotechnology Laboratory
    • Bioscience Technology
    • BioTechniques
    • Cancer Research
    • Cell
    • Drug Discovery & Development
    • Drug Discovery News
    • Drug Discovery Today
    • Genetic Engineering & biotechnogy News (GEN)
    • Genome Technology
    • Genomics & Proteomics
    • Journal of Biological Chemistry
    • Journal of Cell Biology
    • Journal of Immunology
    • Journal of Neuroscience
    • Journal of Virology
    • Nature
    • Nature Biotechnology
    • Nature Medicine
    • Nature Methods
    • Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences
    • Science
    • The Scientist


  • Years conducting research
  • Total number of researchers in lab/group
  • Role in selecting life science products
  • Gender
  • Market segment
  • Job position
  • Geographic region
  • Area of research

The Vendor Perspective

Online Advertising Trends

  • Most important benefits of online advertising
  • Functions of an online ad
  • Most effectives types of online ads
  • Most annoying online ad attributes for scientists, as perceived by vendors

Online Advertising Budgeting

  • 2008 advertising budget allocations for print and online ads
  • Expected change in budget for online ads from 2008 to 2009
  • Online advertising budget allocations by ad type

Purchasing Online Ads:

  • Most critical determinant in pricing online ads
  • Online ad payment preferences
  • Preferred themes for key word targeting
  • Preferred type of banner ad or tower ad

Challenges to Using Online Ads Successfully

  • Common ways to measure the success of online advertising campaigns
  • Greatest challenge in reaching target audiences with online ads
  • Critical challenges to increasing the use of online advertising

Study Methodology and Demographics

  • Methodology
  • Demographics
  • Questionnaires
  • Scientists' questionnaire
  • Vendors' questionnaire


  • Insights and Perspectives
  • Other Recent Publications
  • About BioInformatics
  • Our Valued Clients
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