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UK Multimodal Logistics 2010

発行 Analytiqa
出版日 ページ情報 英文
英国のマルチモーダル物流:2010年 UK Multimodal Logistics 2010
出版日: 2010年05月24日 ページ情報: 英文



  • 製造業者・小売業者の主要目的
  • マルチモーダルサプライチェーンのメリットへの理解
  • コラボレーションの展望
  • リスクの認識
  • 現在のサービスプロバイダーへの満足度
  • 将来の課題の解消
  • マルチモーダルサービスの導入予測



  • Insight into supply chain decision making
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction with 3PLs
  • Analyse perception of risk and prospects of collaboration
  • ssess key issues and future challenges

Unique primary research that investigates growth areas of multimodal logistics services, key issues and challenges, customer satisfaction levels and future service improvements.

Analytiqa's latest research focusses on the key issues of interest to both shippers and logistics providers. It investigates growth areas of multimodal logistics services, along with the service satisfaction levels recognised by shippers and future service improvements they would like to see, as well as key areas of concern, including:

  • Key objectives for manufacturers and retailers
  • Understanding multimodal supply chain benefits
  • Prospects of collaboration
  • Perception of risk

Based upon an exclusive primary research survey with UK manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers, the report provides unique, 360-degree insight into the key issues and challenges that multimodal logistics faces - but also the benefits that it can bring to the supply chain.

  • Satisfaction with current service providers
  • Addressing future challenges
  • Forecast take-up of multimodal services

Unavailable from any other source, this report has been compiled based on Analytiqa's in-house primary research methodology.

How can this report benefit your business?

  • the latest up-to-date thought leadership
  • delivers in-depth understanding of market dynamics and key issues
  • trusted research methodology and market analysis

More importantly, the insight contained can be used to draw conclusions that can be applied to either process or strategic planning with the absolute confidence that the the content originates from a source that is a consistent, reliable and specialist within the supply chain industry.

This report will therefore assist you in ensuring that you are fully informed, be your need to devise or advise on a strategy, assess market challenges and growth potential or simply understand customer and service provider dynamics.

As with all of Analytiqa's business information, this data has the further advantage of being delivered to you through Analytiqa Interactive. This provides you powerful tools such as search, copy and paste functionality to obtain a maximum return on your data investment.

Length:40 pages

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