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市場調査レポート - 175170


2010 Korea Small Business Semi-Annual Overview

発行 Access Markets International (AMI) Partners, Inc.
出版日 ページ情報 英文
韓国の小規模企業におけるICT(2010年):半期概要 2010 Korea Small Business Semi-Annual Overview
出版日: 2010年10月21日 ページ情報: 英文




  • 韓国の小規模企業統計
  • 支店と拡大計画
  • 従業員
  • 年間収益
  • 大企業からの収益


  • 不況の認識と対処
  • 経済の影響への懸念:従業員規模・産業別
  • 景況感


  • 市場規模とPCの普及率:従業員規模・産業別
  • ICT導入の3ウェーブ
  • IT導入のプロセス
  • 主要技術の普及率:従業員規模別
  • 主要技術の普及率:産業別
  • ソフトウェアの普及率
  • IT/通信サービスおよびサポート管理


  • 対応可能なICT市場機会:世界の中小企業によるICT投資額(2010年)
  • IT/通信への投資額
  • ICTへの投資額:従業員規模別の内訳
  • ICT市場機会:2010年の投資額(3ヵ年成長率予測ヒートマップ)


  • 戦略的IT課題
  • 意思決定影響因子
  • 情報ソース


  • ICT総投資額のシェア:市場ルート別
  • ICTカテゴリーへの投資額:チャネル別
  • チャネルのフロースルー:ICTカテゴリー別





AMI provides a broad set of GTM services that help our clients succeed in the global SMB marketplace. We annually track SMBs in 30+ countries that drive over 85% of WW SMB ICT spends. AMI has tracked the evolution of the cloud over the last decade, including its various forms.

We' re seeing a confluence of multiple factors that are giving cloud adoption stronger momentum. Key among these is the growing ubiquity of broadband and Smartphones which has raised the level of collaboration and real-time communications.

Concurrently, the global economic crisis has been a catalyst in raising awareness and preference for cloud services among cash-strapped SMBs. The cloud promises to reshape the ICT industry and traditional routes to market, including positioning communications services providers as a potential one-stop shop for all ICT. This report addresses the above mentioned issues.

Table of Contents

Introduction & Executive Summary

  • Korea SB Study Introduction
  • Korea SB Executive Summary - Key Takeaways - 1-3
  • Overall Various IT Themes Will Continue Shaping SMB Markets Globally
  • AMI: Extensive Global Footprint
  • Interest in Cloud Based Services Among SMBs Worldwide
  • Cloud Services at Critical Mass Among SMBs


  • Korea SB Business Firmographics
  • Korea SB Branches and Growth Plans
  • Korea SB Workforce
  • Korea SB Annual Revenues
  • Korea SB Revenues from Large Enterprises

Economic Impact on SBs

  • Korea SB Perceptions & Reactions to the Downturn
  • Korea SB Concern About Impact of the Economy by Employee Size and Vertical
  • Korea SB Business Sentiment

ICT Products Usage

  • Korea SB Overview of Market Sizing and PC Penetration by Employee Size and Vertical Industries
  • Korea SB AMI' s Three Waves of Adoption - 1
  • Three Waves of Adoption - 2
  • Korea SB IT Adoption Process
  • Korea SB Key Technology Penetration by Employee Size
  • Korea SB Key Technology Penetration by Vertical Industry
  • Korea SB Software Penetration
  • Korea SB IT/Telecom Service and Support Management

ICT Spending & TAM

  • Korea SB ICT Addressable Opportunity: 2010 Global SMB ICT Spending
  • Korea SB Total Market IT/ Telecommunications Spending
  • Korea SB Total Market ICT Spending Breakout by Employee Size
  • Korea SB ICT Market Opportunity: 2010 Spending - Heat Map of Forecasted 3-Yr CAGRs

Media Usage, Purchase Behavior and Decision Making

  • Korea SB - Strategic IT Issues
  • Korea SB - Decision Making Factors
  • Korea SB - Sources of Information

Routes to Market

  • Korea SB 2010 Share of Total ICT Spend by Routes to Market
  • Korea SB 2010 ICT Category Spending by Channel
  • Korea SB 2010 Channel Flow Through by ICT Category


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