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市場調査レポート - 254748


Japan Telecoms Market Report 2014

発行 Analysys Mason
出版日 ページ情報 英文 PPT and PDF (36 pages); Excel
通信市場の国別レポート:日本 Japan Telecoms Market Report 2014
出版日: 2014年02月07日 ページ情報: 英文 PPT and PDF (36 pages); Excel



  • 日本の通信オペレーターは4Gサービスの改善を継続しながら、5G技術の導入を計画している
  • NTTドコモが加入者ベースの大幅縮小を食い止めるために、iPhoneの提供に乗り出す
  • 日本の通信オペレーターは国外での成長機会を模索しており、今後もその傾向は続く


  • イー・アクセス(イー・モバイル)
  • ジュピターテレコム(J:COM)
  • KDDI
  • NTTドコモ(NTT東日本・NTT西日本)
  • ソフトバンクBB(Yahoo! BB)
  • ソフトバンクモバイル
  • ウィルコム


  • 固定回線通信
    • 接続件数
      • PSTN
      • ISDN
      • ブロードバンド(技術別内訳:DSL、ケーブルモデム、住宅用FTTB/LANイーサネット、FWAなど)
      • 電話保有世帯数
      • 世帯普及率(音声・ブロードバンド)
      • 人口普及率(ブロードバンド)
      • リテールVoIP
    • 収益
      • サービス収益(名目成長率、接続1件当たり月間平均収益、既存企業の収益額シェア)
      • 小売収益(支出額、「サービス収益−ホールセール収益」で定義):対GDP比率、1人当たり/接続1件当たり/年間/月間平均値
    • オペレーターレベルの収益/市場シェア
      • ブロードバンド契約者数(主要オペレーター別)および市場シェア・年間変動率
      • DSL接続件数(総数)
  • モバイル通信
    • 接続件数(総数、およびプリペイド/契約件数)
      • 全体的普及率
      • 活動の内訳(全体、プリペイド/契約)
      • 3G以上の通信の普及率(全体的比率)
    • 収益
      • サービス収益(全体、プリペイド/契約)
      • ARPU(全体、プリペイド/契約)
      • データ収益(サービス収益全体に対する比率)
      • 小売収益(支出額):対GDP比率、1人当たり年間平均
    • オペレーターレベルの収益/市場シェア
      • 有効な加入者数(および関連市場シェア)
      • プリペイド端末の比率
      • ARPU(全体、プリペイド/契約)
      • サービス収益
      • データ収益(対サービス収益比率)



This country report and accompanying data annex provide a comprehensive overview of Japan's telecoms market, including KPIs and data on subscribers, penetration, revenue and ARPU. The report analyses the strategies of major players in the country's fixed and mobile telecoms markets, and includes market share data and operators' infrastructure status. It also includes an analysis of the market outlook, focusing on the following trends and emerging opportunities.

  • Japanese operators are continuing to improve 4G services and plan 5G technology.
  • NTT DOCOMO will offer the iPhone in order to stem the significant decline in its subscriber base.
  • Japanese operators have looked outside Japan for growth, and the signs are that this will continue.


The following companies are mentioned in this Report.

  • eAccess (EMOBILE)
  • J:COM
  • KDDI
  • NTT DOCOMO (NTT East and NTT West)
  • SoftBank (Yahoo BB! Japan)
  • SoftBank Mobile


Analysys Mason's country report data annexes provide a range of key metrics for each country's telecoms market. Figures are supplied for each year since 2007. Metrics include the following.

Fixed telecoms marketMobile telecoms market


  • PSTN
  • ISDN
  • broadband (split by access technology: DSL, cable modem, residential FTTB/LAN Ethernet, FWA and other)
  • households with voice
  • site penetration (voice and broadband)
  • population penetration (broadband)
  • retail VoIP.

Connections (total and split by prepaid and contract)

  • penetration (total)
  • percentage of activity (total and split by prepaid and contract)
  • 3G and above (as a percentage of total).


  • service revenue, including nominal growth, revenue per connection per month, and the incumbent's share of revenue
  • retail revenue (‘spend') - defined as service revenue minus wholesale revenue - as a percentage of GDP, per capita per year and per connection per month.


  • service revenue (total and split by prepaid and contract)
  • ARPU (total, prepaid and contract)
  • data revenue (as a percentage of service revenue)
  • retail revenue (‘spend'), also as a percentage of GDP and per capita per year.

Operator-level metrics/market share

  • broadband subscribers by major broadband operator (and associated market shares and year-on-year changes)
  • DSL connections (total).

Operator-level metrics/market share

  • active subscribers (and associated market share)
  • proportion of prepaid accounts
  • ARPU (total, prepaid and contract)
  • service revenue
  • data revenue (as a percentage of service revenue).


Tom Mowat (Principal Analyst) is the lead analyst for Analysys Mason's Asia-Pacific research programme and is based in our Singapore office. Tom recently rejoined Analysys Mason from PwC, where he was a Manager in the TMT Consulting team. He has extensive expertise in fixed and mobile broadband services, strategy and forecasting, regulatory issues, cost modelling and the particular issues affecting telecoms markets in developing regions. His previous role at Analysys Mason was within the Custom Research team, developing project-based analysis for key industry clients. Tom's experience includes leading numerous projects for telecoms service providers, vendors, and regulatory and industry bodies, as an analyst and consultant. Tom has degrees in mathematical and particle physics from the University of Nottingham and the University of Durham.

Satvik Singhania (Research Analyst) joined Analysys Mason in 2012 as a Research Analyst in the Singapore office and works on our Asia-Pacific research programme. He has taken part in and led a number of key research projects as well as been involved in examining and forecasting the overall size of the telecoms market in developed and developing Asia-Pacific and producing market reports for various Asian countries. Before joining Analysys Mason, Satvik was a strategy and risk management consultant at Dragonfly, where he oversaw a number of projects in alternative energy investments for an oil major. Satvik has a degree in Economics and Finance from the Singapore Management University.

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