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Metal Bulletin:鉄鉱石指数

Metal Bulletin Iron Ore Index

発行 Metal Bulletin Research
出版日 年 365回更新 ページ情報 英文
Metal Bulletin:鉄鉱石指数 Metal Bulletin Iron Ore Index
出版日: 年 365回更新 ページ情報: 英文



  • 鉄鉱石の指数・運賃:オンライン
  • 専門家による鉄鉱石指数・運賃への独自の解説
  • 鉄鉱石・運賃・ファイナンス・人事関連の最新ニュース・コメント&分析:www.mbioi.com(随時更新)
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NEW from Metal Bulletin...daily iron ore index number and weekly freight rates with independent commentary and analysis.

Iron Ore Index and Freight Rates

Metal Bulletin is pleased to announce the launch of its new daily iron ore index. This is the first index in the market place developed to aid price transparency in the iron ore spot market and enable participants in the industry to hedge the price risk that has developed in recent years. Delivered to you via the web, Metal Bulletin' s iron ore index provides a daily index to the industry reflecting the constantly changing dynamics in the spot market and is based on delivered price, CFR China main port, and is normalized to 62% iron content and standard chemistry, and to a delivery point at Qingdao.

MB' s iron ore index is an accurate representation of the seaborne merchant market for sinter fines delivered to China based on actual transactions, which are reported to MB by any market participant who is conducting trades on a CFR China spot basis. MB is totally impartial, and seeks to report an open and transparent representation of the market and has no financial interest in the level or direction of the index. The methodology has been developed after 18 months consultation with the industry, and provides a robust mechanism for calculating a representative price, with equal weighting from all market sectors.

The indices are based on a target specification. Material that differs from the base specification but falls within the target range is normalised to the base specification and port. The base specification has been chosen to accurately reflect the reality of the physical market. The normalisation coefficients have been developed using MB' s extensive historical data and history of reporting prices in this market and weekly update freight rates.

Key features of Metal Bulletin' s iron ore index:

  • Daily iron ore index number and freight rates - Published online
  • Independent and expert index commentary on the iron ore indec number and freight rates
  • The latest iron ore, freight, finance and people news, comment and analysis - updated throughout the week on www.mbioi.com
  • Set up email alerts for breaking news by category to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry
  • Set up your own RSS feeds
  • Contribute to the index in a safe and secure manner
  • Access to news archive
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